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IR summary: occupants "write off" the shootings of civilians on the snipers of UAF

18.08.2017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

After the redeployment of the Russian-terrorist forces to Starolaspa (see the previous report of the IR group), the invaders demonstrate high activity in this sector. First, from the positions in the area of ​​Novolaspa and Belaya Kamenka, the enemy opened an intensive mortar fire from 82-mm mortars, later reinforced with 120-mm mortars (they worked from closed positions behind the height 206.9). The fire was conducted not only on the positions of the UAF. Individual mines were laid on the eastern outskirts of Staragnatovka, and then to the north of Novogrigoryevka. Then the invaders made a short but intense fire attack using 122-mm and 152-mm artillery at the area around the route between Granitnoye and Staragnatovka, west of Novogrigoryevka (one 122-mm artillery battery was fixed, 4units of 122-mm self-propelled gun 2S1 “Gvozdika” from the beam along the left bank of Kalmius south of Starolaspa, and at least 3 units of 152-mm Msta-B guns from the position west of Vasilievka). After that, the tank of the occupants maneuvered and conducted fire on this site. According to the information of the IR group, the enemy’s use of artillery in this area was caused by the conviction of the “military intelligence” of the 1st Army Corps DNR that the UAF fortified area is located in this area.

In the area of Avdeevka, the occupants fired by two 120-mm mortars  at the UAF positions in the vicinity of the “industrial zone” from the firing position in the forest at Kashtanovoe (previously, the IR group reported about hidden equipment of firing positions for 120 mm mortars by the militants in this area) . The shelling was conducted according to the usual methods of the occupants, 82 mm mortars and SPG with the “interlacing” of 120 mm mortars.

The enemy armored group (BMP-1 and BTR) operated in the area south-east of Novoaleksandrovka and fired on the forward positions of the UAF south of the road T0504 in the area near Popasnaya. The shelling was “supported” by militants with a dozen 120-mm mines from the firing position north-west of Kalinovo.

The same scheme (BMP + mortars) was used by the occupiers at the positions of the UAF south-west of the Krymskoe near the “Bahmut Route”. BMP acted independently, shot two short series and retired to its original position, mortars fired with a wide spread.

From the railway station Yasinovataya, occupants transported boxes with ammunition by 4 trucks Ural (trucks made several flights). The type of ammunition could not be established, the designations on the boxes were sketched or stained. During the loading, precautions by the guerrillas were unprecedentedly strengthened, the area of the railway station was cordoned off, civilians were not allowed to the unloading area.

The invaders are redeploying armored vehicles from the “4th separate mechanized brigade” To the west of Alchevsk. 2 BTR-80, 2 MT-LB, 2 trucks Kamaz and truck Zil-131 with manpower and ammunition were moved through the Severnaya Street (Alchevsk).

In the area of Samoylovo and Kovskoe, maneuvers of the assigned equipment of the occupants are noted; movement of the 3 units of the 152-mm self-propelled guns  “Acacia” between these settlements was recorded.

The militants immediately conducted a series of so-called “drills for emergency situations” in several occupied areas of the “DNR”.” In addition to the involvement of the so-called “EMERCOM DNR”, “police” and separate formations of the 1st Army Corps DNR (OC “Donetsk”) were actively involved. Among others, the issue of “isolation and quarantine in a certain territory” was worked out during the “drills”.

In response to the beginning of the broadcasting of Ukrainian TV channels to the occupied Crimea, Russian curators in the “Ministry of Information of the DNR” reported on the approval of the plan for commissioning additional transmission capacities for broadcasting (television and radio) of the Russian media and DNR and LNR to the territory controlled by Ukraine in the Presidential Office of the Russian Federation. It was reported about the imminent arrival of the relevant Russian specialists and about the allocation of funds for carrying out the necessary works, in which it is planned to involve also contractors from DNR, to the DNR from the Russian Federation.

There is no petrol at the gas stations for 2 weeks (only available for special permission for the needs of “military”) in separate occupied areas of the Lugansk region (LNR).  Against this background, the “black market” of fuel was sharply activated in the LNR. For example, in Golubovka (formerly Kirovsk) price per 1 liter of A-92 petrol is about 80 rubles.

In the Uzhovka (formerly Leninskoe) of the Novoazovsk district of the Donetsk region, a 21-year-old local resident S. Tsebri was shot with a gun by militants “9th separate assault mechanized regiment of the 1st Army Corps DNR” who was trying to stop the looting of the occupants in the courtyard of his house. Earlier, in the occupied settlement Sakhanka an elderly woman was killed by shot in the head by the militant “DNR” for refusing to sell alcohol products of her own production. These facts were documented by the “law enforcers of the DNR” as “the work of the UAF snipers”. Nevertheless, among the local residents information is spread about the real circumstances of the deaths of their fellow citizens.



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