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IR summary: Russian invaders canceled the holiday season in Novoazovsk district

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the past week, the Russian occupation forces have significantly stepped up their terrorist activities against the units of the ATO forces, as well as civilians in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. Over the past week, the occupiers sharply increased the use of artillery systems of 120-152 mm caliber banned by the Minsk agreements: the largest intensity of Russian artillery fire attacks on the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces was noted on the Crimskoe and Novotoshkovskoe sites, and on civilian targets in the areas of the settlement Kamenka and Sartana. The shelling by the tradition of the Russian army was conducted from the positions stationed in the settlements or close proximity to it.

The most strenuous situation on the demarcation line is fixed on the sections: from Shirokino to Chermalyk; Dokuchaevsk area; Western facet along the line of Marinka-Krasnogorovka; from the settlement of Peski up to the town of Avdeevka and its surroundings. Also, the enemy’s high activity is observed on the western and north-western outskirts of Gorlovka settlement and adjacent settlements on these sides, along the entire perimeter of the Svetlodarsk arc, as well as on the so-called “Kadievka ledge” from the settlement Troitsky to the surroundings of the settlement Slavyanoserbsk, including a section of the “Bahmut Route” on the segment from the settlement Smelyoe to the Zhelobok.

The activity of reconnaissance and sabotage groups of occupants in the areas of “Bahmut Route”, Gorlovka, Avdeevka, Donetsk and Shirokino is marked. Close to Krestovka (formerly Kirovskoye) a training camp for reconnaissance and sabotage groups of occupants is deployed. As a command and instructor staff, the service personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation are serving there.

In order to intimidate the local population and to discredit the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the artillery units of 4th separate mechanized brigade and separate artillery brigade of the 2nd Army Corps LNR during the last week were fired at settlements that are under the control of the occupants themselves: Golubovskoe, Donetsk, Kalinovo, Irmino, Pervomaisk, Slavyanoserbsk, Zheltoe.

There is an increase in mistrust on the part of Russian cadre servicemen from the command of the 2nd Army Corps LNR to the commanders of the militants “on the ground”. The latter are accused of distorting the real state of affairs in the units for the better, regarding the level of military discipline, the state of equipment and weapons, the combat readiness of units and subunits in general. For the “lacquering of reality”, the two commanders of the middle level of the Russian occupation forces are threatened with dismissal.

With aim to replenish the stockpiles of weapons, ammunition and fuel for the occupation forces in the Donbas, over 1380 tons of fuel and lubricants and about 300 tons of ammunition were delivered to the Lugansk and Donetsk regions from the territory of the Russian Federation.

The serviceable automotive equipment, which is transferred from the territory of the Russian Federation (whole platoon and company size), began to actively come in the 1st separate mechanized brigade and 5th separate mechanized brigade of the 1st Army Corps DNR. Basically, these are trucks that were removed from long-term storage at the storage bases of the logistic service of the Armed Forces of the RF (mainly the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces). Earlier, deliveries to the armed forces of DNR and LNR for this type of Supply were carried out chaotically by the Russian command, massively supplied faulty and dismantled equipment requiring restoration.

Russian specialists carry out defecting of the main types of standard weapons in the 1st separate artillery brigade” (“Kalmius”) of the 1st Army Corps DNR of the occupation troops. First of all, this concerns artillery systems and assets of their delivery. After ascertaining the degree of wear and workability, the command of the brigade counts on a substantial renewal of the armament fleet of this brigade by supplying arms and equipment from the Russian Federation.

The servicemen of the regular army of the Russian Federation are quartered in the settlements Sedovo and Obryv of Novoazovsk district in all boarding houses and recreation bases. In front of these settlements, there are checkpoints that limit the movement of the local population without proper registration. The Russian military is prohibited to leave the territory of holiday homes. To the owners and tenants of these recreation centers, the occupation leadership of Novoazovsk district announced that there will not be a holiday season in this year.

The Russian invaders continue to strengthen the advanced fire positions in the region of Donetsk. On the position of terrorists in the region of the village of Trudovskie a unit of 120 mm mortars was transferred. The equipment of several new closed fire positions was fixed at the section between the housing estate Zhilploschadka and Trudovskie settlement.

The concentration of the tactical reserve of the occupation forces to the north of the Yasinovataya settlement (the district of Vasilievka and Betmanovo (formerly Krasny Partisan)) is marked, the armored groups of the enemy redeployed from the 3rd separate mechanized brigade (the total number of armored vehicles is up to 10 units).

A partial withdrawal of the artillery of the invaders, previously concentrated in the area of the “Bahmut Route”, was fixed. In a covert way at night, bypassing populated areas, the convoys followed in the south direction, consisting of 2 units of self-propelled guns 2С1 “Carnation”, 4 items of 152-mm D-20 guns, as well as several MT-LBs and army trucks.

Among the population of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions there is growing discontent towards Russian citizens who are in leading positions, both in illegal armed formations and local authorities. The main reason is the total control by Russians, which are representatives of the leadership of the DNR and “LN”, over material and cash flows in pseudo-republics. In private conversations, representatives of illegal armed groups and local “authorities” complain that the Russian authorities are stealing on such a scale that others simply do not have anything, and Russian troops provide them with appropriate cover. In this case, officials from among the Donetsk almost do not allow to the distribution of money and material resources in the pseudo-republic.

Representatives of the Gorlovka unit of the so-called “Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR” are seriously concerned about the business of servicemen of the 3rd separate mechanized brigade. The latter, using the fact that in some areas of Gorlovka the bulk of the population left, organized a massive process of growing cannabis in organized “plantations” (the main “plantations” are in the northern and north-eastern part of the city). As workers in the “agrarian production” local homeless people and other antisocial personalities are involved, and in the opinion of the “militia”, a number of commanders of the units of the 3rd separate mechanized brigade of the Russian-terrorist forces are involved in the business.



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