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IR summary: The command of the 1st Army Corps DNR is preparing for the war of "raiding teams"


16.03.2017 Operational data from IR group

The command of the 1st Army Corps DNR is intensively preparing for the war of “raiding teams”, which will begin with the appearance of “tree cover”. The tactic of using “raiding teams”, which were operating from “tree cover”,was more common in the units of 2nd Army Corps LNR in 2015-2016, in particular, on the sectors of the front along the Seversky Donets river. At the moment, a number of units of the second echelon of the 1stArmy Corps DNR create special raid-fire teams (10-15 men and 2-3 trucks with own weapon sources in the form of heavy mounted grenade launchers and 82 mm mortars, sometimes with anti-aircraft artillery systems ZU-23-2. The task of these groups is to act on the front line in the raid manner from the midground, constantly firing on the advanced positions and OPs of the ATO forces.

In the area of Donetsk between Spartak and Yakovlevka, there is an integration of the battle deployment of Russian-terrorist forces. At the north of the Shcheglovsky cemetery, is marked a deployment of the forces and resources of occupants to the front line(up to 10 truckswith personnel, equipment and ammunition, also 4 combat armored vehicles and 2 trucks with anti-aircraft artillery systems ZU-23-2 on a trailer during last day).

The command of the 2nd Army Corps LNR intensifies of the advanced units in the area of Bryanka and Irmino. The forces and resources are being transferred Through Mikhailovka to the north of Kadyevka (former Stakhanov). Last daily supply is 7 trucks with logistic support, 2 light multipurpose tracked vehicles MT-LB and 1 BMP-2. All combat armored vehicles look apparently after repair or restoration.

The invaders are equipped a warehouse with ammunition in the territory of the school in the Spartak area (Donetsk, Tsentralnaya street). Daily fixed are 5-6 military cargo trucks, which are entering or leaving the warehouse. Mainly, they transport the boxes with ammunition to small arms and mortar ammunition (82 mm and 120 mm).

There has been observed mass exodus of militants from the reconnaissance company of the 9th separate Motorized Infantry Regiment of the Marine Corps 1st Army Corps DNR (Novoazovsky District). They are mostly representatives of the local population. The bulk of the servicemen, who do not want to continue their service in this unit, are transferred to other units (logistic support units), and the other part of them writes reports on release. The main reasons for the withdrawal of militants are the unprofessional actions of the command in combat conditions and the chronic non-payment of “combat” extra pays.

Three militants of the 11th Motorized Rifle Regiment 1 Army Corps DNR have deserted from the positions in the “industrial zone” of Avdeevka. They are from among local residents, which the so-called “fifteen thousanders”. Desertersleft the personal weapon in positions. The military commandant’s offices of the “DNR” in Donetsk, Yasinovataya and Makeyevka are engaged in search of deserters. They proactively check-upthe addresses and contacts of fugitives. According to the opinion of leadership of the regiment, deserters may have the goal of surrendering to the UAF. The main wave of desertion of “fifteen thousanders” from the 11th Motorized Rifle Regiment 1 Army Corps DNR was observed in February of this year, during the escalation of combat activities in the Avdeevka area.

The meeting of the leaders of the civic movement “Peace for Lugansk region “, which is controlled by I.Plotnitsky,with the Russian curators of the LNR took place in Lugansk. One of the Russian curators was presented as an authorized representative of Executive office of the President of RF and the second as representative of the Ministry of Economic Development of RF. During the meeting, the Russian “curators” noted the necessity  for further development of the “statehood of the LNR” with the prospect of “partial recognition” of this formation by Russia (the meaning of the term was not explained). In this context, it was pointed out the importance of preparing and conducting “local elections” for the “final legitimization” of the self-proclaimed authorities of the LNR.




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