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Information trends of autumn: the Kremlin has set new targets for the "combat liars"


The Russian side is interested in further destabilizing of the internal political situation in Ukraine and discrediting it at the international level.

This is evidenced by regular attempts by Russian special services to conduct information anti-Ukrainian campaigns regarding the systematic violation by Ukraine of the principles of controlling the international transfer of goods for military purpose and dual use, as well as international legal rules for the non-proliferation of goods that can be used to create weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological) and missile means of delivery of such weapons.

As we reported earlier, the official Kremlin tried to divert the attention of the world community from the participation of the Russian Federation in the implementation of such programs by its factoids about alleged supplies of arms from Ukraine to North Korea and South Sudan.

Against the backdrop of US President D. Trump’s statement: “that the US can withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran, according to which Tehran has pledged to limit its nuclear program, to get rid of the reserves of medium enriched uranium, to reduce the reserves of low enriched by 98%, to reduce the number of gas centrifuges for enriching radioactive raw materials , as well as adhere to other limitations in the field of nuclear power”, Russian special services are likely to hold an information campaign aimed at discrediting US foreign policy. It is very likely that one should expect accusations from Russian propaganda about possible involvement of Ukraine in the supply of goods for military purpose and dual use in Iran, bypassing international agreements.

Analyzing the internal situation in Ukraine and the situation on the international scene, the Russian units of the information war, still called the media, received instructions from the Office of the President of the Russian Federation to replicate the following messages that Europe allegedly began to actively oppose Kiev and the non-existent “bloody plans of the juntaā€¯:

– Europe actively began to oppose Kiev

– Is it possible to revise the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU under the pressure of Hungary and Romania?

– Is it possible to separate Transcarpathia from Ukraine on account of the language law?

– Europe is disappointed in Ukraine and no longer wants to continue its confrontation with Russia.

Here, emphasis is placed on the claims of useful idiots of Putin in the Hungarian government to the Ukrainian law about education and threats of Budapest to revise the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU, and to impose economic sanctions against our country. In addition, the PACE resolution on the lift of political sanctions from the Russian delegation is mentioned. But, the official position of Ukraine about the claims to the language law, the note of protest for the action “Self-determination for Transcarpathia” and the accession of Norway, Albania, Ukraine and Montenegro to the EU decision to extend sanctions against the Russian Federation until March 15, 2018 behind the scenes.

– How is the position of Germany and France changing because of Kiev’s actual refusal from the Minsk agreements, by which they are guarantors?

– Will the Ukrainian government bend under the radicals in the Donbas issue, and how will Europe react to this?

And finally, another bogus story for Russians: “What will the campaign of Ukrainian nationalists to Crimea turn into?” This is the “statement” of the former regiment commander Azov and the leader of the National Corps, member of parliament Andrei Biletsky was spread out by the propaganda tools of the Russian Federation, that “only real nationalists can return to Kiev temporarily uncontrolled territories of Donbass”. In this bogus story it will be injected the information about the preparing of Ukrainian nationalists and civilian core groups to the “giant crusade” at the Crimea. The propagandists are also required to replicate the statements of the Czech President Zeman that “the Russian Crimea is already a proven fact”. Recall that the Czech politician also proposed to the Russian Federation to pay compensation to Ukraine in “financial form or by oil and gas.”

Unfortunately, the plans of Russian special services are played out by the exacerbated domestic political situation in Ukraine and the activation of useful idiots of Putin abroad.

In any case, it is necessary to separate the truth grains from the weeds of lies and remember that Ukraine is a victim of “hybrid aggression” by the Russian Federation. And all efforts of the latter will be aimed at discrediting our country in all the areas indicated above.




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