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IR summary: the change of leadership of the occupation regime in the "DNR" is expected in October

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The Russian-terrorist forces are augmenting their positions in the seaside direction. The appearance of new enemy combat armored vehicles is recorded on the section between Verkhneshirokovskoe (formerly October) and Pikuzy (formerly Kominternovo). In particular, at least three camouflaged BMP-1/2 were recorded in the landing on the outskirts of the beam, and 2 more were also observed northeast of Pikuzy. It also records the movement of army trucks with manpower in the direction of Verkhneshirokovskoe.

In Panteleimonovka, occupiers hide at least 4 units of 100-mm anti-tank guns of the MT-12 Rapier type in the lock-up garages northwest of the railway station of the same name. Earlier, two tanks T-72 were transferred to the same area.

The 5 trailers with armored vehicles were fixed between Torez and Shakhtersk – 3 with tanks and 2 with MT-LB (the latter – covered, apparently either the air defense system “Strela-10M” type or upgraded to the level of MT-LBM1A7 or MT-LBM1B2 by the Russian version). Trailers moved on the highway N-21 in the direction of Donetsk.

The invaders concentrate armored vehicles and artillery at the training ground in the triangle Lutugino – Uspenka – Lesnoe. The concentration of armaments takes place in significant quantities – at least 20 tanks (T-64 and T-72) are fixed at different parking lots and sites in this region, about 15 self-propelled guns (6 of them are 152-mm 2C3 “Acacia”), 10 units of combat armored vehicles  – MT-LB, BMP-1/2, 6 units of  BTR-70/80, 2 units of BRDM-2M, and at least 20 motor transports, including a special one.

At the insistence of the Russian “advisers” in the 2nd Army Corps LNR it was decided to organize and launch a number of “repair and recovery centers” (for artillery armament and armored vehicles) on the basis of several Luhansk enterprises. Such a decision was caused by the results of the latest verification of the combat readiness of equipment and weapons in the “Army Corps”. For example, in one of the verified unit, only 3 proved to be combat-ready from 11 authorized tanks.

In Yasinovatoya, there are rumors among local militants and civilians about that the command of the «DNR» makes «lists for evacuation» in case of the UAF attacks. According to rumors, these lists will include only the commanders of the militants and employees of the “administration of the DNR”, who will be evacuated to Russia. These rumors cause extremely negative resonance among the local population.

Metropolitan of Gorlovka and Slavyansk UOC MP Mitrofan (Nikitin) blessed the holding by the clergy under his control of the courses for the teachers of secondary schools of the temporarily occupied territory for teaching the subject “Christian ethics”. It is assumed that in 2017-2018 “Christian ethics” will be taught in 39 educational institutions in Gorlovka. When the course was coordinated with the Ministry of Education and Science of the DNR, the accompanying note stated that thus the clergy of the Gorlovka Eparchy of the UOC-MP promotes the implementation of the policy regarding the spread of the ideology of the “Russian world” in the temporarily occupied territory and the formation of appropriate views among local youth.

In the upper and middle level of the “administration of the head of the DNR” rumors are circulating about the change of the leadership of the “DNR” in October this year, based on the latest events in Donetsk. So, on September 5, 2017 in Donetsk a meeting was held with the participation of the top leadership of the “DNR” and representatives of the Russian Federation on the further development of the “DNR”. On the instructions from the Russian side, participation in the meeting was accepted by a limited circle of the leaders of the “DNR” For example, the leader of the public movement “Donetsk republic” D.Pushilin was not admitted to it. During the meeting, the representatives of the presidential administration of RF did not indicate any clear prospects for DNR, but they made it clear that strategic decisions on this issue would be taken in the Kremlin in the near future and would be associated with cardinal personnel reshuffles in the DNR.

A special information campaign has begun on accusing the Ukrainian authorities of “linguistic nationalism” in the “DNR”. We are talking about attempts  of the “Ministry of Education and Science of the DNR” to counter the development online distance courses on the study of the Ukrainian language and literature, history and geography of Ukraine for students of 9-11 classes of general education institutions of the DNR by teachers from Mariupol. “The Ministry of Education and Science of the DNR” tries to persuade the parents of the pupils in the “DNR” in danger of “propaganda of the Ukrainian nationalistic worldview”, which these online courses allegedly carry in themselves.



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