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IR summary: "MGB of the DNR" conducts mass security sweeps in Donetsk

06.09.2017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

During the last week, from August 29 to September 5, artillery units of the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR carried out about 170 fire attacks from 82/120-mm mortars, 122-mm portable rocket launchers installations “Grad-P”, infantry fighting vehicles and tanks. The enemy was most intensely conducted fire attacks to the positions of Ukrainian troops on the Donetsk and Mariupol directions in the vicinity of settlements Zaitsevo, Avdeevka, Butovka, Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Nevelskoye, Pavlopol, Gnutovo, Talakovka and Shirokino. In the Lugansk direction, the enemy systematically fired on the ATO forces from small arms in the vicinity of Stanitsa Luganskaya.

The high activity of conducting reconnaissance by the enemy with the involvement of military, special and electronic reconnaissance continues to be noted in order to clarify the combat order of the ATO forces at the front line, as well as the disclosure of military facilities for their fire destruction. It is noted the activation of the enemy’s special operations teams activities in the vicinity of the settlements of Avdeevka, Chermalyk, Talakovka and Shirokino. In the Perevalsk district of the Lugansk region, the work of the Russian automated interference station R-330ZH (Resident) was recorded.

The preparations are being made for conducting command post exercises under the leadership of the Chief of Staff – First Deputy Commander of the 8th Army of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation, Major-General O. Tsekov and a group of officers of the headquarters of the 8th Army in 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR, scheduled for September this year. In this connection, the “military commissariats” began work to update the lists of persons liable for military service and equipment in the territory controlled by the DNR and LNR. At the same time,  a characteristic feature of these command post exercises is a common operational background and time intervals, completely coinciding with the concept of the joint strategic drill of the RF Armed Forces and the Republic of Belarus, officially scheduled for the period from September 14 to September 20,.

Approximately 1,400 tons of fuels were delivered to the railway station Rovenky (last week – about 2800 tons) to ensure the terrorist activities of units and formations of the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR from the territory of Russia in the period from August 29 to September 5 of this year.

During the past 24 hours, the redeployment of the forces and assets of the invaders was recorded:

– Two batches of armored vehicles moved through Khartsyzk in the twilight – T-72 tanks on 3 trailers, then 6 armored vehicles – 3 tanks, 2 BMP-2 and 1 BMP-1. In the interval between the convoys, two tilled trucks Ural moved in the same direction;

– Through Snezhnoye in the direction of Shakhtersk – 3 fuel tankers of army type, escorted by UAZ-469 and the car of the “police of the DNR”;

– There is a transfer of fuel is fixed for the needs of the “7th separate mechanized brigade”. 2 trucks Ural and truck Kamaz with barrels with fuel were noted on the E50 route towards Uglegorsk via Yenakiyevo;

– In the area of the village Lozovskaya (Kuybyshevsky district of Donetsk), the movement of 4 units of 122-mm self-propelled guns type 2C1 “Gvozdika” was fixed from the front line.

– a tank battalion of the “5th separate mechanized brigade” arrived at the training ground in Ternovoe for training of “questions of combat coordination” and conducting offensive operations in cooperation with motorized rifle units.

Mainly at night, the “Ministry of the Interior Affairs of the DNR” and “MGB of the NDP” conducted about 300 raids in public places of Donetsk in the period from 02.09 to 05.09 of this year. These events were held under the legend of “fighting against Ukrainian saboteurs”. 579 people were detained (373 of them were released from the district departments of the “police”, the rest remain in custody). At the same time, for example, in the Kuibyshev district department of the “police of the DNR”, the “fee” for release is US $ 200.



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