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IR Summary: Russian occupants create new weapons storage bases in the Donbass

30.08.2017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Despite the so-called “school truce,” the shelling of the UAF positions continues (during the last 24 hours – without the use of heavy weapons). Russian-terrorist forces continue regrouping their forces and assets, as well as improving their positions in certain areas:

– In the area of Khartsyzk, a movement of a large column of occupants to the western direction was observed – 2 units of combat armored vehicles (1 BRDM-2M and 1 BTR-70), up to 15 trucks Ural and Kamaz with equipment, ammunition and live power;

– The invaders transferred 4 units of amphibian carrier PTS-2 (amphibian carrier, proposed for amphibious crossing through water barriers of weapons and personnel) through Perevalsk. The transfer was made to the north-east in the direction of Mikhailovka (possibly, to the Seversky Donets River).

– In the area of Yasinovataya (area of Krutaya Balka and Yakovlevka), the occupants are actively engaged in excavation. During excavation, 200-300 meters of new trenches are being equipped per day, and the caponiers and dugouts are being built. In the course of work, construction equipment is used (excavators, a pair of dump trucks were noted). Concrete works were noted – one mixer was used;

– In the area of Donetsk (depot Donetsk-Severnyi, east of Spartak), the invaders deployed a new unit (up to the company). They have 120 mm and 82 mm mortars, SPG and 4 units of MT-LB.

– In Sorokino (former Krasnodon), the invaders organized a new base for the storage and repair of artillery armament of the 2nd Army Corps LNR, especially for broken 122 mm self-propelled guns type 2S1 and 152-mm type 2S3. Armament is located in the boxes on the outskirts of the village (near the highway E40). On the territory of the base there are trailers and cranes. Several self-propelled guns without turrets were fixed.

– Another new base for storage of equipment was fixed in the settlement of Markino (Novoazovsk district, not far from the border with the Russian Federation). On the territory of this base, the invaders of the 1st Army Corps DNR transfer equipment and weapons, which withdrawn from the front line, and arriving from Russia. At the moment on the territory of the base it is at least 10 units of combat armored vehicles and 10 units of motor transport.

The “learning and methodological trainings” carry out in the 2nd Army Corps LNR with the command of artillery units for controlling fire in different types of fighting. Only Russian officers (instructors, methodical staff and several “advisers”) manage these trainings.

The command of the OC “Donetsk” (1st Army Corps DNR) is concerned about the fact of detection of tuberculosis from 3 militants from the “1st separate mechanized brigade” and “3rd separate mechanized brigade” (in one of them has the open form of tuberculosis). The command of the “Corps” appealed to the leader of the “DNR” with a request for the formation of the “mobile brigades” of physicians in the regional TB dispensary (Donetsk) for an emergency survey of the personnel of the invaders at the front line and in the rear.

In the “DNR” to the “Day of Liberation of Donbass from fascist invaders” (08.09.2017r.), on the mound Saur-Mohila will complete the construction of the chapel in honor of St. Aleksandra Nevskogo in memory of the dyed “the DNR militia”, which will belong to the structural Donetsk Diocese of the UOC-MP, on September 5 this year. Clergy of the Donetsk Diocese of the UOC-MP will hold the consecration of the chapel. Rite Share cornerstone stone chapel with the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion of Donetsk and Mariupol UOC MP 8 May 2015 carried by Vicar of the Donetsk Diocese of the UOC-MP Archbishop Varnava Makeevskij and Bishop Novoazovsk Varsonofy which secretly assist  to the leaders “DNR” in terrorist activities.

On the instructions of the CPRF leadership, representatives of the “Communist Parties” of the “LDNR” launched an information project jointly with the functionaries of the German Communist Party (DKP) and the Italian “anti-fascists”. It is talking about the creation of the so-called “International communist information center” (information media and Internet resources). The primary objectives of this center are to increase the number of supporters of LDNR activities among citizens of European countries, to carry out activities to recognize LDNR in the EU countries, and to form a negative image of Ukraine. Funding for these information activities will be the Communist Party of RF.

Through the national cultural societies of the occupied Crimea, the Russian Federation intensified activities, which aimed at promoting the idea of ​​”the legality of the annexation of the peninsula by the Russian Federation” in the countries of the European Union. At the same time, Russian invaders actively play a map of the Greek community in the occupied Crimea as the “indigenous population of the Crimea” as opposed to the Crimean Tatars. So, in fulfillment of instructions from the Presidential administration of the Russian Federation, between the head of the regional national-cultural autonomy of the Greeks of Crimea I.Shonus and the head of the municipality of Phyllis (Greece) H.Pappus, an agreement was reached on the visit of Greek delegation, consisting of 7 representatives (Christos Pappus, Georgios Criticos, Dimitrios Sturaitis, Savvas Savvas, Vasilios Georgiadis, Constantina Papadima, Ioannis Papadopoulos), in the occupied  Crimea from 20 to 30 of September this year. The purpose of the delegation’s visit is “the development of bilateral relations, the implementation of joint humanitarian projects”. Financing of the visit will be carried out from the city budget of Evpatoria (Crimea), and the project is supervised by structural units of the FSB of the Russian Federation in the occupied Crimea.



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