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IR summary: the command of the "2nd Army Corps LNR" is concerned about the activity of "Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups"


Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Fixed earlier by the network of the IR group, the redeployments of forces and assets (strengthening) of the occupation troops in the Donbas in certain sectors caused a sharp activation of the enemy. Thus, during the past 24 hours, the situation in the Svetlodarskaya arc area has become aggravated. The occupiers intensively fired on advanced positions of the AFU north of the settlement Lozovoye using 82-mm mortars.

Over the past 24 hours, the following redeployments of forces and assets of the Russian occupation forces were recorded:

– Invaders transferred mortars In Donetsk, along Petrovskogo Street, to the Trudovskie. The redeployment of up to 5 units of 120-mm mortar 2S12 “Sani” and 2 units of ZU-23-2 AD systems was fixed. The transfer was conducted towards the dumps on the Rationalizatory (it could mean an increase in the enemy’s activity in the near future towards Marinka);

– the enemy redeployed 3 units of 122 mm self-propelled guns of type 2С1 “Gvozdika” by trailers through Beloe to Yurievka. Also, at least 8 trucks of army type moved in this direction;

– Along the T0504 highway between Bryanka and Almaznoe, a convoy of 6 army trucks, 2 BTR-70/80 and 1 BRDM-2A was fixed;

– Two enemy tanks, carefully disguised in the residential area, were noted in the vicinity of the settlement Verkhneshirokovskoe (former October). Considering the fact that the invaders are already actively attacking the advanced positions of the AFU in the vicinity of the Pishchevik and Pavlopol for several days, including 120-mm mortars, the redeployment of heavy armored vehicles to this area may mean the enemy preparing for further active operations.

Also during the last week, there was an active transfer of fuel to the territory of the LDNR from the Russian Federation. In total for this period, at least 110 fuel railway tankers, mainly with diesel fuel, arrived at the cargo railway station in Yenakiyevo by several trains. The tankers were marked with “Russian Railways” (RZD). Railway trains followed the route: railway station Zverevo (Russian Federation) – railway station Krasnaya Mohila (“LNR”) – railway station Yenakiyevo (DNR). During this period, military fuel tankers arrived 24 hours a day at the railway station Yenakiyevo, which, under enhanced security, transported fuel to the locations of the units of the DNR (Avdeevka, Gorlovka, Novoazovsk, etc.).

The command of “2nd Army Corps LNR” ascertains that the infiltration of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups into the nearest tactical rear of the Army Corps “in some areas has acquired a threatening scope”.  According to the directive of the command, the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups ambush and attack (often using the ATGM) transport, which delivers personnel and supplies to the forefront. In addition, allegedly Ukrainian scouts actively mined approaches to the positions of the occupiers, especially from the rear. As a result, “… because of the lack of well-organized military protection and measures to protect the rear, in the near tactical zone, the enemy has the opportunity to inflict tangible losses for the Army Corps troops by its sabotage-reconnaissance groups”. The commanders of the units are ordered to create certain “mobile groups for the protection of the rear” and “to tighten up the commandant’s service” in the zone closely adjacent to the front line.

On the western outskirts of Gorlovka in the rear to the east of their advanced positions, the invaders are equipped a number of stronghold points directly within the city. This concerns the area of the Zhukov Avenue, the Stroiteli District, the Knitting Factory and Korolenko Street. The work is conducted without any cover, the militants calm the local residents with promises that “the enemy (the AFU) will not pass”. The demonstration of these works may indicate the misinformation nature of these actions.

The “verified information” that the unit of Polish Special Forces “Thunder” arrived to Avdeevka is spreading among the personnel of the “11th separate mechanized regiment of 1st Army Corps DNR” (Donetsk district), and the Ukrainian SOF together with Polish Special Forces are preparing a large-scale sabotage action on the destruction of the railway station Yasinovatoya and a number of other important facilities.

By the end of this year in the “DNR”, it is planned to introduce a full accounting and registration of all vehicles with the issuance of license plates of the sample “DNR”. Since 2018, such a procedure will be mandatory and will serve as a source of filling the “budget of the DNR” (2 thousand rubles for each registration). In addition, the occupation authorities plan to adopt a “law” about crossing the demarcation line by vehicles with Ukrainian registration and standing of such vehicles in the “DNR” (30 days from the date of entry of vehicles with Ukrainian license plates).




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