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IR summary: militants are looking for Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group, which allegedly wants to blow up the Starobeshevskaya TPP

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The Russian invaders in the Donbas continue to improve the defense system at the side of Sentyanovka (formerly Frunze) – Smelyoe – Sokolniki. Engineering works are carried out at stronghold points south-east of the former CP№ 31 and in the area of the Smelyoe. In addition, there is an increase in enemy units defending in this sector. At least 3 combat armored vehicles (1 BMP-2 and 2 BMP-1) were recorded in the area of ​​Prishib and Znamenka. Truck Ural with anti-aircraft system ZU-23-2 in the body and 2 MT-LB were recorded at the “Bakhmut Route”. According to the IR group, the invaders transferred several units of the combat armored vehicles from the repair and restoration base of “4th separate mechanized brigade” to the its advanced units.

At least 6 units of MLRS BM-21 Grad moved through Hrustalniy (formerly Krasny Luch) towards Lutugino, later 4 trucks (3 Ural and Kamaz) with manpower and 1 BRDM-2M to the Fashchevka.

3 MT-LB and 1 BRDM-2M, as well as 2 trucks Ural with manpower and ammunition, moved Through Komsomolskoye north towards Starobeshevo. Apparently, the group of militants was transferred to the drills.

In the vicinity of the village of Boikovskoe (formerly Telmanovo) and Starobeshevo, the invaders organized a “blockade of districts”: the order of crossing at CPs was tightened, mobile patrols of militants were observed on the main roads, several roads were blocked. In Boikovskoe, the militants explain these events to the locals by “looking for sabotage-reconnaissance group, which wanted to get through Telmanovo to Starobeshevo and blow up the train (obviously, it’s about the area of ​​the Noviy Svet railway station, but it does not specify which the train is talking). According to other rumors circulated by militants, “the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group wanted to blow up the Starobeshevskaya TPP.”

In Kadievka (former Stakhanov), two local militants were buried. According to the official version, one of them blew up on the tripwire land mine; the second was shot by a Ukrainian sniper. However, among local residents there are persistent rumors that both militants were killed in a fire fight with a subunit of Russian servicemen (according to another version – executed by the order of a Russian officer).

According to the instruction of the Russian curators, the “leadership” of the “nationalized enterprises of the DNR” prepares object-related defective acts with respect to the actual situation at the enterprises. Acts should contain a list of problematic issues with proposals for their solution, the amount of necessary funds, equipment, raw materials and production start-up plans. In addition, the Russian side plans to verify the financial status of these enterprises, after which it will be decided to change the actual owners.

During visit to Lugansk, Vladimir Pashkov, the general director of Vneshtorgservis CJSC (the ex-governor of the Irkutsk region RF, as the head of Vneshtorgservis, he is a curator of industrial enterprises in LDNR), initiated personnel changes among the management of the coal mining associations Krasnodonugol , “Sverdlovanthracite”, “Rovenkyanthracite”. According to the results of the relevant negotiations, the general director of Krasnodonugol Alexander Angelovsky declared his resignation at his own request.



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