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IR summary: Zakharchenko is looking for ways to "increase the legitimacy" of the "LDNR"

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

In the zone of military operations in the Donbass, the redeployment of the forces and assets of the Russian occupation forces is noted:

– In the area of Donetsk between Spartak and Yakovlevka, the invaders transported several light armored vehicles with the help of tractors BTS-4 (towing 2 BMP-2, 1 MT-LB to the north of the Yakovlevsky shaft of the Zasyadko mine). The redeployment was conducted from the north of Yakovlevka, evidently to Donetsk for repairs and restoration);

– The invaders continue to restore important roads in their tactical rear, increasing the bandwidth of facilities. The overpass and bridge are actively rebuilt in the area of Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk;

– 8 units of enemy armored vehicles (2 MT-LB and 3 BMPs-1 BMP-1 and 2 BMP-2) and 3 trucks (two of them had 120 mm mortars on trailers) passed through Primorskoye to the western direction (apparently, to the area Pavlopol – Chermalyk).

– The invaders return units and subunits to the places of stationing of troops that previously participated in large-scale exercises at a number of “training areas” and “training centers”. There is a massive transfer of light armored vehicles to Donetsk from the southern direction, wheeled armored vehicles (BTRs) are marked in Irmino and Bryanka, the transfer is also from the southern direction;

– Heavy armored vehicles of occupants are fixed in the beams and plantings around the village Kulikovo, Novoazovsk district of the Donetsk region. Earlier, about 10 tanks arrived from the Russian Federation to this region, the delivery of which was carried out with the help of automobile platforms (trailers).  

Two sappers of occupants were killed, when they were attempting to make a passage in mine-blasting fences, as a result of the explosion on the fragmentation defense mine OZM-72 in the Batmanovka area (south of this settlement). The explosion occurred on a mine previously established by the militants themselves. The bodies of sappers were delivered to Yasinovataya.

In the 1st Army Corps DNR, the command of the occupants is conducting a series of training sessions with narrow-profile military specialists, such as operators of ATGM, sappers, mechanics-drivers of BMP and MT-LB.

The multiple facts of the collection of personal information about students of higher and secondary special educational institutions of the “DNR” by representatives of the “Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR” are recorded in the Donetsk and Makeyevka during the last month (last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, telephone number used; ІМЕІ mobile terminal, which is in use, information about subscribers from the phone book – phone numbers and identification of subscribers registered in the phone book). The purpose of the data collection is unknown.

The grain of a present crop continues to be exported from LNR to the territory of Russia. t is marked by 15-20 lorries with grain through Novoshakhtinsk and Krasnodon-Izvarino per day, in some days – up to 30 trucks. The trucks are mostly with Rostov registration numbers (RF). The Grain is mainly forage.

The “administration of the head of the DNR” discusses the possibility of “increasing the legitimacy” of the “DNR” and “LNR” by joining them to the so-called ” “Commonwealth of unrecognized states” (in Russia it is also referred as “CIS-2”). This formation was created in 2000 (in the first format – in 1992), it includes Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika and South Ossetia in present time. Since 2008 (after the aggression of the Russian Federation against Georgia and entry into the “CIS-2” of Abkhazia and South Ossetia) this formation is supervised by the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

In the framework of legalization of the seizure of property and the capacities of economic entities located in the occupied areas of the Donetsk region  in favor of the pseudo-republic, the DNR Fund of State Property filed a “lawsuit” to the “DNR Arbitration Court” to recognize the ownership of the “ownerless” property “in SE” Ilich-Agro Donbass “PJSC” MMK im. Ilyicha”, LLC “APK-Zernoresurs”, JSC “Joint-stock commercial industrial-investment bank” and etc. The subjects of management, which are under question, are notified about their acquisition of the status of “defendants”.



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