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IR summary: the command of the occupants is concentrating tactical reserves east of the route Novoazovsk – Telmanovo

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Russian-terrorist forces mainly use automatic small arms, grenade launchers (heavy mounted and handle), large-caliber machine guns and sniper rifles, and during the past 24 hours, 82-mm mortars and ZU-23-2 AD systems in the course of shelling on positions of the UAF in the Donbass.

In particular:

– In the course of firing at the positions of the UAF in the area of Vodyanoe and Lomakino, the occupants use a maneuvering fire group, which includes 2 mortar squads of 82-mm mortars of type 2B14 “Tray” equipped with vehicles. It was noted up to 10 exits from the southern outskirts of the settlement of Pikuzy (former Kominternovo) towards the advanced positions of the UAF south-east of Lomakino (along the Mariupol-Telmanovo road); Later, the enemy fired the advanced positions of the UAF east of Vodyanoe also from 82-mm mortars;

– In the area of Avdeevka (Yasinovsky Lane, “industrial zone” and the area to the south), and also in the direction of Pesky (near Mira Street), the occupiers opened fire from 82-mm mortars from the position northeast of the railway station Yasinovataya-2 interchange) and from the Zhobunki area;

– occupants used ZU-23-2 AD system, installed in the back of the truck, in combination with fire from automatic small arms in the area of height 175.9 (“Bakhmut route”).

Redeployments, regroupings, equipment positions:

– On the seaside direction through Guselshchikovo and Kozlovka to the north towards the settlement Aleksandrovskoe (formerly Rosa Luxemburg), the invaders transferred tanks T-72 type. At least 5 tanks were fixed on route march, as well as 1 BMP-1 and 2 trucks Ural. Most likely, the enemy concentrates the tactical reserve of the “9th separate mechanized regiment of the 1st Army Corps DNR” east of the Novoazovsk-Telmanovo highway, in the area of Khomutovo – Bessarabka;

– through Mikhailovka, the invaders transferred a 6-gun battery of 122 mm cannon-howitzers of the D-30 type towards Novoaleksandrovka from Zernovoe-Telmanovo to the east. The transfer was conducted by the trucks Ural and 2 MT-LB were fixed in the convoy;

– The invaders are sending reinforcements to the Dolgoe – Lopaskino – Slavyanoserbsk area: a transfer of up to combat armored vehicles (BTR-70/80, MT-LB) and 3 trucks was recorded on the route P-66 (Bakhmut) between Dolgoe and Stepovoe.

As part of the increase in the combat readiness of the units of the 1st Army Corps DNR, the command of two brigades and a number of separate battalions from the composition of this “Army Corps” was instructed to increase the pace of “repair and restoration” of failed equipment and weapons, including capabilities of “own units”. The militants are offered to intensively use the capacities of the “local civil industrial and repair base” (compulsion to repair equipment of local enterprises), as well as “patronage and volunteer assistance”. The command of the “units” who received this instruction expressed dissatisfaction, pointing out that this approach is acceptable in the case of motor vehicles; while the situation with out-of-service armored vehicles, special equipment and artillery armament is much worse (“specific” spare parts and consumables are required materials that are supplied from the RF in insufficient quantities). Accordingly, due to their shortage, the militants are forced to repair the technique by handicraft, which has a drastic negative effect on the quality of repairs.

Heads of the so-called “Federation of Trade Unions of the DNR” intensified attempts to establish cooperation with representatives of the trade union movement in the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Donetsk region under the guise of the implementation of the programs of the “United Donbas Foundation”. The “United Donbas Foundation” was set up by the state structures of the Russian Federation in the framework of the “Humanitarian Program for the Reunification of the Donbas” with aim to provide material assistance to low-income families, including those living in the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. The activity of this foundation is actively spreading in the so-called “DNR” through local and Russian media. In early October this year, in Donetsk with the purpose of demonstration of “fruitful cooperation” between the Ukrainian trade unions and the so-called “The Federation of Trade Unions of the DNR” is planning to hold a solemn event at which the results of the “competition” “Trade Union Business” will be announced. Moreover, in addition to the leaders of the said “federation” and the “United Donbass Foundation,” representatives of the Ukrainian trade union movement are supposed to be invited to “celebrations”.

There were announcements about “employment in Europe” in the occupied Donetsk , moreover, the ads indicate “the possibility of documenting the employment” as citizens of Ukraine.

The Romanian side intensified the measures to artificially aggravate the conflict situation associated with the signing by the President of Ukraine of the new version of the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, by inciting the representatives of the Romanian community in Ukraine to ignore the norms of the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as the formation of separatist ideas in this milieu. Thus, the former deputy from the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Moldova V.Kubryakov called citizens of Ukraine of Roman origin, in connection with the “violation” of “linguistic rights” by Kiev, to receive Romanian citizenship in mass on the pages of the Romanian Internet resource www.rgnpress.ro. This, he said, is not a violation of European legal norms and will allow asserting their rights as citizens of one of the countries of the European Union. In addition, in his statements V. Kubryakov calls into question the existence of today’s state borders of Ukraine. Kubryakov Vlad has the citizenship of Moldova and Romania, and he is an employee of one of the structural units of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. He is known as an active propagandist of the idea of recreating the so-called “Great Romania” in its historical borders.

A “demonstration of solidarity with the participation of Romanians and Hungarians regardless of political views” is planned in front of the Satu Mare (Romania) prefecture in support of the Hungarian and Romanian national minorities of the Trans Carpathian region whose rights are allegedly “violated” by the new version of the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, on the October 1 this year. The organizers of this action, the leaders of the National Party of Transylvania (leader L.Tokeş) are planning to urge the Hungarians and Romanians of Trans Carpathian “to defend their rights to educate children in their native language”, including to conduct actions of civil disobedience.



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