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IR summary: the command of the occupiers is trying to hide the losses of the militants "LDNR"

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Russian-terrorist forces in the Donbas continue shelling the positions of UAF and civilian targets, using heavy weapons (120-mm mortars) and armored vehicles (BMP-1/2). Also, there is an increasing use by the occupiers of “improved” grenades in handicrafts for hand grenade launchers RPG-7V type (82-mm mortar shells are attached to regular grenades PG-7VM-type with the aid of a specially made adapter, or strengthen them with additional damaging elements).

During the shelling of the UAF positions in the area of “industrial zone” of Avdeevka, south-west of this settlement and Staraya Avdeevka from 82-mm mortars, the militants repeatedly used and 120-mm mortars, firing from positions in the forest area on Kashtanovoe and from the forest belt behind the Yasinovatoya intersection (at least 2 120-mm mortars were used). Altogether, there are two mobile enemy mobile groups are operating that have 82-mm mortars and 120-mm mortar-type Sany complexes at the moment in the Avdeevka area.

From the positions between the Donetsk-Severny railway station and Agro-nafta (forest area), the invaders also carried out a “combined” bombardment of 82-mm automatic mortars of type 2B9 “Vasilok” and a pair of 120-mm mortars at the positions of UAF on the line “Almaz”-“Butovka mine”-“Zenit”. It is noteworthy that one mortar “worked” from the village of Spartak.

During the firing of the advanced positions of the UAF in the direction of Vodyanoe – the northeastern outskirts of Shirokino, there were several attacks from 120-mm mortars (the fire was fired from positions in the area of Sakhanka).

During the firing of the advanced positions of the UAF in the area of the Bakhmut Route BY heavy grenade launchers and large-caliber machine guns, the maneuvering BMP-1 of the enemy fired several shells from a 73-mm standard cannon at the forward stronghold points of the Ukrainian troops along the Novotoshkovka- CP№ 29 – height 195.3 and СP № 31.

In the area of Zhovanka, a pair of BMP-2 of invaders repeatedly opened fire from their regular 30-mm automatic guns, maneuvering south-west of Zaitsevo.

Another BMP-2 was used by the invaders for firing from the disguised position on the advanced fortifications of the UAF south of Novoaleksandrovka. This combat armored vehicle was previously transferred from Kalinovo.

Redeployments of forces and means of invaders:

– On the outskirts of Slavyanoserbsk the movement of 4 units of MT-LB and 2 trucks of the Ural type with occupants in the bodies were recorded. The redeployment took place behind the western outskirts of the village to the north.

– On the northern bank of the Verkhnekalmiyskoye water basin (Yasinovatoya district), the militants fired by automatic guns and 82-mm mortars (firing exercises).

– In the depot area on Spartak outside the Yasinovataya Highway, the invaders dragged the tank and 2 units of the 120-mm mortar with a trailer in the twilight, most likely in the direction of the Yasinovataya intersection.

– Within 3 days, the invaders transferred 6 combat armored vehicles (among others – 1 BRM-1K (pulled by trailer) and 2 BMP-2) and 4 trucks to the base of the”7th separate mechanized brigade” in Debaltsevo (between the Youth and Bakhmut route). In the same place, at the railway station, the militants have unloaded ammunition and equipment, coming from the Russian Federation, from the railway car to the 2 trucks Kamaz with trailers at dusk and under guard.

– 1 Zil-131, 1 unit of mobile base for reconnaissance and management, 3 trucks Kamaz, 1 truck Ural and 1 BMP-1 moved from the base of the invaders in the northern part of Bezymennoe to the northern direction. There is information that soon the militants will once again bring their mobile artillery groups to the area windmills or to the north, and now the descending convoy, according to the IR group, is one of the mobile control groups for artillery fire.

The command of the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR synchronously sent out to the commanders of formations, units and separate divisions the circular about the need to “conduct explanatory work among the personnel of units and subunits”, regarding a strict prohibition on disclosure (in the public сcommunications with representatives of the media and in social networks) of data about dead and wounded militants. It is prescribed, in addition to explanations to the personnel, to oblige fighters from among local residents to conduct similar “explanatory work” with relatives and acquaintances. This prohibition is due to the fact that the enemy (it means Ukrainian state structures) “uses this information for reconnaissance and propaganda purposes”.

The Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation stopped crossing the border to Russia with vehicles bearing license plates of “DNR” from the occupied areas of the Donetsk region. Cars return to the territory of the “DNR” without explanation of the reasons or offer to change license plates to Ukrainian. Among the employees of the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, this decision is explained by the complication of the criminal situation in the border areas of the Russian Federation and the increase in criminal and administrative offenses committed by people from the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass. Previously, such unspoken prohibitions were introduced repeatedly, but at certain intervals they were removed.

In DNR, state enterprise “Donetskstandartmetrologiya” reported about the issuance of 40 quality certificates for the “Standard of Donbass” to twenty companies in the occupied territory of the Donetsk region. Among the owners of these “certificates” are the “Miners’ Poultry Farm”, “Lakond”, “Novoazovsk Mineral Water Plant”, Snezhnyansk sewing factory “Snezhinka”, “Slavolia Group”, “Dokuchaevsk flux-dolomite plant”, etc.

REFERENCE: On 13.02.2017, the “Ministry of Industry and Trade of the DNR” jointly with SE “Donetskstandartmetrologiya” announced the creation of a system of “certification of goods and services” Standard of Donbass “. The issued document is not recognized by any country in the world, and even by Russia.

Leadership of the “DNR” continue to try to correct the critical situation in the energy sector in the occupied part of the Novoazovsk district and restore the functioning of two wind generators of the Novoazovsk wind farm, whose equipment was partially destroyed in January 2017 and scrapped by the militants of 9th separate assault mechanized regiment of the 1st Army Corps DNR. The militants attracted two specialists (a programmer and an engineer of this enterprise) for launch the generators living in the temporarily occupied territory. However, the latter failed to “bypass” the protection system of the wind farm, which is launched through a centralized remote control located on the territory controlled by Ukraine. Earlier, the “DNR” developed a project and started construction of the power transmission line LEP-35, which, according to plans, should be connected Telmanovo and Novoazovsk.

The Russian Federation has been abolished privileges for industrial exporters from “LNR”. Given the lack of the necessary working capital in these companies (due to deferred payment from counterparties and the requirement of compulsory 100% payment to suppliers of raw materials and materials from the Russian Federation in conditions of shortage of funds), this is predicted to lead to the termination of production activities of the majority of exporting enterprises from the “LNR” .

NOTE: Previously, such enterprises as OJSC “Stal”, LLC “Lugamash”, PJSC “Lugansk plant” Santehdetal ” and others exported products to the Russian Federation at a zero import duty rate, while the current rate is set at 5% to 20%. At the same time, these companies are forced to sell products in Russia at extremely low prices for reasons of non-competitiveness of products.



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