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IR summary: the command of the occupiers has changed the "format" of activity their artillery units

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

By increasing the number of firing on the positions of the UAF and civilian targets in the Donbas, Russian-terrorist forces continue to actively prepare for active operations in certain sectors, carry out a limited regrouping of tactical scope, actively replenish supplies of material and technical means, and restore the combat readiness of armament and combat vehicles.

A special feature of the past weekend (08-09.07.2017) was the active use of mortars of main calibers, light armored vehicles and antiaircraft missile systems by the occupiers at the forefront. Also it was recorded such a method of fire damage as a massive shelling of the front edge of the UAF from heavy mounted and hand-held grenade launchers immediately from several firing positions (in the area of Troitsky).

In addition, there is a sharp activation of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups in certain sectors, including regular special operations teams of the GRU Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Apparently, commanders of the invaders use “fresh” special operations teams from servicemen of units and subunits of the Special Forces of the RF Armed Forces in several areas of the front, especially actively – on the seaside direction and along the river Severskiy Donets. The use of such special operations teams is “traditionally” with observance of all camouflage and disinformation measures. The servicemen of the RF Armed Forces are disguised as “local” military uniforms (sometimes they use the “insignia” of the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR formations, but some of strips and chevrons are of already disbanded or destroyed units).The contacts with the local population and representatives of other occupation groups are minimized, and autonomous procurement systems are organized.

The enemy units continue to strengthen in the area of Novoluganskoe. On the section from the railway station Dolomit to the height 281.9, the new unit of the company level took up the defense. At the this height, the invaders continue to improve their stronghold point in engineering disposition (the excavation work was carried out, a grader and bulldozer were used). The formation no less than reinforced platoon takes up the disguised positions in the forest beyond the road (north of the stronghold point). 1unit of MT- LB and 2 units of BMP-2 were fixed.

In the area of Donetsk on Spartak site, the invaders are equipped several new firing positions for heavy (120-mm) mortars. They are digging covert caponiers into which mortars can be rolled up and rolled out, either by car or manually. Simultaneously, equipment of at least two new OPs is marked.

On the territory of the oil depot in the Rovenky (Lugansk region) is constantly unloading the fuels and lubricants, regularly coming from the Russian Federation by railway transport. Every day, several (sometimes up to 10) fuel tanks are unloaded at this facility.

The command of both “Army Corps” ordered the commanders of the artillery units to organize the storage of standard armament and equipment “… in closed parking”. In this regard, commanders of artillery units have been intensively searching for various kinds of boxes, non-working shops, garages and other suitable premises for placing howitzers and self-propelled guns in front-line settlements. It is noteworthy that the advantage is given to the buildings which are located as close as possible to the front edge, including in a residential area. It is possible to divide the staff division for 3-4, sometimes for 1-2 units.

In the framework of “fighting against Ukrainian special operations teams”, MGB of the DNR appealed to the residents of towns and villages along the route Donetsk – Khrustalny (former Krasny Luch) (Makeyevka, Khartsyzk, Shakhtersk, Torez, Snezhnoye) with a request “to maintain high vigilance.” In particular, as representatives of the MGB of the DNR point out, Ukrainian SSO, GUR and SBU have planned and will carry out mass sabotage and “provocation” on this “life support” road (this is the main route of transporting “aid” from Russia to Donetsk) against infrastructure facilities bridges, overpasses, gas stations, roadside cafes, shops, etc. Particular attention should be given to “places of congestion of civilians”. The appeal refers to the “mass infiltration of Ukrainian special operations teams” in recent times in these areas.

On the seaside, at the forefront of the 9th separate mechanized regiment of the 1st Army Corps DNR in the vicinity of the settlement of Uzhovka (formerly Dzerzhinsky, Novoazovsk district), “a medical service of the regiment” revealed a significant number of militants suspected of scabies. The issue of a complex of disinfection measures is being solved.

In the settlements of Novoazovsk district, a group of militants of the “9th Regiment” are carrying out activities to collect information about local residents. So, the specified actions have been spent in Sedovo-Vasilievka and Guselszhikovo. The militants make rounds of all yards in the settlements; rewrite the numbers of passports and telephone numbers of residents, numbers and brands of private cars. The militants report about the ongoing “population census” on questions of citizens about the purpose of gathering such information.

The “sanitary and epidemiological station of LNR” (“Lugansk republican sanitary-epidemiological station”, address – Lugansk, Luganskaya Pravda, 159 ) is actively connected in attempts by LNR to discredit the visa-free regime of Ukraine with the EU and reduce the number of trips of local residents to the unoccupied territory. In particular, SES staff began to actively disseminate among local residents rumors of epidemics of various diseases (measles, cholera, rabies, botulism, salmonellosis) in the entire Black Sea region of Ukraine. Ostensibly after the “opening of visa-free travel” there is “uncontrolled migration of the population”, while “there is a shortage of vaccine in Ukraine”. According to the “SES LNR”, all these dangerous diseases are allegedly “imported from Romania”. A special similar appeal was made by the head physician of the Republican SES LNR Dmitry Anatolievich Dokashenko, who warned local residents to leave the LNR for unoccupied territory of Ukraine.

In the occupied territory of the Donetsk region, the number of crimes and demonstrations of arbitration from the part of the “DNR” militia in relation to the local population is constantly increasing. Since the beginning of July this year, “DNR law enforcers” and “MGB of DNR” recorded a lot of such facts.  for example, during this period, the officers of the MGB of DNR detained two militants of one of the units of the 1st Army Corps DNR , who took away a passenger car from a civilian and wounds the owner of car by knife; In the settlement of Sedovo (Novoazovsk district) truck Kamaz of militants shot down a civilian (moved by a moped); Near the village of Andreevka (Volnovakha district) truck Ural of militants hit a woman, the latter died on the spot; At 05 July of this year representatives of the leadership of 1st Army Corps DNR found a large number of narcotic drugs on the positions of the militants of the 3rd  separate mechanized brigade (Gorlovka).

According to the report of the occupational “Interim Commission on the Transfer of Markets and Work with Non-resident Enterprises” (created on June 16, 2017), from April to July 5, 2017, 109 markets were “nationalized” in DNR and LNR. These markets became the property of SE “Markets of Donbass”. The “people’s control” will be involved to control the activity of the markets, which includes local militants and loyal “militia veterans”.

By the instructions of the curators from the FSB of the Russian Federation, the “Ministry of Culture of the DNR” invited the residents of the territory under Ukraine’s control on 12 July 2017 to the Gruzsko-Lomovka (Makeevka) on the patronal feast of the Kasperovo Icon of the Mother of God in the Holy Kasperovo Convent of the UOC-MP in the frameworks of “Humanitarian program for the reunification of the people of Donbass”.



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