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IR summary: MGB LNR is intensively looking for those involved in the undermining of the military enlistment office in Lugansk

24.04.2017 – Operational data of group “Information Resistance”

Russian-terrorist forces in the Donbass continue to actively attack the positions of the ATO forces and civilian objects using small arms, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, armored vehicles and 122-mm artillery. The strengthening of enemy formations on a number of sectors in the first line is noted. Combat reconnaissance and human intelligence of the invaders in the nearest (tactical) zone became active. The enemy is intensively looking into the forward edge of battle area and the nearest rearward area of the UAF.

In the vicinity of the settlement Prishib (the territory controlled by LNR) there was a car bomb attack of observer’s car of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission.

Chronology of events:

11.17 – car bomb attack;

11.20 – the crew of the TV channel Russia Today arrived;

11.28 – the car “Niva” of khaki color arrived with unidentified civilians who gave instructions to Russian journalists;

15.44 – the police of LNR arrived;

15.48 – The car of medical service (Ambulance) arrived for removal of the body of the deceased employee of the SMM OSCE;

About 16.00 – the truck crane arrived to evacuate the car of SMM OSCE.

During the past days, the invaders actively used armored units and mobile fire groups:

– In the area of Vodyanoe the enemy repeatedly used an armored group of 2 BMP-2s for attack of the advanced positions of the UAF;

– BMP-2 was fixed when firing from the south-western outskirts of Sakhanka on the positions of the ATO forces to the north-east of Shirokino and along the eastern outskirts of Shirokino;

– A mobile fire group of militants with anti-aircraft artillery systems ZU-23-2 was noted in the north of Gnutovo;

– The area of Maryinka and north-west of Dokuchaevsk – an upsurge in the activity of the mobile fire groups of the occupants with 82-mm mortars and heavy machine guns. The positions of UAF in the area of Taramchuk – Berezovoe, eastern and south-eastern outskirts of Maryinka, were shelled;

– On the section Majorsk-Zhovanka (in official reports the district passes as “Zaitsevo”) – the use by militants of single BMP-2 and mobile fire groups with heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft artillery systems ZU-23-2;

– In the area of Nizhny Lozovoy, the enemy used BMP-2 with the support of 2 automatic 82-mm mortars of type 2B9 “Vasilok”.

At least one short shelling of 122-mm cannon artillery was fixed in the Avdeevka area (shell bursts – north of the industrial zone, in the fields beyond the Staraya Avdeevka).

* * *

Russian-terrorist forces are strengthening the second line and reinforcing the battle formations in the seaside area. The approach marsh of an armored group (4 BMP-2 and 2 MT-LB, up to 2 platoons of manpower) was recorded between the settlement of Azov (formerly Dzerzhinskoye) and Zaichenko.

In the vicinity of the Gorlovka water storage reservoir (according to the direction Knitting Factory – Shirokaya Balka), a mobile fire group of occupants was fixed (the truck Ural with anti-aircraft artillery system ZU-23-2 and two trucks Kamaz with 120 mm mortars) towards the front line.

In the area of Krutaya Balka and east of Vasilievka, positions for 120-mm mortars are fixed, on which enemy mobile fire groups with mortars periodically appear (firing-the operational abandonment of positions).

The armored group of invaders actively operates on the section between Novoignatievsk cemetery (Donetsk) and Zhobunki. The structure of the armored group is 3 BMP-2 and 2 BMP-1. This armored group is firing under the cover of heavy machine guns and 82-mm mortars.

On the territory controlled by the LNR, there is an increased redeployment of fuel by the military fuel tankers to Bryanka and Kadievka via Beloe and Mikhailovka (2 convoys of 4-5 fuel tankers each were recorded per day). Apparently, the 7th separate mechanized brigade of the occupying forces, which operating in this area, is increasing its fuel reserves, which may be a testament to preparations for active hostilities.

The blasting of the building of the Oktyabrsky district military registration and enlistment office (Kalugina Street, 9) in Lugansk caused a stir among the leadership of the LNR, which threatened MGB and Ministry of Internal Affairs with serious personnel consequences. In the MGB LNR work out two versions – sabotage by  the Ukrainian Special Forces and the terrorist attack by Ukrainian patriots with knowledge of the mine-blasting business, which are living in Lugansk. The latest version is basic. Large-scale inspections of local residents who served in the Ukrainian Armed Forces are being carried out, including those who are currently performing military service in the 2nd Army Corps LNR.

The Public Prosecution Office of the LNR is conducting an investigation of mass cases of cutting the cables of power grids in the Popasnya district by servicemen of the 7th separate mechanized brigade of the invaders from Bryanka. According to the opinion of the law enforcement officers, the theft of cables is organized, to which the command of the brigade of militants has a direct relationship.

The fuel crisis with the tendency of an aggravation is fixed in LNR. The most difficult situation is in the northern occupied areas of Lugansk region. At gas stations a restriction was introduced for refueling with gasoline (from 10 liters to 15 liters per one unit of private vehicles). At a number of gas stations, in particular, at the gas station in the Kadievka (formerly Stakhanov), Alchevsk, Khrustalny (formerly Krasny Luch) there is no fuel at all.



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