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IR summary: Russian specialists of the PSYOPS from the MGB LNR conduct a special operation using the terrorist attack in Lutsk

03.31.017 – Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”.

The development of the situation in the ATO zone on the Donbas on the morning of March 31 does not allow us to state any preparation of Russian-terrorist forces for the ceasefire, declared after the talks in Minsk, since April 1. The invaders continue to demonstrate activity practically on all sectors of the front, continuing active bombardments and regrouping their troops in a number of directions (the Dokuchaevsk area, the western part of Donetsk, the Yasinovataya area, the Svetlodarskaya arc, the Stakhanov group), and at a number of sites continuing reinforcement with manpower and additional firepower Its units (Mariupol (seaside) direction, Gorlovka region).

During the shelling, the enemy still actively using, among other weapons,  “prohibited” by the Minsk agreements 122-mm and 152-mm artillery (district Vodyanoe and Hnutove, North of the route Mariupol – Telmanovo, Avdeevka, Luganskoe, the area South-East of Novoselovka, the Troitskoe and Gromovaya mountain, the area East of the Popasnaya), 120-mm mortars, heavy armored vehicles (tanks). Massively and actively in almost all of the demarcation line of the parties, the occupants use 82-mm mortars, hand-held and heavy mounted grenade launchers, anti-aircraft artillery systems ZU-23-2, anti-tank guided missile launchers and heavy machine guns.

Also, from the side of the enemy, the trend (observed over the past weeks) regarding the wider use of armored vehicles, including tanks, continues to be recorded. So, practically throughout the seaside direction (Shirokino, Vodyanoye, Gnutovo, Pavlopol), single BMP-2 of invaders operate, sometimes in pairs with armored personnel carriers.  A couple of militant tanks “turned the carousel” south-east of Vodyanaya (the fire was fired by HE fragmentation shells). The armored group of the invaders (tanks and infantry fighting vehicles), previously operating from Kashtanovoe in Avdeevka, moved north towards Gorlovka, where it bombarded the positions of the ATO forces for at least 2 times from tank armament. Avdeevka and surroundings (industrial zone, Almaz, DFS, old city), it was maneuvering and shelling from the standard arms of BMP-2. Area Svetlodarskoy arc, the enemy used “in the complex” armored vehicles and mortars.

In the military headquarters of the 1st Army Corps DNR and “2nd Army Corps LNR at the moment, there are no orders or instructions to carry out any measures to prepare for a cease-fire by the occupying forces from April 1, despite the political Statements of “official representatives” of LNR and DNR.

* * *

In the Donetsk (Petrovsky and Kievskiy districts of the city), the Russian command moved several formations of the platoon-company level from the front line to the “restoration”. Instead of these units of the occupiers, new units arrived operatively. A redeployment of a new mortar unit (several 82mm automatic mortars “Vasilok” and at least 2 heavy mounted grenade launchers SPG) was recorded in the Petrovsky district. In the area of the DAP, the invaders are transferring the machine guns and heavy mounted grenade launchers AGS by the trucks.

The command of the 1st Army Corps DNR strengthens its units in the area of the Gorlovka with 152 mm artillery. In particular, judging by the individual reports of the IR group’s network, the 3rd Separate mechanized brigade of the 1st Army Corps DNR (Gorlovka region) received an additional ammo and at least two 152mm batteries, which  were secretly moved to the locations of its subunits  (8-10 cannons).

On the seaside direction, it is continuing the reinforcement of the 9th separate mechanized regiment of 1st Army Corps DNR (the place of deployment – Novoazovskiy district) with additional fire resources. The new mortar unit of the invaders (5 units of 120-mm mortars, 6 units of 82-mm automatic mortars of type 2B9 “Vasilok”) arrived in the right flank to the north of the settlement Verkhneshirokovskoye (former October). This unit is divided into 3 mobile mortar groups with transport, maneuvering (“roaming”) along the front at the section of Zaichenko – north of Verkhneshirokovskoye – Kreshchatitskoye (formerly Krasnoarmeyskoye) and conducting firings of positions of ATO forces  to the north of the route Mariupol – Telmanovo (Lomakino-Gnutovo-Pavlopol area).

Based on the results of a large-scale inspection conducted by Russian inspectors from the Center of Territorial Troops of the South-East of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the personnel management in units and separate subdivisions of the 1st Army Corps DNR was found to be extremely unsatisfactory. In particular, the inspectors indicate the lack of strict accounting of personnel; ubiquitous appointments of servicemen to posts without taking into account moral and business qualities and military specialty; the movement of servicemen in troops / units in the absence of written orders, on the basis of verbal orders (as noted by one of the Russian inspectors, “in this army, wherever he wants, there he serves”). Based on the identified shortcomings in personnel management in the 1st Army Corps DNR, the Russian command made a decision to oblige the command of militants to copy all orders for personnel affairs and send to the headquarters of the Center of Territorial Troops of the South-Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation (Rostov Region, Russia).

In some units of the 1st Army Corps DNR (in particular, in the units of the 3rd separate mechanized brigade  and 5th separate mechanized brigade) there are delays in the issuance of service pay, which causes extremely negative feedback among personnel of the invaders. The situation for the Russian-terrorist forces are not exceptional, however, in this case compounded by rumors circulating among the militants, that their service pay is directing to maintain the working efficiency and pay salaries to employees of “nationalized” companies. The militants are outraged that the leadership of the DNR considers the provision of civilian employees in the rearward area more important than the supporting of the servicemen in the combat units.

Headed by Russian specialists, the PSYOPS unit within the MGB LNR conducts a special operation to discredit volunteer battalions within the Ukrainian forces in the context of the terrorist attack against the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Lutsk on March 29 this year. In particular, the media controlled by the LNR, as well as Russian mass media with reference to “officials” of the LNR actively disseminate the “intelligence information of the LNR People’s Militia” about the alleged involvement in the terrorist act of servicemen of the battalion “Donbass”. According to the version of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Luhansk, the terrorist act was carried out “with the goal of clearing the western regions of Ukraine from national minorities”. The connection is not clear, however, the LNR media was instructed to submit this information with reference to the “ethnic cleansing” conducted by “Ukrainian Nationalists “in Volhyn during the Second World War and the emphasis on the fact that the battalion” Donbass “is” nationalistic “. According to the information from People’s Militia of the LNR, the next target of terrorist attacks by nationalists could be a gas pipeline from Ukraine to Poland.



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