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IR summary: the occupiers sharply strengthen the air defense system in the Gorlovka area

05.22.2017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

In the ATO zone in the Donbass, at a number of sections of the front line, activation of mobile fire groups of Russian-terrorist forces is marked. It also records the hidden reinforcement of a number of sectors by anti-tank weapons – ATGMs and 100-mm anti-tank guns of the MT-12 Rapier type. Apparently, the command of the occupying forces continues to believe in the offensive plans of the UAF command and expects in the near future active offensive actions by the ATO forces in certain sectors with the use of armored vehicles.

In addition, the invaders secretly carry out a number of measures, also indicative of the enemy’s expectation of the UAF attack. In some cases, That is the conducting of the camouflaged mine-blasting fences, equipment for reserve and cut-off positions of units, enhanced defense tasks, intensive training of narrow-profile specialists (ATGM operators, SPG gunners), and  the cover deployment of a number of reserve formations of tactical level. At the same time, the occupiers sharply intensified all types of reconnaissance, fire adjustment for artillery units and do not show a tendency to reduce their fire activity in the front line.

In terms of movements of forces and resources of occupants, a fixed redeployment of the battery of the Osa-AKM anti-aircraft missile systems (BTR-80 and 2 transport-loading vehicles were noted in the convoy) north of Makeyevka, towards Krynichnaya, attracts special attention. Later in the same direction 2 auto-carts, 2 MT-LB and truck Ural with equipment were transferred. In the context of intensifying the fight against UAVs of Ukrainian troops, it is obvious that the command of Russian-terrorist forces is trying to strengthen protection from aerial reconnaissance in the Gorlovka area, or is trying to hide the preparations for the movement of its forces and assets in the area of ​​the Svetlodarskaya arc from the intelligence of the UAF.

Across the Khrustalny settlement (former Krasny Luch), two convoys of invaders’ equipment have passed to the northern direction (Perevalsk-Alchevsk). In first convoy – 4 trucks Kamaz, 1 lowbed truck, minibus, 2 BTR-80 with manpower. The personnel are servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, dressed in the form of local “militiamen”. In the second convoy – 2 trucks Ural and up to a dozen jeeps and minibuses, GAZ-66, all with armed Russian mercenaries.

After the recent multiple instances of “friendly fire” in the units of Russian-terrorist forces (the case in the Avdeevka area, when the tank of militants fired at their own infantry positions with 4 rounds of HE projectiles, the case in the Vodyanoe area – covering the occupants with 120-mm mortars at one of its stronghold points, firing from the machine guns in the area of ​​the Bahmut route own recce group, erroneous mining approaches to its own OP, etc.) Russian curators in the 1st Army Corps DPR categorically demanded that the commanders of units and subunits improve Interaction and discipline in the formations of the first line; It is prescribed to deploy an intensified struggle against “alcohol abuse that has become widespread” in the first line, especially among the commanders responsible for making decisions and giving out combat orders.

The headquarters of the 1st Army Corps DPR spreads information about the preparations for “military tests in a combat situation” of new Russian high-accuracy munitions on one of the sites in the ATO zone. As a “candidate” for testing, it is a new 152-mm artillery corrective projectile, as well as a 120-mm guided mortar ammunition (a guided weapon system for 120-mm mortars) with a laser seeker for mortar rounds. The artillery units that will use this ammunition in the ATO zone must deploy from the Russian Federation and will be staffed exclusively by specialists of the RF Armed Forces.

The MGB LPR invented a new way to “mobilize the population before the threat of Ukrainian Special Force groups” and discredit the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian special services. In particular, simultaneously in several cities and towns under the control of the LPR (including Lugansk), in public places and on the walls of public buildings, the inscriptions of allegedly pro-Ukrainian content, which are clearly visible and visible from afar, are being displayed by the MGB employees and agents , but accompanied by Nazi slogans and symbols (for example, swastikas). In some cases, leaflets with large print and the same slogans and symbols were used. According to the idea of ​​the leadership of the MGB LPR, these events will not only contribute to “increasing vigilance” of the local population, but will also allow to increase the number of those wishing to join the ranks of 2nd Army Corps LPR and social movement “The Peace for Lugansk region” on the wave of public outrage the actions of the “Kiev junta’s agents”, as well as divert the attention of citizens from socio-economic problems in the LPR and reduce the degree of protest moods.

Russian curators were rotated n the MGB of the DPR from among the FSB. One of the main ideas of the new curators is the holding of a “summer series” of acts of vandalism against monuments and commemorative signs in the front-line zone on the territory controlled by Ukraine, primarily those that relate to the events of the ATO (stelae, commemorative signs, tombstones and etc., dedicated to the dead Ukrainian servicemen). According to the plans, these activities, which carried out by the MGB of The DPR in the unoccupied territory, will mobilize the local population that is not loyal to the Ukrainian authorities.



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