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IR summary: the command of the occupiers in the Donbass is actively reinforcing its units with anti-tank weapons


11.05.2017 – Operational data of group “Information Resistance”

The command of Russian-terrorist forces is reinforcing the advanced units and reserves of the second echelon with fire weapons in the Lugansk region, along the Severskiy Donets River, on the section from Zheltoe to Veselyaya Gora (opposite the town Schastye). Several batteries of 82-mm and 120-mm mortars redeployed from other sectors of the front (currently they are not actively involved in shelling), and anti-tank assets (mainly LNG-9 / 9M “Kopje”, at least 2 ATGMs) are also fixed.

In Donetsk, the invaders redeployed ammunition to the Petrovsk district of the city. The transfer was conducted through the southern section of the Donetsk ring road. At least eight trucks (mainly the Urals) were observed in Kremenets with mortar ammunition.

The complement of the 3rd separate mechanized brigade of the 1st Army Corps DNR with armored vehicles is completed, in which the brigade earlier experienced an acute shortcoming (a high percentage of non-combat-ready and dismantled equipment was noted). During the last month, this brigade received up to 20 units of various combat armored vehicles (mainly BMP-2 and at least 4 BTR-80, another 8-10 units are expected, mostly modernized MT-LB). Also, 6 tanks were redeployed for complement of the brigade.

With the enemy’s activation of the training of operators for anti-tank missile systems (ATGM) (see the previous IR group reports), the occupiers have become much more likely to use this type of weaponry at the front line. This purposeful work on the training of personnel, the reinforcement of the units of the militants by the ATGM and their more active use is carried out with the active assistance of instructors and commanders of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at once in several training areas (for example, in the Mospino region). Apparently, the command of the Russian-terrorist troops is once again convinced of the preparation of the UAF for a large-scale offensive, despite the fact that numerous “forecasts” of such offensives in 2016 and early 2017 were not justified.

Command of the 1st Army Corps DNR and 2nd Army Corps LNR is concerned about the extremely high level of accidents in the operation of military equipment. According to the reports of the law enforce officers and military commandant’s office, a large number of accidents with the participation of military wheeled and caterpillar vehicles are constantly being noticed in the DNR and LNR. The civil transport, road infrastructure objects, buildings and structures suffer from the guilt of militants. According to the memo, a significant number of such incidents occur in parks and parking lots of military equipment (in the 1st Army Corps DNR – about 30% of recorded cases), on the basis of which the command of the occupiers concludes that the reason for the high accident rate is as extreme lack of professionalism of drivers and crews of combat vehicles, and low levels of military discipline. In half of the cases of accidents and emergency situations, it has been associated with the use of alcohol or committing the violations of the military discipline or military crimes by militants and Russian mercenaries. The circular documents fixed numerous examples of the use of military transport in the course of theft, robbery, trips for personal purposes (mainly vodka), collisions with transmission towers and residential buildings in the roadside area. The command of units and subunits got order to urgently take effective measures to revision of the situation.

The General Staff of the RF Armed Forces confirmed to the command of the 1st Army Corps DNR the planned transfer of 4 units of Russian patrol boats (project 12150 “Mongoose” and project 12200 “Sable”) to the so-called “Azov Flotilla DNR” (see previous reports of the IR group). The transfer is scheduled for June this year.

In Gorlovka, on the territory of Michurinsk correctional camp No. 57, the militants organized a repair base for damaged armored vehicles. The camp’s leadership forcefully involves convicts for the repair of military equipment. The control over the repair work is carried out by representatives of the 1st Army Corps DNR and officers of the military counterintelligence of the MGB DNR.

In the next few days, a meeting of the so-called “Integration Committee Russia-Donbass” will be held in Donetsk, where will be discussed the problematic issues of integration of pseudo-republics into the Russian Federation. Participation in this event will be attended by representatives of the leadership of the LNR and DNR, as well as civil staffers of the Russian Federation (according to the plan, the Russian side will be represented by middle managers of the Rostov region of Russia) and political scientists from Russia. The initial Conference of the so-called “Integration Committee Russia-Donbass “with the participation of A. Zakharchenko and I.Plotnitsky took place on March 17 this year in the occupied Crimea, in the Livadia Palace in Yalta. Until the end of 2017, several meetings of the “committee” are planned.

The leadership of the DNR intends to limit the import of cars from Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia for sale in the occupied areas of Donbass without paying customs and other charges in the future. According to the plans, imported cars must be cleared and registered. The Ministry of Justice of the DNR developed the procedure for registering property, which was acquired by citizens after May 2014.

The objects of the Radio, Television and Radio Broadcasting Concern (RTRBC) in the occupied districts of the Donetsk region, previously nationalized by the DNR, do not pay public utilities and taxes to the budget of the DNR since 01.02.2017. Also, the employees of the concern were not paid in full salaries for March-April 2017. Earlier, in March of this year, the DNR announced the recruitment of employees to the state-owned enterprise of the DNR “Radio and Television Broadcasting Center”, created by militants in Donetsk on the basis of the seized property of the RTRBC.  10 units of FM-radio transmitters and a powerful television transmitter (all – of Russian production) were delivered for radio broadcasting to Donetsk from the Russian Federation.

The educational institutions in the settlement of Konstantinovka and Bahmut received e-mail letters of invitation for students to study at the schools and colleges of the DNR. The report notes that the opportunity to receive education for citizens of Ukraine is provided within the framework of the Humanitarian program for the reunification of the people of Donbass.

Invitations were received from:

– Donetsk transport-economic college;

– Makeevka Pedagogical College

– Donetsk Polytechnic College;

– Torez College of the “Donetsk Academy of Management and Government Service under the head of the DNR”;

– Donetsk Art School;                        

– Zuyevo power technical school of DonNTU;

– Makeevka Industrial and Economic College;

– Torez Medical College;

– Makeevka Medical College;

– Yasinovataya building technical school.

The invitations note that within the framework of the program for citizens residing on the territory of Ukraine additional budget places have been introduced. At the same time, the invitations do not disclose information that the diplomas for obtaining education in these educational institutions are not recognized in any country, except the Russian Federation (and then, in part). The students, which enrolled in these schools, will be registered in the military registration and enlistment offices of the DNR and are included in the mobilization reserve of the DNR. In addition, those wishing to study at the educational institutions of the DNR should register in the MGB DNR and give their agreement to cooperation.

The number of people wishing to issue a biometric passport of a citizen of Ukraine sharply increased in the DNR and LNR. Accordingly, the number of firms and organizations that organize trips to the unoccupied territory of Donbass for shopping and for withdrawing funds from ATMs has risen sharply because they using the “passport factor” in advertising to attract new customers. Now the advertising of so-called “shopping tours” for Ukrainian products and medicines is accompanied by information on the possibility to issue a Ukrainian biometric (new sample) passport. The organization of such “tours” is already recorded on the routes to Mariupol, Volnovaha, Bahmut, Konstantinovka, Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, Kramatorsk and Pokrovsk.




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