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IR summary: the Russian command accused the "military counterintelligence of the DNR" in the schemes of theft of military property

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the past weekend (10-11.06.2017) Russian-terrorist forces in the Donbass continued to fire on the positions of the APU and civilian objects, actively using, among others, heavy weapons. The latter were most actively used by the invaders:

– in the seaside direction (a section from Pishchevik to Chermalyk, including positions in the Pavlopol area – 120-mm mortars, 122 mm artillery, MLRS Grad-P. The fire was conducted from the razed positions – two mobile fire groups and one 4 guns D-30’s howitzer battery, to the south – the section between Vodyanoe and Shirokino – episodic firing of single BMP-2);

– the area of Donetsk – from the Zhilploschadka and Staromikhaylovka on the positions of the ATO forces on the southeastern outskirts of Krasnogorovka and in the village itself – 120 mm mortars and 122 mm self-propelled guns  type 2C1 “Gvozdika” (the fire was conducted west of Markina Street, dump area), from the Staromikhaylovka side-the enemy’s tank, Avdeevka (“industrial zone” and the area to the south) -complex shelling in a combination of 82-mm and 120-mm mortars from the Yasinovataya intersection;

– a section on the Svetlodarskaya arc near the height of 223 and the settlement of Rassadki – 120 mm mortars, a pair of BMP-1 north of Nizhniy Lozovoy;

– 120 mm mortars and combat armored vehicles (2 units BMP-1 and BTR-80) fired from Kalinovo on the advanced positions of the UAF north-east of Novozvanovka. Separate strikes (120 mm mines and 122 mm shells) were noted on positions to the southeast of the burial mound “Great Grave” (area of Popasnya, the fire was conducted with a wide spread);

– in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the activation of the enemy in the area of Novotoshkovka – Crimskoe; the invaders used practically the whole complex of weapons and assets of destruction – 122 mm and 152 mm cannon artillery, 120 mm and 82 mm mortars, a pair of tanks and at least 3 BMP-1/2  from Donetsk and Frunze Street, small infantry groups of militants were recorded in the Zhelobok area and along the Bakhmut Route (the occupiers pulled into the area at least two reserve companies with armored vehicles).

Immediately on several sectors of the front, the appearance of specially trained small infantry groups of invaders is noted, whose task is to make sudden firings of objects and positions of the UAF from the neutral zone (reconnaissance and surveillance are practically not carried out). Usually they act not only in interaction with the fire weapons of the front edge, but also with the use of artillery and heavy mortars from the depths of their battle formations.

New positions of the artillery of the occupants were found to the north and north-east of the Golubovka (formerly Kirovsk, Lugansk region), and on other side of railroads on the stretch between Horoshee and Petrovenki. It were fixed  not less than 6 units 122 mm self-propelled guns of type 2С1 “Gvozdika”, 152-mm D-20 guns, D-30 122-mm howitzer guns (in one case – 3 guns, in the other – 5 units trailer on the march during the maneuver to this area). The artillery in positions is carefully masked, the fire batteries actively maneuver and change positions after the shooting.

In the vicinity of Donetsky settlement (Lugansk region), and also between the given settlement and the settlement of Golubovo, invaders are actively reinforcing the first echelon of armored vehicles (a group of 3 BMP-1 and 1 MT-LB was located south of the railway station Siphonnaya, in the wood line north of Donetsky – at least 1 tank and 2 BMP-1, in wood line on the eastern outskirts of this settlement another 2 tanks, 1 BMP-1 and 1 BRM-1K). Apparently, the redeployed “motorized rifle Company” reinforced the unit of militants from the gang formation “Ghost” occupying a position in the vicinity of the town of Donetsky.

The invaders once again activated the redeployment of forces and assets in the Donetsk, on Shvedova Avenue (Kuibyshev district of the city) to the northern direction. It was noted 10-12 trucks in the north direction to the Second platform and to the Volvo Center. Also, the transfer of 2 120 mm mortars by a trailer was recorded.

An arrival of a large group (more than 200 people) of Russian mercenaries from Maykop (the Republic of Adygea, the North-Western Caucasus, RF) in the city of Donetsk was recorded. Mercenaries – mostly aged 18-25 years, passed a short training course in training camps on the territory of the Russian Federation and in total do not have a high level of military training.

From the territory of the Russian Federation, around 150 Russian mercenaries were transferred via the Sorokino (formerly Krasnodon, Lugansk region) in the direction of Lugansk. The redeployment was carried out by buses with the escort of LNR police. The convoy was closed by the army truck Ural, in which there were about 15 people in the same black uniform without identification marks.

On the territory of the farm in the settlement of Kachkarskoye (Novoazovsk district), the invaders placed a significant number of combat armored vehicles and artillery (including self-propelled guns) and the car with several antennas (EW or communication). In one of the hangars, the occupants placed 122-mm cannon artillery. Probably, a part of the roof was dismantled to ensure the fire directly from the hangar.

On the territory of the agro-enterprise in the vicinity of Novoazovsk settlement, where the tank battalion of the 9th separate mechanized regiment of the 1st Army Corps DNR was formerly based, the militants are actively carrying out activities for the establishment of a combat control center. The tank battalion was relocated to the village of Bezimennoye.

According to information from several sources, but still requiring clarification, 2 boats with the identification marks of the Coast Guard Border Service of the Russian Federal Security Service were recorded in the vicinity of the Sedovo. After a short stay, they left in the direction of the Russian coast. Earlier, the IR group reported about the plans of the Russian command to transfer to the so-called Azov Flotilla DNR 3 boats from the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, was previously called the period – June this year.

Representatives of the Center for Territorial Troops of the South-Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation and the headquarters of the 1st Army Corps DNR continue to deal with the improper use of logistics by the command of a number of units and subunits. Thus, in the 1st separate mechanized brigade, 5th separate mechanized brigade and the 9th separate assault mechanized regiment of the Marine Corps, multiple incidents of stolen goods continue to be recorded for the purpose of selling fuel, auto parts, and, in some cases, weapons and ammunition. At one of the last meetings on this issue at the headquarters of the 1st Army Corps DNR, the representatives of the Center for Territorial Troops of the South-Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation severely criticized the activities of the “military counterintelligence” of the “Army Corps”, accusing its representatives in units of inactivity and, in some cases, in squandering of supplies.

In the LNR (Lugansk, Pervomaisk, Irmino, Bryanka, Kadievka), the secret agents of the  MGB LNR is actively campaigning to spread the “necessary rumors” about the worsening of the situation in the vicinity of the settlement Zhelobok. The versions are as follows:

1. The Zhelobok was attacked by UAF with some units of the Polish mercenaries (for unknown reasons, LNR incite hatred for Poland for a long time, the rumors about the “Polish mercenaries” have been circulating all the time), but they could not stand the battle with the militants, abandoned “the newest American weapons “and retreated to Novotoshkovskoe.

2. Captured militants during the attack near Zhelobok, which were shown in the videos of the SBU, were allegedly killed later (there is a clarifying version – at the back of head from the pistols before of the unit formation of fighters of the “Right Sector”).

3. “Hundreds of wounded “ukrops” (Ukrainian soldiers)” transfer to the Dnieper by the trains and planes.

4. The units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of the Bahmut Route are commanded by a certain “group of American colonels dressed in “ukrops” (Ukrainian) military uniform” (the full version “on the contrary” about Russian officers in the military administrations of the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR).



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