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IR summary: the instructors of the RF Armed Forces arrived in Donetsk for training of gunners and snipers

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the past week, the most intense fire strikes were conducted by Russian occupation forces in the Donbas on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area of ​​the so-called “Svetlodarsk ledge” and “Bakhmut route”, as well as the settlements of the Krymskoe, Novotoshkovskoe, Novoaleksandrovka, Zaitsevo, Katerinovka, Popasnaya, Novozvanovka, Troitskoe, Avdeevka, Marinka, Peski, Pavlopol, Gnutovo and Lebedinskoe. The enemy intensified reconnaissance with the use of special operations teams and UAVs (the latter – including with entering into the operational-tactical depth of defense ATO forces) in order to clarify the operational situation, the combat and numerical strength of the ATO forces, the spotting of the locations of warehouses with ammunition, fuel, as well as monitoring the rotation of ATO forces.

The enemy conducts a daily check of the combat readiness of units and subunits of 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR (operatively subordinate to the 8th Army of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation) by bringing their mobile fire and armor groups at certain higher levels of combat readiness, and trains its duty artillery units and air defense assets, by exiting the combat crews to the firing positions and preparing them for firing to defeat the real targets of the ATO forces.

The cycle of tactical exercises in the battalion-brigade level, led by representatives of the command of the 8th Army of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, was completed in 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR. At the same time, the main task during the exercises was to conduct offensive operations involving artillery units and forcing water obstacles.

In the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR, the complex commission of the 8th Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation completed its work, which was conducted in connection with the misuse or stolen material, armament and ammunition, as well as the low level of military discipline and moral and psychological state of the personal composition. As a result of its work, the question of bringing to criminal responsibility a number of commanders of brigades and staff officers of both “Army Corps” of the occupation troops is being considered.

To ensure the terrorist activity of the units and formations of 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR, it was delivered about 1600 tons of fuel and lubricants, 600 tons of material and technical equipment (railway station Rovenky and Ilovaysk), and also not less than 20 units of heavy weapons (including 4 units of 122-mm MLRS “Grad”) from the territory of Russia during the week.

Redeployment of forces and assets of the occupation forces:

– The command of the enemy forms the new separate battalion tactical group (BTGr) on the section from Styla to Boikovskoe, transferring the necessary forces and means to the area. Along with the “closure” of the area of ​​the village of Boikovskoe by the mobile CPs of the enemy, , mass movement of armored vehicles and vehicles is fixed at the Starobeshevo-Komsomolskoye-Boikovskoe site. During the last days – 4 BTR-70/80, 3 trucks Ural, Kamaz and BRDM-2 in the area of ​​Vasilievka-Razdolnoye (were moving to the north, this is the 3rd convoy for the last 4 days), a column of 8 trucks (mainly Ural and GAZ-66), 2 MT- LB, 2 BTR-70/80 and 1 BRM-1K (obviously, the command post of the battalion level) to the south of Starobeshevo. The enemy tanks, which previously were redeployed to the area of Boikovskoe, according to the information of IR group, are recorded east of this settlement on the disguised positions.

– The active reinforcement of field-type positions by the occupiers and the creation of new platoon support points are observed in the Donetsk region (DAP, western and northern outskirts of Spartak). During the last week there was a repeated appearance of construction and engineering equipment (bulldozers and excavators) at the forefront. In addition, groups of enemy sappers are being fixed, updating mine-blasting fences in this area and exposing new ones (usually working under the cover of small arms or firing from the heavy mounted grenade launchers AGS, trying to obstruct the observation by advanced observers from the battle outpost of AFU).

– There are not less than 10 units of various combat armored vehicles (transferred from Russia via Novoazovsk, and partly from the north) were redeployed in the area of the main base for the supply and storage of military equipment and armament of the 1st Army Corps DNR formations, which are operating in the Mariupol direction in Bezimennoye. This equipment (after repair and new) will complete the advanced units of the invaders in the vicinity of Sakhanka and Pikuzy.

– In the framework of the rotation, the groups of instructors from among the regular servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have arrived in Donetsk for conducting of the training of gunners and snipers. They are Located in the hotel complex “Mystery” (Tukhachevsky street, 2) and the shopping center “Sokol” (Petrovsky str., 138).

At a number of enterprises in Donetsk, Makeyevka, and Snezhnoye, the invaders are carrying out measures for a kind of “modernization” of their existing weapons and military equipment, trying to improve their combat characteristics. Thus, there are cases of additional MT-LB retrofitting with various additional weapons, mainly heavy mounted grenade launchers AGS-17, heavy machine guns, ATGMs and even 82mm automatic mortars of type 2B9 “Vasilok” (a kind of mobile mortar complex of artisan production). The tanks are equipped with additional shields for increasing their passive protection, heavy mounted grenade launchers AGSs are also installed on the infantry fighting vehicles, and sometimes additional frames for a large-caliber machine gun. For these purposes, the command of militants actively searches for workers from idle and “nationalized” enterprises, which capable of carrying out such works.



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