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IR summary: at the top of the DNR are preparing the next "cleansing"

31.05.2017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The Russian “advisors” at the headquarters of the 2nd Army Corps LNR prepared a report for the leadership of the Center for Territorial Troops of the South-Russian Armed Forces on the combat activity of the Army corps in May 2017. The report indicates that, in addition to “planned” bombardments and armed provocations, in many subdivisions of the corps the cases of combat activity are caused by a low level of military discipline when commanders of subdivisions give orders for the opening of a fire without the order of a higher command or the personnel independently takes such decisions. Also in the document it is indicated that in many units the recommended regime of conducting fire is not observed, often unjustified movements of military equipment and weapons are allowed. As indicated in the document, the moral and psychological state of some units “is alarming,” and their commanders often give orders to open fire and perform certain combat missions for personnel that contain a very real danger to life and health of personnel, but are caused neither by a real tactical situation, nor by a special need.

The command of the 1st Army Corps DNR was not satisfied with the rate of the accumulation of inviolable stocks of material and technical means, including fuel in a number of subordinate brigades. It was decided to create a special commission to find out the reasons for the fuel over expenditure. The document also states an alarming trend regarding unjustified fuel consumption, a number of other items of materiel by the command of units and subunits for the performance of tasks that are not peculiar to them. Examples are given of the use of vehicles and, in some cases, armored vehicles for logistic transportation of personnel not related to maneuvering or redeployment, and even for the personal purposes of commanders.

The redeployment of the fire mobile group of occupants was noted to the south of Gorlovka reservoir. The transfer was carried out by 4 trucks Ural and 2 trucks Kamaz with pair of 120-mm mortars, anti-aircraft missile system ZU-23-2, ammunition and crews. The route of redeployment is through Ozeryanovka in the depths of the enemy’s battle formations. It is transferred to a new site or displayed for rotation.

A mixed convoy of invaders (4 trucks Kamaz, 2 BTR-80 and a tank on the trawl) moved through Khartsyzk at the area of Makeevka. Behind Makeevka the convoy headed towards Yasinovatoya.

In the Novoazovsk district (settlement Sedovo), the occupying authorities introduced enhanced security measures -at the entrances to the settlement of Sedovo the new checkpoints have been set up on which the bandit guards of the special regiment of special forces” Bastion ” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR are on duty.  The part of the unit is located in the south direction since the beginning of 2017 with the tasks of carrying out filtration measures among the local population in the settlements of Bezimennoye, Novoazovsk, Sedovo, Obryv, Holodnoe, Samsonovo and Markino. Entry into this settlement is carried out by special passes (civilians are allowed to pass only those who have a residence permit in the settlement of Sedovo).

After the redeployment of the command structures of the 9th Separate Motorized Infantry Regiment of the Marine Corps of the 1st Army Corps DNR from the settlement Bezymennoe in the Sedovo and Novoazovsk, it were recorded numerous cases of unauthorized occupation of militants in houses, whose inhabitants moved to unoccupied territory. This situation causes discontent among the local residents and the leadership of the Novoazovsk District.

Agents of the FSB of the Russian Federation in the Donbas continue to actively work to attract fighters of LNR from among local residents to participate in the military conflict in Syria. In particular, representatives of the NGO “Union of Volunteers of Donbass” (the ringleader – A. Boroday) and “Union of Cossacks-Warriors of Russia and Abroad” (the ringleader is the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation V.Vodolatsky and the representative in the Donbass V.Lisitsyn) conduct appropriate agitation among members “Cossack formations” in LNR, offering high pay (about 300 thousand rubles) for participating in military operations in Syria.

At the top of the DNR began another “cadre” scandal. According to the order of the leader of the DNR A. Zakharchenko, it is planned to dismiss the so-called Chairman of the Supreme Court of the DNR Eduard Yakubovsky. Currently, several verifications have been carried out in the “Supreme Court” by the control and audit agencies and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the DNR. E. Yakubovsky leads behind-the-scenes negotiations with Zakharchenko’s entourage about “soft” dismissal under a plausible pretext. At the same time, among the employees of this institution, there are rumors about the possible criminal prosecution of E. Yakubovsky or his liquidation under the legend of “direct action of the Ukrainian Special Forces group”. MGB of the DNR suspects that the representative of the team E. Yakubovsky the so-called the Deputy Head of the Judicial Department, the head of the Administrative and Economic Department of the Judicial Department at the Supreme Court of the DNR Yuri Kochetkov understands the imminent reprisals against him in the event of such a development of events, as well as the threat to his family, calculates options for moving to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Also under the threat of physical destruction there is one more functionary of the DNR – A. Semenov, the so-called “Deputy Prime Minister for Economics” of the “government” A. Boroday, director of the company “Landorra”, a deputy of the “People’s Council of the DNR” of the first convocation from the political party “Donetsk republic”, deputy of A. Khodakovsky on the organization “Patriotic forces of Donbass”. A warning about such a development of events, A. Semenov received from his sources in the MGB of the NDR. The reason for the upcoming massacre is the support of A. Khodakovsky. A. Semenov, taking into account this threat, recently tries not to leave his house and strengthen his personal protection.

At the coal factories “DTEK Sverdlovanthracite” in the occupied territory of the Lugansk region (Dolzhansk, former Sverdlovsk), an agitation campaign was launched to recruit members to the People’s Militia of the LNR in May this year. The administration of factories obliges male employees to visit “military commissariats” for further passing of field trainings, selection of “candidates” (with payment of wages in the amount of 1 thousand rubles per day) and enlisting them to the units of Russian-terrorist forces.



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