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IR summary: "Military enlistment offices of the DNR" are preparing for "the offensive of the UAF and general mobilization"

08.09.2017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The overwhelming number of shelling by the Russian-terrorist troops in the Donbas is clearly provocative, chaotic and unhandy.

Over the past 24 hours, redeployments of the forces and means of the invaders have been recorded:

– Up to 20 freight tilt-covered and on-board vehicles passed through Snezhnoye on the highway N-21 in the direction of Shakhtersk and Donetsk for a day. Among the cargo, which being transported, there are boxes with ammunition and equipment, logs of wood, barrels with fuel, field kitchens. Also, there are 4 trucks (3 Kamaz and 1 Ural) among this motor transport, 2 auto-shelters (Command and Staff vehicle) and at least 2 truck cranes of the army type. In the direction of Donetsk and Starobeshevo, the active movement of motor vehicles of the occupants has been observed for at least the last 4 days.

– In the area of Makeyevka, the redeployment of armored vehicles by the invaders was fixed (to the north through the Gvardeyka, traffic was carried out by trailers) – not less than 5 combat armored vehicles (2 MT-LB, 2 BMP-2 and 1 BRM-1K). In addition, 2 trucks Ural were in convoy, and MT-LBs were without autorized machine guns.

– In the area of Lutugino, the occupants transferred 4 tanks of the T-72 type to the southern direction towards Kruglik. There are no places for storing equipment in this area.

– In the area of Uglegorsk, the occupants, on the instructions of their command, are actively repairing the overpass on the roadway communication – the Donetsk-Lugansk highway, in order to increase its throughput capacity. Heavy construction equipment is involved, including large-capacity mobile cranes.

– Both in the “DNR” and in the “LNR”, the command of the invaders organized the search and evacuation of abandoned and broken armored vehicles in the places of active fighting; actively collecting its remains (this applies to both the combat armored vehicles of the militants and the UAF). Tractors, onboard vehicles and other equipment are involved. Evacuation groups and security groups are organized (the latter – for the areas, which are located near the line of demarcation).

In the “military registration and enlistment offices” of the “DNR”, actions were taken to alert in “the conditions of a large-scale offensive of the UAF and general mobilization in the NDR”. In particular, such exercises were conducted in Donetsk and in settlements in the south of the occupied part of the Donetsk region. Preliminary results are negative: the exercises showed a low level of unprofessionalism of “military commissariat employees”, inoperability and inability to act in such situations. In private conversations, “military commissariat employees” express extreme dissatisfaction with such sudden checks.

“Department of Economics and Industry of the Administration of Donetsk” required from the district administrations of the city to submit reports about the use of funds previously collected forcibly from representatives of local businesses under the pretext of funding events involving veterans until 11.09.2017. Earlier, the leadership of the district administrations of the “DNR” of the occupied Donetsk instructed its employees “to control the collection of funds” from representatives of small businesses (self-employed individual -1000 rubles, other enterprises (from 10 employees) – from 3000 to 8000 rubles) for congratulation of veterans and cover expenses for celebration of the “Day of Liberation of Donbass from the Nazi invaders” (08.09.2017). If entrepreneurs refuse to provide funds, the latter were threatened with tax and other inspections, with subsequent termination of their commercial activities.

The leadership of the “LNR” is trying to establish cooperation with the local clergy of the UOC-MP in order to use the church in a campaign to popularize its activities. Within the framework of this initiative, it is planned to create a “non-governmental organization” (tentatively called “Spas”), which will finance the repairs and construction of Orthodox churches. At the same time, the candidature of A. Litsoev, “head of the department for religious organizations and spirituality of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of the LNR”, is considered to be the head of this structure.



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