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IR summary: Special Forces of GRU RF forms up "anti-sniper groups" in 1st Army Corps DNR

16.08.2017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

When the Ukrainian troops in the Donbas began to respond more actively on shelling to their positions and civilian targets, Russian-terrorist forces increased the number and intensity of shelling, using heavy weapons and trying to keep a fire initiative.

Thus, from several firing positions in forest plantations south-east of the stronghold of the occupants in the vicinity of the Yasinovataya-2 railway station (the area of the southern part of the same name interchange), the enemy carried out “combined” firing on the forward positions of the UAF south of the Avdeevka “industrial zone” and the “industrial zone” itself by 82 mm and 120 mm mortars.

Also, the occupiers consistently, repeatedly using 120-mm mortars, fired from the positions in the forest south-west of Vasilievka and in the area of height 272.2 on the forward positions of the UAF, which are located to the south of the road Kamenka-Verkhnetoretskoe and in the area of height 198.2

From the positions west of Logvinovo (area of height 223.2), the occupiers by fired 120-mm and 82-mm mortars at the forward positions of the UAF south-east of Svetlodarsk, releasing in total at least 12 units of 120 mm mines and about 20 mines of 82 mm caliber. Earlier, in the same sector (slightly to the north-east), enemy BMP-2, maneuvering along the front, fired on the forward positions of the UAF by series from 30-mm automatic cannon. The shelling has stopped when the Ukrainian troops hit the enemy armored combat vehicle with retaliatory fire.

During the mortar shelling of the forward positions of the UAF on the southern and eastern outskirts of Maryinka from 82-mm mortars and heavy grenade launchers, the invaders also fired several shots from 100-mm MT-12 “Rapira” anti-tank gun.

North of Novoazovsk (along the river Gruzskiy Elanchik), the invaders with all disguise measures redeployed armored vehicles to the northern direction with considerable interval. Representatives of the group IR-Donbass in this region fixed at least 5 units of the combat armored vehicles (2 MT-LB, 2 BMP-1, BTS-4G) and 3 army trucks Ural. A few hours later, in the dark, was also it was fixed the redeployment of 3 tanks of the T-64 type and 2 BMP-2 units in this area (the point of arrival is being specified).

The invaders redeployed their unit by four trucks Ural and one BRDM-2 through the Razdolnoye towards Starolaspa (platoon from the 1st separate mechanized brigade, up to 30 people, anti-aircraft missile system ZU-23-2 in the body and a 120-mm mortar on the trailer).

In the vicinity of the Bazhanovka station (Golubovka, former Kirovsk), two trucks Kamaz were hauled 122-mm D-30 type howitzers along the road towards the settlement of Sentyanovka (former Frunze) during the dark hours of the day. A little later, along the same route, 4 combat armored vehicles (2 BMP-1, BRM-1K and 1 MT-LB) proceeded. Obviously, we are talking about the strengthening of the “14th territorial defense battalion of the 2nd Army Corps LNR” (or “2nd separate brigade”) on the site of the former CP №31 – Smelyoe. The artillery is likely to be deployed in disguised positions in the area north-east of Petrovenki.

By order of the command of the 1st Army Corps DNR, the selection and training of personnel for the formation of the so-called “anti-sniper groups” is conducted in two brigades and three separate battalions from this “Army Corps”. The process is carried out under the supervision and guidance of a group of “instructors” from the units of the Special Forces of the GRU RF (about 10 people arrived in Donetsk from Rostov-on-Don (RF) specifically to perform this task). This process was initiated by the Russian curators at the headquarters of the 1st Army Corps DNR, which are concerned with “… the activity of the UAF snipers in the forefront, armed with modern sniper complexes of Western production, which has already led to an unjustified increase in losses in units defending in the first echelon …”. The targeted deliveries of Russian sniper rifles VSKK “Vychlop” (6С8) are expected for these “anti-sniper groups” (at the moment at least 8 such rifles are already being used by Russian special operations teams in the ATO zone).



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