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IR summary: the FSB of the Russian Federation is conducting a large-scale investigation of the actions of the Ukrainian underground resistance in the "LDNR"

28.08.2017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

During the past day, the using of heavy weapons and mortars “prohibited by the Minsk agreements” were not recorded during the shelling by the Russian-terrorist troops in the Donbass. Mainly, it was using of small arms (including large-caliber machine guns and sniper rifles), handle and heavy mounted grenade launchers. It was also recorded the use of the anti-aircraft missile system Zu-23-2 type by the invaders (the area south of the Avdeevka “industrial zone”).

The high activity of the enemy conducting reconnaissance operations using military, special and radio electronic reconnaissance is continuing to be noted in order to clarify the combat order of the ATO forces in the front line, as well as the uncovering of military facilities in the tactical rear for their fire destruction. During the last week, the main activity of the special operations teams of the occupants was noted in the so-called “Bahmut route”, Svetlodarskaya arc, Avdeevka, Gorlovka, Donetsk and Shirokino.

The commission from the headquarters of the 8th Army of the RF Armed Forces continues to work in the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR. The presence, condition, order of registration and storage of weapons and military equipment, material and technical means, staffing, and the state of combat readiness of formations and units of both “Army Corps” are checked.

Based on the results of the commission’s work, the facts of low combat and mobilization readiness, as well as theft of financial and material-technical means were revealed in the “4th separate mechanized brigade of the 2nd Army Corps LNR”. A similar situation is fixed in the “9th separate assault mechanized regiment” (Novoazovsk) and “11th separate mechanized regiment” (Makeyevka) of the 1st Army Corps DNR. The Commission is considering the removal off their posts and the prosecution a number of commanders and officials.

To ensure the terrorist activity of the units and formations of the 1st Army Corps DNR and the 2nd Army Corps LNR, no less than 1500 tons of fuel (railway station Ilovaysk, Rovenky), 60 tons of ammunition (railway station Mikhailovka), three tanks T-72, three 122-mm MLRS Grad (railway station Dolzhanskaya) were delivered to LDNR during the week from the territory of Russia.

Over the past 24 hours, the redeployment of enemy forces and assets has been recorded:

– in the area in the west of Donetsk, up to 5 small groups of infantry (8-10 people each), checking the private sector in Zhobunki north of the rate of the Bychatnik. These infantry groups are from the unit of the invaders, which is based on the “Volvo Center”. According to preliminary information, the enemy command plans to transfer to the area and redeploy additional fire weapons (mortars and anti-aircraft mounts) in the private sector in disguised positions;

– In the area of Staromikhaylovka, north of Lozovoye (unfinished road intersection), the invaders equipped a new disguised stronghold point (3 units of combat armored vehicles in caponiers and at least 3 units of disguised large-caliber machine guns are fixed). At the same time, the militants also conducted a number of measures in the area of the Second site to strengthen their front line. They renewed mine explosive obstacles, equipped a number of additional fire points and formed a reserve group, no less than a reinforced platoon;

– in Donetsk near the road intersection in the area of the Artemida, a convoy of trucks of occupants was fixed. 4 trucks Ural, Kamaz and MAZ moved to the west towards the Petrovsk district of the city. The convoy moved under the enhanced protection of Russian servicemen. The cargo is not identified.

At the same time, Russian curators from the FSB of the Russian Federation in the “MGB DNR” and “MGB LNR” are conducting a large-scale investigation of the events of August 24 this year, when in many cities of LDNR there was a massive action of the Ukrainian underground resistance for putting up leaflets for the Independence Day of Ukraine. The reports say verbatim: “… the action was sudden and has a pre-organized and prepared character”, and also that “… there is no doubt that the carefully planned and effective sabotage and terrorist network of agents and local underground resistance operates on the territory of the Republics, led by special services of Ukraine .. “. At the time of the investigation, a number of heads of local structural divisions of the MGB were suspended from performing their duties.

In the front-line regions of the occupied part of the Donetsk region, the MGB DNR actively disseminates rumors among the local population that the ATO command has formed and is transferring to the front some “special assault troops” formed from specially selected and trained “nationalist” veterans of the fighting in the Donbas. According to rumors, the distinguishing feature of these “assault troops” is that they are formed exclusively from “idolaters”, believers in Perun and practicing human sacrifices. In many cases there are “details” such as “they have a black flag, and on it a skull with bones” or “they wear wolf skins,” often include testimonies of “eyewitnesses” who, while visiting unoccupied territory, “personally saw” the temples with idols of pagan gods in the places of disposition of the UAF units, with the remains of human victims. The purpose of these mythical “assault troops” is supposedly to consist of carrying out “punitive actions” and “intimidation operations”.



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