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IR summary: the command of the 1st Army Corps DNR actively creates "reserve artillery groups" in 3 separate mechanized brigades

23.06.2017 Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

In the ATO zone, the Russian-terrorist forces are reinforcing in positions around the height of 247.2 in the area of the Krutaya Balka. The deployment of manpower and armament was observed (trucks arrived, of which 2units of 82-mm automatic mortars of type 2B9 “Vasilok” were unloaded, and the personnel up to the platoon). In addition, to the north of the Krutaya Balka, new hidden and disguised positions of the occupants (the level of the platoon stronghold points) with the caponiers for the 4 combat armored vehicles are noted.

On the seaside direction in the Bezymennoe, the invaders upgrade and retrofit the field equipage of combat vehicles. The arrival of another 4 units of MT-LB units and at least 7 trucks of the army type (mainly the Ural) is noted.

In the area of Makeyevka behind the neighborhood of the Chervonogvardeysky, invaders moved  1 anti-aircraft missile system “OSA-AKM” and 2 units of MT-LB with anti-aircraft missile system “Strela-10M”, also trucks Kamaz and 4 Ural with manpower and ammunition under own power in the dark during the bypass way to the southern direction.

In the area of the Bakhmut Route, the enemy rolls another company from the 4th separate mechanized brigade, with the aim of bringing its forces from Donetsk to Sokolniki to the level of a full-fledged battalion of 3 company personnel with armored vehicles and reinforcement means. Another two companies are represented by two Tank platoons, which alternately operate in the beams in the area of Donetskoe and east of Kirovsk, arriving in the first line “on call”, and by part of the artillery group of the brigade).

In a number of subordinate units (1st, 3rd and 5th separate mechanized brigades), the command of the 1st Army Corps DNR conducts intensive work on the formation and preparation of so-called “on-duty fire weapons” from the composition artillery and mortar units of brigades. It is planned to reduce some of the forces and assets from these units to the so-called reserve artillery groups, which will constantly be in a high degree of readiness for combat use on applications from the front in their “areas of responsibility” for “conducting counter-battery fighting and suppressing enemy firepower”. These reserve artillery groups will be secretly located near the front edge. It is noteworthy that in these groups the command of the occupants mainly allocates self-propelled artillery, the most “popular” type is the 122-mm self-propelled guns of the 2C1 “Gvozdika” type. In second place in the “popularity” – 122-mm towed gun-howitzer type D-30 / 30A.

A large ammunition and weapons depot (including ammunition for cannon artillery and MLRS) has been equipped with militants in the former warehouse of explosives in the vicinity of Sukhodolsk (Lugansk region, Krasnodon district). In addition, this facility is used as a transit point for military equipment, which arrives from the Russian Federation (subsequently after arrival, this equipment is transferred to the units of the 2nd Army Corps LNR).

Significant movement of militant combat vehicles (including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery) was recorded over the last 4 days on the T0508 highway in Telmanovo district of Donetsk region, on the site in the vicinity of Konkovo settlement (the total number of the redeployed equipment is being specified).

After the meeting of the “Committee for the Development of Civil Society, Issues of Social and Religious Associations of the People’s Council of the People’s Council of the DNR” in May 2017, at which the need to develop the procedure for conducting “state expertise” during the “registration” of religious organizations in the territory of the DNR was discussing, the pressure from the “authorities of the DNR” with regard to the supporters of the Protestant dogma is noted. So, during June 2017 in the territory of the village Gorlovka, representatives of the MGB of the DNR and other structures are interviewing representatives of Protestant faiths about the need to demonstrate a loyal attitude to the authorities of the DNR in dealing with clergymen from unoccupied territories. Also, representatives of the administration of the invaders in the village Gorlovka received an instruction from the “administration of the head of the DNR” to provide all possible assistance to representatives of the Gorlovka Eparchy of the UOC-MP on issues of obtaining land plots, granting buildings to property or use, and solving other problematic issues.



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