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IR summary: in the "Army Corps" of the DNR and LNR are preparing to take part in the military drills of the RF Armed Forces

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

During the last weekend (29-30.07), the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas were actively used heavy armaments during the shelling:

– The 120-mm mortars were fired at the positions of the UAF on the north-eastern and eastern outskirts of Krasnogorovka (with two mortars). It is fixed up to 10 bursts of 120 mm mines;

– In the area of Vasilievka from the forest park area on its southwestern outskirts, the occupants repeatedly opened fire from 120 mm and 82 mm mortars at the advanced positions of the UAF (at least 6 bursts of the 120 mm mines were recorded). Separate mines lay along the southeastern outskirts of Kamyanka;

– acting on the side of Kalinovo, a pair of enemy BMP-2 fired at the advanced positions of the UAF at the south-east of Novozvanovka, and then they moved back to the area south of Novoaleksandrovka (it is noteworthy that this time the actions of the armored vehicles were not covered by 82-mm mortars or large-caliber machine guns);

– in the area of height 175.9 and the advanced positions of the UAF to the north-east of the “Bahmut Route” at the mark of the former CP №31 (area of the Krymskoe), the invaders used 120-mm mortars (in one case it was fixed – no less than 5 shots, in the second – at the time of shelling from the heavy mounted grenade launchers and large-caliber machine guns, at least 3 shots were fired from a 120-mm mortar);

– in the area of the Volvo Center, Donetsk (south-west), the BMP-1 of the enemy fired at least 5 shots from a disguised position at the advanced positions of the UAF from the 73-mm staff gun.

In the area of ​​the industrial zone of Avdeevka (south of the Yasinovsky lane, along the southeastern outskirts of Avdeevka), on the morning of Sunday, there was a short fighting on the middle and short range. Two groups of occupants up to 10 people each, acting towards the Koroleva street (private sector), tried to secretly approach to the advanced positions of the UAF and fired them from small automatic weapons and hand grenade launchers. They were found in time by the combat security of the defending Ukrainian unit on this site and after a 20-minute shootout, they retreated to the depths of their battle formations towards the railway station Yasinovataya-2 under the cover of the fire 82 mm mortars and AGS.

The activity of a new tactical group of occupiers of company size and a mobile fire group is fixed on the Krutaya Balka-Vasilievka section (at least 4 units of 120-mm mortars, with 2 units of anti-aircraft missile systems ZU-23-2 and 2 units of the 82-mm automatic mortars of type 2B9 “Vasilok”). In the area of ​​heights 247.2 and 272.2, the enemy’s engineering works are fixed in order to make the additional positions in the form of stronghold points.  The armored vehicles (2 units of MT-LB and 4 units of BMP-1/2) are fixed in Vasilievka. In the forest massif west of height 247.2, there are at least 3 tanks on the disguised positions that strengthen the tactical group of the enemy, which is operating in this area.

The command of the occupiers made a decision to gradually increase efforts at the Golubovskoe-Donetskoe-Zhelobok-Frunze site (the northeast corner of the Stakhanov group of occupants, where the so-called “14th territorial defense battalion” or the remnants of the “Ghost” regiment defends itself). Thus, along the Bakhmut route in the vicinity of CP No. 32 (the district of the settlement of Smelyoe), a redeployment of the 5 army trucks with manpower  to the north-west towards Frunze was fixed (they kept west of the route in order to avoid firing – the sector is viewed from the advanced positions of the UAF). Earlier, the reinforcement of the second echelons of the enemy by armored vehicles (up to the company from the 2nd separate mechanized brigade) was recorded in the given direction, and a latent movement of not less than a tank platoon (up to 5 tanks) to Donetskoe, hidden behind the “Bahmut route” in the beams between the road and the river Luganka.

In the seaside direction north of Telmanovo (the area of Staraya and Novaya Laspa – Razdolnoye), the invaders are regrouping, detaching individual units of armored vehicles from the front (the 2 MT-LB were fixed towards the Telmanovo-Starobeshevo highway, to the south of Vasilievka, the BTS and a pair of trucks were fixed).

In Ilovaysk the unloading of 4 BMP-2, which arrived from the Russian Federation and the arrival of not less than 8 tanks with fuel and lubricating materials were recorded.

The command of the 1st Army Corps DNR expressed “dissatisfaction” with the command of a number of separate mechanized brigades and regiments and with the speeding up of the combat readiness of the “reserve battalion tactical groups” created in the 1st Army Corps DNR and training in combat coordination. As the staff of the 1st Army Corps DNR says, in a number of units and formations this issue is formal, simplifying the process of combat training to a minimum, often the activities for training combat missions are reduced to a critical minimum in both quantitative and qualitative attitude. The problem is also the maintenance of the standard equipment and weapons in a high degree of readiness due to negligence on the part of “a number of commanders”, as well as the low professional level of the personnel who serve them. Actually, the manning of the tactical groups and units that the “brigades” and “regiments” expose “to the front” takes place by collecting and sending to the tactical groups of all more or less serviceable units of weapons and military equipment.

In the operational departments of the headquarters of the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR are actively preparing for a series of exercises, which the RF Armed Forces will hold in August-September this year. According to the plan of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces and the headquarters of the Russian 8th Combined-Arms Army, the exercise of the RF Armed Forces in the border areas in Russia and the same exercises in the DNR and LNR will be conducted on a “single strategic and operational-tactical background.” The units and subunits of both “Army Corps DNR and LNR” will operate in cooperation with the 8th Combined Arms Army of the RF Armed Forces, to which they are currently subordinate.

The process of completing both “Army Corps” of DNR and LNR with weapons and military equipment continues, coming from the Russian Federation. For the needs of two “brigades” from the 2nd Army Corps LNR, a consignment of 122 mm guns-howitzers of the D-30 / 30A type (3 batteries, up to 18 guns) is expected in the near future. In turn, in the 1st Army Corps DNR (OC “Donetsk”) expect “partial delivery” of a large batch of armored vehicles. it is about BMP-1/2 (as for armored personnel carriers and other armored vehicles, at the moment the headquarters of the 8th Combined Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is ready to provide only “separate units”). In total at the moment, the headquarters of the 1st Army Corps DNR expects the arrival of about 30 combat armored vehicles from the Russian Federation.

In preparation for the celebration of the “Miner’s Day” in DNR on August 27 this year, it prepares lists of members of foreign delegations, who will be invited to participate in the celebrations, under the leadership of “Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DNR” N.Nikonorova. In particular, about 100 foreign citizens from Russia, France, Germany and Transnistria have been invited to participate in the events. They have reserved seats in the Donetsk hotels “Ramada”, “Shakhter Plaza”, “Central”.

In the occupied Khartsyzk (DNR), the head of the so-called “traffic police” A. Taran imposed mandatory “taxation” of trucks following throw this locality (CPs of the traffic police) in the amount of 100-200 Russian rubles from truck. The collected funds are transferred once a month to his office (Khartsyzk, B. Khmelnitsky Street, 1). The total similar income of the “head of the traffic police” is at least 20,000$ per month.



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