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IR summary: Occupiers form up a new artillery groups in the brigades of "1st Army Corps DNR"

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the past 3 days, there has been an activation of Russian occupation forces in the Donbas, including areas where the enemy had previously not been particularly active. In particular, the activation of the Stakhanov group of occupants in the area of ​​the Svetlodarskaya arc, in the Popasnaya area, near the “Bahmut route” – almost all along the perimeter of its contact line with AFU, is once again recorded. Also, the enemy has activated at the south and south-east of Donetsk (Dokuchaevsk, Starognatovka). At the same time, the tension remains on the “old” hot spots: the whole western and northwestern part of the Donetsk direction, in the Gorlovka area, in the seaside direction (the area adjacent to the coast, and also the Pavlopol-Piszhevik area), in the Novotoshkovka-Krymskoe – Sokolniki.

In a number of sectors, the occupiers are carrying out measures to strengthen their defensive positions, including the second echelon (east of Dokuchaevsk, Novoazovsk district, Bryanka area, etc.). First of all, it concerns the flank sites on the “problem areas”. The new positions are being set up, which are protected with mine-blasting obstacles.

Thus, the invaders are strengthening their units in the Dolgoe-Prishib area (apparently fearing the offensive of Ukrainian troops to Lopaskino or Smelyoe, which would place in an extremely difficult situation the formation of invaders in the Slavyanoserbsk area).

A hardening of several stronghold points by the enemy is fixed to the southwest from Styla. Position hardening is carried out according to all rules – with trenches, dugouts, shelters and caponiers. The construction equipment is used (there was a tractor with an excavator bucket and a pair of dump trucks).

Also, the enemy seeks to inflict the target effects on defending Ukrainian units in order to weaken their ability to keep their forward positions or, under favorable conditions, force them to withdraw from it. This is done with the aim of creating convenient starting lines and positions for subsequent active actions.

It is not ruled out that the formation of the occupation forces will be able to proceed to active tactical offensive operations in one or several sectors in the near future where the enemy’s firing activity is currently being observed. To this end, the command of the enemy carried out a number of preparatory measures since the beginning of September this year. The certain units and subunits got a full course of combat training, combat coordination, primarily with offensive subjects. These units were manned with their personnel and armament, accumulated material and technical resources, made a hidden regrouping of units and subunits for selected areas.

The enemy intensified the reconnaissance of the combat formations of the ATO forces by UAVs. It is also noted the activation of the enemy’s special operation teams in the vicinity of the settlements of Slavyanoserbsk, Donetsk and Shirokino, as well as the work of the mobile radio electronic reconnaissance groups of the RF Armed Forces in the vicinity of the settlements Sentyanovka and Prishib of  the Lugansk region. In the area of ​​settlements Shishkovo and Krasny Liman of the Lugansk region, the work of two disguised Russian automated jamming stations P-330ZH (Resident) was recorded (this model was adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 2008 and was never been  in the Armed Forces of Ukraine) .

In the period from 6 to 13 November this year, confirmed losses of Russian occupation forces in the Donbass amounted to 12 people:

1st Army Corps – 3rd separate mechanized brigade (Gorlovka) 2 servicemen, 100th separate mechanized brigade (Donetsk) – 1 serviceman, 11th separate mechanized regiment (Makeyevka) – 8 servicemen.

2nd Army Corps – 7th separate mechanized brigade (Bryanka) – 1 serviceman.

Redeployments of forces and means of invaders:

– The next redeployment of enemy armored vehicles – 5 BMP-1 2, 1 BRDM-2 and 2 MT-LB is fixed between Dolgoe and Stepovoe. The vehicles moved from the intersection at Stepovoe to the northeast;

– The occupants transferred at least 5 tanks of the T-72 type of various modifications (all by trailers) on the T0508 highway in the section between Obilnoe and Starobeshevo from north to south;

– A 6-gun battery of 122-mm D-30/30A cannons was moved by trucks Ural near Blagodatnoe to the northern direction. After a while, a couple of such guns and 2 MT-LBs moved in the same direction;

– From the side of Kashtanovoe, invaders redeployed ZU-23-2 AD system and 120-mm mortar by two trucks to the area of height 247.2, later in the same direction – MT-LB.

The occupiers reinforce the “11th separate mechanized regiment” and the two brigades of the “1st Army Corps DNR” by artillery battalions. At this time, 120 mm NONA-K guns are being replaced or supplemented with 122 mm cannons of the D-30A type delivered from the Russian Federation. In the coming month, it is planned to receive at least 20 such howitzers, as well as up to 10 122-mm self-propelled guns type 2S1 “Gvozdika”. Until the end of the year, the command of the occupants plans to form artillery groups of a full-fledged two-battalion structure (4 batteries in each battalion) in the brigades of the “1st Army Corps DNR”, as well as battalions of MLRS (two-battery structure).

In the Donetsk region (Spartak, Putilovka), the MGB DNR records numerous cases of “expressing discontent by local residents” with facts of the shelling of Ukrainian troops by units of the “1st Army Corps DNR” from residential quarters. The staff report notes that the expression of dissatisfaction by the local residents is accompanied by “attempts to obstruct the combat activities” of the occupants, while “preventive talks” with citizens have no effect.

The department of “propaganda and agitation” in the “1st Army Corps DNR” issued a series of posters and leaflets with advice and appeals for the personnel of “Army Corps units” of the following character: “Do not use a mobile or tablet in the combat zone”, “Save fuel”, “Watch for serviceability of equipment and weapons” and etc. Posters and leaflets are divided into 12 “themes”.



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