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IR summary: the command of the occupiers is reinforcing its combat formations in the vicinity of Donetsk

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Despite the general decrease in the number and intensity of shelling from heavy weapons during the past weekend, Russian occupation forces in the Donbass continue to shell the positions of Ukrainian troops, as well as settlements near the line of delimitation, including those that are under their control. In general, fire is conducted from automatic small arms, including large-caliber machine guns, also are used grenade launchers, 82-mm mortars and anti-aircraft missile systems ZU-23-2.

In addition, the high activity of the special operation teams of the invaders and their snipers remains on separate sectors of the front.

During the firing on the advanced positions of the UAF to the south of the section of the Donetsk ring road (area 2nd pound) by 82 mm mortars, several hits were also recorded from the 120 mm mortar.

In the area to the south of Zhelobok, the occupants released up to 30 units of the 82-mm mines from the firing positions in the beams, and several hits from a 120-mm mortar were also recorded.

From the south-western outskirts of Sakhanka, BMP-2, maneuvering, launched at least 20 units of the 30-mm shells from the standard automatic cannon towards the advanced positions of the UAF. In the area of Shirokino, 120-mm mortar was used by the militants.

In the Donetsk area between the Donetsk-Severnyi railway station and the Agro-Nafta, positions of new enemy fire weapons were fixed in the landings. At least one 120 mm mortar deployed in position, one more in the marching position (on the trailer), and no less than 3 army trucks with manpower. A little further, closer to the highway (west of Dacha passage) there are at least 3 disguised and sheltered armored vehicles (BMP-1/2) among the buildings.

Through Shakhtersk to the north (towards Yenakiyevo) 2 units of SAM were transferred on trailers (type is no specified), accompanied by 2 trucks Ural and Kamaz with a trailer.

In the vicinity of Donetsk, the command of the occupiers continues to reinforce the combat formations of their units in the area Second Site – Abakumov micro district (the settlement of the mine named after E.T. Abakumov). The installation of new and renewed mine-blasting fences has been fixed both in the areas adjacent to the unfinished section of the Ring Road and in remote landings in this direction. During the day, several groups of enemy sappers were observed at the same site, installing mines under the guise of small infantry groups of occupants.

Among the commanders of the middle level in the 1st Army Corps DNR, the rumors are recorded about the transfer of the units and subunits of the “Army Corps” to the new organizational and staffs structure in a short time by the order of the Russian command, which calls a significant reduction in personnel, volumes of financing and other types of supplying. According to rumors, this reform is due to a general reduction in assistance to militants from Russia.

Employees and agents of the MGB of the DNR are conducting another information special operation with aim to increase the fighting spirit of the militants, as well as improving the moral and psychological state of the local population. In particular, both in the units of the 1st Army Corps DNR and among the civilian population (in stores, markets and in other public places in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Enakievo, Makeyevka, etc.), they spread rumors about “a significant number of Ukrainian servicemen, which are ready to surrender even tomorrow, and they are waiting for the Novorossia offensive.” Spreading these rumors, the agents, as a rule, act as a “primary source” (referring to the allegedly available personal experience of communicating with the Ukrainian Armed Forces troops during trips to unoccupied territory).

Following to the LNR, in the DNR the next campaign of “inventory of an empty housing stock” sharply became more active. “Law enforcers of the DNR” together with representatives of the “administration of the head of the DNR” A. Zakharchenko and “Minister of incomes and fees of the DNR” A. Timofeev (“Tashkent”) are looking for “abandoned” apartments and houses (whose owners for a long time are absent), for the purpose of further “nationalization”.

In the Sedovo, Novoazovsk district of the Donetsk region, it is recorded an increase in the level of protest sentiment among the local population, that is due to the criminal activities of the militant with the call sign “Semyon”, which with a group of Russian mercenaries arrived in this locality at the end of July this year, as directed by the head of the DNR A. Zakharchenko as a “watcher”. The group of “Semyon” is actively engaged in extortion, detention of representatives of the local population under various pretexts with the use of torture, appropriation of property of citizens. The “official” version of the group’s activities is “strengthening the power of the DNR” and “fighting against Ukrainian agents and saboteurs”.

The leadership of the LNR expressed its complaints to Russian supervisors regarding the further reduction of funding from the Russian Federation to the “social component”, in connection with which the amount of pensions and social benefits in LNR continues to decrease even in comparison with the DNR. So, at the beginning of August this year, the size of the minimum pension in LNR is 2500 rubles, that’s 100 rubles less than in the DNR, and cash payments to disabled people are 1999 rubles against 2100 rubles in the DNR. In addition, the “LNR pension fund” states the fact of shortage of funds from the Russian Federation, stipulated by the “budget for 2017″(for a number of social payments, the funds have not been transferred since May 2017). Financing of the “social component” of the DNR and LNR is carried out through the Fund for the Support of International Humanitarian Projects supervised by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Pyzhivsky lane 5/1, INN 7706431844, President A. Trishin, formal founder of the fund – International Settlement Bank).

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region, , there is a sharp deterioration of the situation in the energy sector in connection with Ukraine’s refusal to supply electricity to the DNR and LNR. In particular, as of the beginning of August this year, in the occupied part of the Novoazovsk district, it is barely possible to maintain the voltage at the level of 170 V in electric networks. If this situation will continue, automatic power outage is possible in most of the occupied territories of Novoazovsk, Boikovskoe and other areas in connection with expected peak falls Voltage in the network at the beginning of the winter period. The functioning of the Novoazovsk wind park (Novoazovsk wind power station), which previously functioned and was connected into the unified energy networks of Ukraine, is impossible due to the fact that in January 2017 representatives of the 9th separate assault regiment of the Marine Corps of the 1st Army Corps DNR deliberately destroyed the infrastructure of the factory. Currently, the complex does not work, two wind generators have been damaged, the administrative building and the control room have been completely disabled (recently used as barracks for the DNR fighters), and the electric substation of the factory was partly disabled and scrapped.



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