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Will the Russians play Iranian card against Ukraine in a sign of statements by Trump

Russia continues to generate new crisis situations in the Near and Middle East, where it plays an important role, trying to reorient the attention of the international community (primarily the US) to resolving new crises, while diverting attention away from the constantly sounding accusations in its address (secret support of terrorist organizations “Workers’ Party of Kurdistan”, “Hezbollah”, “Taliban” and the “fraternal” assistance of “LDNR”).

The Kremlin does not need unnecessary references to cooperation with countries under sanctions, for example, North Korea. As usual, Russia tries to shift the blame to other countries, thereby creating confrontations on the information and diplomatic fronts, which are already a common thing.

The Afghan Gambit of Russia

From the latest posts on the topic

Through an interview with the Taliban treasurer, which responsible for several districts of one of the 34 Afghan provinces, it is alleged that Russia supplies oil products to fighters through Uzbekistan free of charge. Like, after selling fuel through Taliban-related companies, revenue, minus import duties, goes to field commanders.

According to media estimates, “skim” from supplies is up to $ 2.5 million per month. “And this is just” one of many “ways to support the Taliban,” he said, adding that “they do not really like money from Russia, but” now we need funds for jihad”.

“In their relations with us they pursue three goals: To defeat the ISIS; to destabilize the government of Afghanistan, behind which the United States stands; to inflict damage and humiliate NATO, “the treasurer sums up.

Of course, it is possible to argue about the “defeat” of ISIS, which Moscow has already been “resettling” in Afghanistan and Pakistan for two weeks against the backdrop of the defeat of the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, as well as the capture of Raqqa, but with the remaining statements of the representative of the Taliban we will agree.

Of course, Moscow denies everything, calling it Russophobe politics. “We believe that these fakes, like the previous ones, are aimed at diverting the attention of the international community from the failures of NATO’s power policy in Afghanistan and are the result of a jealous attitude toward the stabilization efforts of Moscow and its regional partners, including the SCO, in the Afghan direction, – said in the relevant comments of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Russia does not provide any support to the Taliban movement and consistently pursues a policy of assistance to the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and rendering it all-round assistance in becoming a peaceful, independent, stable and economically developed state free of terrorism and drugs,” – said in statement of Russian Foreign Ministry.

No matter what they say in Stalin’s skyscraper with the Soviet emblem at the spire, but this only confirms the Kremlin’s intention to play another bloody game in Afghanistan and near its borders with a further aim at Central Asia. And in the Kremlin scenario, roles have already been determined, such as the Taliban and ISIS.

As a result of the latest attack of suicide bombers on a police station in the city of Gardez in the Afghan province of Paktia, for which the Taliban took responsibility, 33 people were killed and 160 people were injured.

We are not, but we are

As the IR group has already noted, the scheme of actions for Afghanistan, as well as in Syria and North Korea, is usual and typical for the Kremlin. This is the creation of a crisis and the sale of services to “settle” or “resolve” its derivatives in exchange for the necessary concessions from the West for Russia.

And the imposition of US sanctions against Russia at the level of the law has become a regular stage in the international isolation of the Kremlin, in which it fell due to the occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea and certain regions of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, the destruction of moderate opposition with Bashar Assad, and not ISIS in Syria, meddling in the American elections, attempts to organize coups and other destructive actions in the international arena.

However, this development of events not only does not stop Moscow, but also provokes it to new attempts to expand and deepen existing crises and create new ones.

Thus, at this stage, Putin intends to “speed up” the Afghan theme, using Moscow’s long-standing and close relations with the Taliban.

And this is not a secret, in particular for the United States. So on August 22 at a press conference in the State Department, its head Rex Tillerson said: “Russia is supplying weapons to the Taliban. Obviously, this is a violation of international rules and violation of the rules of the UN Security Council. We will certainly object to this and will draw Russia’s attention to this. “

Earlier the same was said by the Allied Commander NATO in Europe and US Army commander in Europe, US Army General Curtis Scaparotti: “Russia is providing assistance to the Islamist Taliban movement in Afghanistan, which is fighting against the US-backed government.”

At the same time, the Russians represent the Taliban as a lesser evil than the ISIS, and maintaining contacts with this organisation argues against preventing the spread of the influence of the Caliphate in Afghanistan, and also maintains the view that peace in Afghanistan can be achieved only through negotiations between the Afghan government and The Taliban.

By establishing and developing secret contacts with the Taliban, Moscow plans to make them a starting point for own further “hybrid intervention” in Afghanistan and the creation controlled “proxy resources” in this country.

Quite naturally, against the backdrop of this game, “the terrible and such a light terrorist” looks like the incessant attempts of Russia’s accusations of its opponents in the illegal supply of weapons, in which Russian special services and propagandists have a special place for Ukraine.

Ukraine cannot be beside the point

For several months now, such information from “authoritative sources” appears almost every week. However, to prove the accusations do not succeed, but this is the case when for misinformers are important the background and the sediment accompanying this “sensation”.

It is important that anti-Ukrainian information campaigns or “injects” from Moscow ” about allegedly illegal deliveries of Ukrainian weapons to terrorists and rogue states were usually associated with the need to worsen the bilateral relations of Kyiv with other countries (for example, Turkey), occurred on the eve of future important decisions in the international arena (for example, the provision of defensive lethal weapons by Washington) or in the perspective of the development of crisis situations in which the Kremlin has taken and is directly involved in the regions of Russian interest such as North Korea, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In general, as experts joke, according to the activity of Russian media in covering the activities of the Ukrainian defense industry and arms exports, it is possible “synchronize the watches” during which Kiev foreign policy events take place (negotiations, visits of senior officials, etc.).

There is no doubt that with the deepening isolation of Russia and the successful development of Ukraine, these attacks will not only continue, but also increase.

Obviously, the main areas of information “injects”, into which Ukraine will be channeling in action, remain and will remain unstable regions with local military conflicts and other confrontations (Syria, Libya, South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan), terrorist organizations (ISIS,Taliban, Hezbollah and others), rogue states (North Korea, Iran).

Iran on the agenda, Trump said

So, what did the owner of the White House recently so “desired” or already “unwanted” by Moscow say? Trump accused Iran of financing the DPRK, supporting Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

In general, if in the near future Moscow, having tied up the previous fabricated accusations against Ukraine, will declare that Kiev supplied Iran with weapons and military technologies (missile, nuclear); or through Iran to North Korea, terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and the Taliban, as well as Hussite in Yemen, etc., there will be nothing to be surprised. Too everything is obvious and predictable.

Probably, in the opinion of the “comrades from the Lubyanka”, after that, Trump must start “tearing and throwing”, without thinking why Kiev is so unintelligent and not timely put in, and in the capitals of the Sunni monarchies of the Persian Gulf should be just “heartburn” when mentioning Ukraine with all that follows for further bilateral relations, including in the military-technical sphere.

By the way, it is appropriate to recall how Moscow made another attempt to accuse Ukraine of illegal deliveries of weapons to terrorists on the eve of the 13th International Defense Exhibition IDEF-2017, which took place in May this year in Istanbul, and the visit of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov to Turkey.

This time little-known sites and bloggers dispelled the story of how the parts of ATGM 9K111 “Fagot” and 9K113 “Konkurs” were allegedly intercepted in Turkey, which were moved illegally from Ukraine to Iran. Clearly, the cargo was intended for terrorists, in particular for the Curds and ISIS.

In general, the Russians, perhaps, all rely on the operation of their own proverb that “water dripping day by day wears the hardest rock away”.



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