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IR summary: The General Staff of the RF Armed Forces extended "temporary duty trips" to Russian officers in the Donbass

Operational Data from IR group 13.03.2017

During the last weekend (11-12.03.2017) Russian-terrorist forces in the Donbass actively used the 120-mm mortars, 122-mm artillery cannons, armored vehicles and tanks, which are forbidden by Minsk agreements. Immediately on several areas, there are noted an attempts of small infantry groups of invaders to covertly raid to the neutral zone and to arrange sudden shelling and fire assaults on the advanced positions of the ATO forces.

In the seaside direction of the Pavlopol-Shirokino, the enemy continues intensive mortar shelling together with the use of heavy machine guns and heavy mounted grenade launchers such as AGS and SPG. Also, was recorded the use of armored vehicles by the invaders at north-east of the settlement of Pikuzy (Kominternovo). The occupants with the help of two BMP-2s and a pair of 82-mm automatic mortars of type 2B9 “Vasilok” tried to suppress fire resources of the advanced unit of Ukrainian forces. The heights at the north of Shirokino and the positions at the east of Vodyanoy were repeatedly covered with the fire of single BMPs-1/ 2 during the last days.

The occupants repeatedly used BMP-2 and BMP-1 to fire on the advanced positions of the ATO forces in the south of the Donetsk ring road from Alexandrovka side and near the spoil bank, which is located to north of Petrovsky Street. It was also recorded the fact of using the enemy tank, which was firing on the eastern and north-eastern outskirts of Maryinka. The tank fired from the camouflaged position by 8 high-explosive fragmentation shells, then it departed deep into their combat formations, using fire cover of 82 mm and 120 mm mortars.

It was recorded artillery strikes from 122 mm artillery cannons on the advanced positions of the UAF in the Nevelsk region and, similarly, in the northeast of Kamenka (10-12 series of 4-5 projectiles). The shelling was conducted unaimly.

The massive shelling from 82 mm automatic grenade launchers was conducted on Avdeevka and the strip to south of positions near Butovka Mine. Were fixed several separate enemy fire platoons with transport, which are quickly maneuvering along the front line. Also was noted the firing from small arms in the Donetsk airport area, Peski, Opytnoe and from 82-mm mortars at the east of Novgorodskoe.

An armored group of occupants with two BMPs-1 and one BTR-80, which were firing and maneuvering between several positions, was marked between Zhovanka and Zaitsevo. It was noted the firing by heavy machine guns from side of Golmovsky. From the side of enemy was fixed the use of anti-aircraft missile systems ZU-23-2 and heavy mounted grenade launchers in the area of Mayorsk.

On the Svetlodarsk arc, occupants conducted active shelling on positions of the UAF on both sides of the Bakhmut-Debaltsevo highway, using the 120-mm and 82-mm mortars.  As well, were fixed several sporadic arrivals of 122-mm projectiles to north-west of Kalinovka.

Enemy used AGSs, machine guns in the area of Stanitsa Luganskaya along the south-eastern outskirts of the village and several mortar mines were marked at the south of Olkhovoy.

* * *

The enemy continues to fortify its positions along the Yasinovataya-Panteleimonovka-Yenakiyevo line, especially, in the second echelon of the Gorlovsky “balcony.” In the area of Panteleymonovka, was noted a maneuvering of the armored vehicles of the invaders (2 MT-LB and 3 BMP-1/2).  They were moved towards the route to Gorlovka. At the same time, between the Korsun and the highway E50, was noted the development of the new positions by the invaders (excavator, two dump trucks, two Ural trucks were operated).

Between the Bezymyaniy and the Wind station has fixed the active movement of enemy trucks. A camouflaged field depot of artillery ammunition is located in this area.

The leadership of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces once again extends the terms of “temporary duty trips” to the officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from among the “military advisors” of the 1st Army Corps DNR. In private conversations, Russian officers express extreme dissatisfaction with this decision of their superiors. At the end of last year, the officers of the RF Armed Forces from among the command staff of the 1st  Army Corps DN”, who were completing their stay in the DNR at the end of 2016, also reported on the extension of “temporary duty trips”.

The leadership of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation demanded that the MGB DNR and MGB LNR have sharply to activate the fight against “Ukrainian terrorism”. The task is to organize by any means the existence of evidence of the supposedly active terrorist activity of the Ukrainian special services and UAF in the occupied territories. It was noted that the detainees, which have been detained on suspicion of having committed a crime, were charged of links with Ukrainian Forces of Special Operations, GUR MoD and National Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). In LNR, a local citizen, who had seized with several pieces of industrial explosives, was declared an “international terrorist in the service of the National Security Service of Ukraine”.



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