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IR: before the detention in Belarus, Pavel Sharoyko met with the Russian provoker.

Friends of the IR group in Belarus who are trying to resist Lukashenka’s attempts to make the country a full satellite of the Russian Federation and conduct an unfriendly policy against Ukraine provided us with information on the circumstances of the detention of Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sharoyko in Minsk and documents related to this detention.

In particular, directly on the day of detention Sharoyko met with the employee of the propaganda channel NTV (Russian Federation) at the request of the latter. He tried to give Pavel allegedly secret documents about the use of the territory of the Republic of Belarus for the invasion to Ukraine. NTV employee claimed that these documents are from the Russian General Staff, but even a cursory analysis shows that it relate exclusively to the Belarusian Armed Forces. These documents show a general strengthening of military “cooperation” with the Russian Federation; including plans to redeploy the Russian missile brigade and the EW battalion of RF to Belarus in 2018 (see screenshots).

Pavel Sharoyko refused to take these documents, understanding that it was a provocation. On the way from this meeting, he was detained by the KGB officers. Taking into account the participation of the employee of Russian propaganda tool in the event, it is necessary to understand that in the case of the provocation with Sharoyko, it is not the “independent” operation of the KGB of Belarus, but a joint operation of the Belarusian and Russian special services.

Analysts of the IR group are already finishing the study of the contents of the document, and their findings we will publish later. But the following is already clear.

If the documents are genuine, it becomes extremely clear that under the cover of stories about the “friendly attitude towards Ukraine” Lukashenko is preparing the fate of the full enclave of Russia for Belarus in reality with all the negative consequences for Ukraine.

If the documents are rigged, and the Russian special services used the “in dark” KGB of RB in a provocation against Sharoyko, Lukashenko should immediately release the Ukrainian journalist and apologize to Ukraine, and at the same time finally decide – he is the president of a sovereign state that has the right to self-determination and an independent domestic and foreign policy, including good-neighborly relations with Ukraine or is Putin’s minion.



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