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IR summary: in the area of Yasinovataya, the invaders are equipped the new strongpoints

03.04.2017 – Operational data of group “Information Resistance”

Over the past weekend (01-02.04.2017), despite the ceasefire agreements reached earlier, Russian-terrorist forces in the Donbass region have been actively shelling the positions of the ATO forces and civilian facilities, including the use of prohibited weapons by the Minsk agreements (120 mm Mortars, heavy armored vehicles).

In the seaside area (Shirokino-Vodyanoye, Talakovka-Pavlopol), the occupants fired, using 120 mm and 82 mm mortars. The group of occupants, using automatic small arms, under cover of several BMP-2 (which fired from regular 30-mm automatic cannons) attempted to attack the advanced positions of the ATO forces in the area of Shirokino, north and north-west of this settlement, east and south of Vodyanoe, from the neutral zone. In addition, it was noted that the enemy used anti-aircraft artillery systems ZU-23-2 and anti-tank guided missile launchers in this area.

In the area of Dokuchaevsk, the enemy, using 120 mm and 82 mm mortars, heavy grenade launchers and heavy machine guns, and sniper weapons, fired on the UAF positions west of the waste rock dumps and industrial zones (west of the Dokuchaevsk district).

The occupiers are actively used mortars (120-mm and 82-mm) and small arms at the south of the Avdeevka (the ring road) and near the Avdeevka (Tsarskaya Okhota, industrial zone, Staraya Avdeevka).

On the Kamenka-Verkhnetoretskoe section, south-east of Novoselovka-2, the enemy fired from grenade launchers and small arms.

East of the Troitskoe – a firefight with a group of invaders who tried to approach at close range for attack of positions of ATO forces from small arms and hand held grenade launchers.

In the area of Zhovanka-Mayorsk from the side of the enemy, it was fixed the firing of the groups of snipers and heavy machine guns.

 From the enemy’s side, the mortars of both calibers and several BMP-1/2 (conducted fire with standard weapons) were firing in the Svetlodarskaya arc, area of the Lozovoye – Sanzharovka.

On the Lugansk direction a relative calm. From the enemy side, there were recorded firing from small arms in the area of Zheltoe and Stanitsa Luganskaya. Also, the use of heavy mounted grenade launchers AGS-17 by the invaders was recorded.

* * *

The command of the 1st Army Corps DNR ordered subordinate units to “limit the use” of heavy weapons (120mm mortars, 122mm and 152mm cannon artillery, rocket-launching artillery, tanks), applying them “only with permission” or “by special order” from the headquarters of the Operational Command “Donetsk” (1st Army Corps DNR). At the same time, it is prescribed, in the course of armed provocations or, in the event of an opening fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces of any type of weapons, including small arms, immediately report to the higher command.

At the area Styla – Dokuchaevsk, the occupiers continue to build up their grouping. There is a redeployment of enemy forces and resources through Sarabash (formerly Kommunarovka) and from Starobeshevo. During the day, 4 trucks Kamaz with personnel and ammunition and 2 MT-LB were redeployed via Sarabash. From Starobeshevo, it was fixed the movement of 3 trucks Urals with supplies for the Dokuchaevsk grouping.

In the area of Yasinovatoya (direction Krutaya Balka – Vasilievka), the enemy equips two new strongpoints, using the crossed terrain and forest plantations. In particular, one strong point is equipped to the north of the Krutaya Balka, the second – in a wooded area near Vasilievka. The redeployment of new fire resources is observed in this region.

In the area of Slavyanoserbsk, the Russian command additionally redeployed 2 infantry platoons with mortars and armored vehicles for integration of the combat formations. In particular, 3 units of 120-mm mortars and 6 units of combat armored vehicles (MT-LB and BMP-1) are fixed.

The MGB DNR in cooperation with the FSB of the Russian Federation continues their attempts to counter the flow of weapons coming to the Russian Federation from the Donbass, previously imported from Russia. Over the past week, several facts of detention of representatives of the local population and servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces have been reported, trying to transport weapons shipments to the Russian Federation. In one case, two Russian mercenaries carried 10 AK automatic weapons in a minibus. In the second, a serviceman returning to Russia carried in car 2 pistols PM and 2 pistols APS. In the third case, a local resident on the tractor in a detour of check points tried to take out 3 AK-74 and 18 hand grenades to the RF. According to the information of the structural units of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in the Rostov region (Russia), together with unorganized attempts at arms smuggling, several organized channels for the export of weapons to Russia are operating in the DNR and LNR in which officials of the 1st Army Corps DNR and the 2nd Army Corps LNR and the Missiles and Artillery Systems Service of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces are involved.

Russian supervisors in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the DNR held a working meeting with the leadership of the Ministry and the Pension Capital Fund of the NDR, during which it was pointed out the numerous facts of frauds with pensions and other social payments in the republic. According to the curators, at least 15% of the 8.5 billion rubles, paid as pensions to residents of the DNR, were plundered in the 1st quarter of 2017. A similar situation has arisen with other social payments. For example, as was stated during the meeting, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the DNR prepared normative documents on one-time payments to help veterans for more than 45 thousand people in 9th of May of this year. But, only 42,000 veterans were listed in 9 May 2016.

After the “nationalization”, the management of Zuevskaya CHP plant (it is a unit of DTEK Vostokenergo, controlled by DNR) is trying to set up supplies of coal from the territory of the LNR, which is the most suitable for the parameters, and mix it with the leftovers in the warehouse. According to the information of the engineering staff from Zuevskaya CHP plant, the use of inappropriate coal can lead to failure of equipment. Due to the lack of fuel at the CHP plant, one power unit operates at 50% capacity. Out of a possible 1200 MW / h, the plant produces 150 MW / h. At the moment, the plant is supervised by the employee of the MGB DNR Fedotov N.I. The representatives of the former management of the plant moved to the territory controlled by Ukraine. In the lack of information about the future work of the plant and the amount of future salaries, about 10% of the employees of the plant did not sign applications for employment at government factory Zuevskaya CHP plant.



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