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IR summary: the invaders from the "1st Army Corps DNR" are afraid that the AFU "will take revenge for Kalinovka"

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

In the vicinity of the settlement Yasinovataya in the area of heights 247.2 and 272.4 (route M-04-E-50), the occupiers continue to improve their stronghold points in the second line, construction equipment was fixed northeast of Krutaya Balka (bulldozer and excavator was observed). The appearance of 2 BMP-2 and 1 MT-LB (dug and disguised) is fixed in the area of Vasilievka (southeast of the pumping station).

South-east of Lugansk, there was a transfer of 3 tanks of the T-64 type and 1 tank of the T-72 type by trailers on the E-40 road south of the Luxurious to the south, towards Lutugino by the occupants.

South of Alchevsk, the battery of 122-mm MLRS BM-21 “Grad” of the enemy proceeded through Bugaevka on the side of Troitsky, moved towards Seleznyovka. The transfer was conducted from the firing range of the occupation troops in Shimshinovka.

As the IP group predicted earlier on the basis of the fixation of the transfer of armored vehicles, the occupiers strengthened their positions in the seaside direction by light armored vehicles, Verkhneshirokovskoe (formerly October) and north of Sakhanka, as well as in the area of ​​the stronghold point east of Shirokino., 1 BMP-2 and 1 BMP-1, and 2 Ural with live force and ammunition were transferred in the area of “Parus”. In Kulikovo (east of the settlement of Verkhneshirokovskoye), 2 MT-LB and 2 BMP-2s were noted in a forest plantation. On the north-eastern outskirts of the settlement Uzhovka (formerly Lenin’s) the occupants are equipped two more caponiers for the BMPs.

In the vicinity of the settlement Gorlovka (Golmovsky), there are weapons depots of military unit 08803 (3rd separate mechanized brigade of 1st Army Corps DNR) on the territory of the city hospital in the bomb shelter. The facility is guarded by armed persons in the military uniform of the RF Armed Forces.

It is actively strengthening the perimeters of the military facilities of the Russian occupation forces in the Gorlovka. Entrances along the perimeter of the former administrative building “Artemugol” (Lenina Ave., 13) are strengthened with additional concrete blocks, the main entrance to the building with boxes from the ammunition. There is an increase of military patrols that secures the perimeter. A similar situation is observed in the former building of the Police in Gorlovka (Lenina Avenue, 44a).

The command of “3rd separate mechanized brigade of 1st Army Corps DNR” (Gorlovka) conducted training in combat readiness and repulsing the defeat of an attack of the enemy sabotage group in the units that located in the rear. The issues of reinforcing the guards by reserve groups, alarm call, improving the serviceability and alertness of the vehicles on duty, checking the issues of protection and defense of permanent deployment sites, parking of military equipment, ammunition depots and property were tested. Among the militants there are rumors that the Ukrainian Armed Forces “are going to take revenge” for the destruction of the arsenal in Kalinovka at the end of September this year, by infiltration of a large number of sabotage groups into the “DNR” to conduct dozens of sabotage at military facilities of the occupiers in the first days of November this year.

The command of the “9th separate mechanized regiment of marine infantry of 1st Army Corps DNR” (zone of responsibility – Novoazovsk district) demanded from the commanders of units, which are performing tasks directly on the front line, to continue to improve engineering positions, in particular, shelters for personnel. In the opinion of the command of the invaders, the negligent attitude on this issue from the commanders of subunits led recently to “unjustified losses” as a result of “unmotivated sudden shelling from the side of the opponent” (in reality – the counter fire of the AFU). Thus, during the last week, the occupier’s losses (sanitary and irrecoverable) reached 10 people in the “9th separate mechanized regiment of marine infantry”, as a result of the counter fire of the AFU.

Over the past few weeks, the staff of the MGB LNR are disseminating information “on precautionary measures for the residents of the republic, which are going to Ukraine” through the network of controlled media. At the same time, “MGB LNR” insists that “anyone who travels to the territory of Ukraine must understand that it is becoming a potential target for illegal actions by the Ukrainian police, intelligence services and armed formations”.

The “Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DNR” reported that 30 “foreign delegations” (for the whole 2016 – 53 delegations) from Russia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Finland, the Czech Republic and Spain visited the “DNR” during the last months of 2017. As a result of the visits, 7 “international treaties” were signed. In addition, the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DNR” reported about the ongoing work on the opening of the “Embassy of the DNR” in South Ossetia.

The Head of the “trade union of law enforcement and security personnel of the DNR” Valery Kudelya (in this position – since January 26, 2017, before heading the “territorial trade union organization of the Donetsk city administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of DNR”) visited Moscow (Russia) to establish friendly relations with “colleagues” Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior.



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