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Summary IR: occupants in the seaside direction are awaiting the arrival of the reinforcement from “Rostov camps”

“Information Resistance” Operational data.

In anticipation of the next “regime of silence” that have to occur on February 20, Russian-terrorist troops in Donbass after a brief period of a de-escalation of tension again showed a sharp intensification. During the weekend (18-19.02.2017) was recorded using of 122 mm cannon artillery (several times – at the Donetsk direction, the area south and west of Gorlovka and in the area Starognatovka – Novogrigorovka by Starolaspy) and MLRS type BM- 21 “Grad” (the positions of APU south route Mariupol – Telmanovo near Vodyanoe – Lebedinskoye) by the occupants. In addition, the enemy actively uses the 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, light armored vehicles, anti-aircraft and antitank-missile systems.

Terrorists actively were firing from mortars both major caliber to the positions of ATO forces in the south of Dokuchaevsk (near dumps of Central career), and were mortar fire to the almost all positions from Pavlopolya to Shirokino.  Occupants several times used the ZU-23- 2 and anti-tank systems for firing to the position “Daring”.  2 armored groups of invaders (2 BMP-2 and 2 BTR-80) fired from the masked positions to the OPs and “zero” strongholds of Ukrainian troops in the Vodyanoy district, north of Shirokino and in the Shirokino. Also, enemy applied mortars to the north of route Mariupol – Telmanovo in Gnutovo area. In Pishchevik district was shelling by the ZU-23-2 and heavy grenade launchers.

Occupants had massive mortar shelling by the 120-mm and 82-mm mortars and comprehensive application of heavy grenade launchers (AGS-17 type and SPG-9 9M) with heavy machine guns at the Peski and Avdeevka. A group of occupants (up to 10 people) tried to secretly enter to the flank of forward positions ATO forces between the Tsarskaya Ohota and air shaft of Putilovskaya mine. But this group was identified and after brief fire contact with using of hand grenades, came back to their positions under fire from outposts of UAF .

Occupants opened massive fire from automatic weapons and heavy grenade launchers at the east of Novgorodskiy, east and south Vehnetoretskiy and southeast Kamenka.

The enemy conducted massive attacks from large-caliber machine guns, heavy grenade launchers with occasional application (in the form of intensive short-mortar shelling) 82-mm and 120-mm mortars in The DFS area, Zhovanka – Zaytsevo, on Svetlodarsk arc – north of Kalinovka and Nizhnyaya Lozovaya, east of Troitskoe.

Near Novoaleksandrovka had place the firing of automatic weapons with heavy grenade launchers and rare shelling from 82 mm mortars.

Also was shooting from automatic weapons and large-caliber machine guns, AGS in the area of control points  ATO forces along Bakhmutskaya route, from the Crimskoe to Novotoshkovki and from Sokolniki. Near Stanitsa Luganskaya had place sporadic attacks from guns and AGS

The column with 7-Ural and Kamaz 3 BMP-2 has arrived to the base of the occupants in the Bezimenniy. 3 units of 122-mm self-propelled guns such as 2S1 “Gvozdika” have arrived at Vetryanaya. Also, in the same area is deployed 4-cannon battery 122-mm howitzers D-30A.

Reinforcement  keeps coming to Gorlovka through Yenakiyevo. Over the weekend, the occupiers has transferred mortar unit and air defense unit (5 ZIL-131 with 120-mm mortars, 3 SAM “Strela-10M”).

The command of “1st AK DNR” has made the decision to relocate the headquarters of “11th regiment” on the territory of the mine “Butovskaya” (district Mineralnoe) in the specially built bunker after resonant explosion at 2d of February in Donetsk. It was blow up of the transport with ammunition near “Motel” in Kalinin district, where is located headquarters “of the 11th Regiment”, which conduct combat operations at Avdeevka direction. At the same time, the personnel of”1st AK DNR” got order about toughening responsibility for violation of safety rules during transport and loading / unloading of ammunition. From now, the “military counterintelligence MGB DNR” will investigate the cases of rude violations of these rules.

In Avdeevka direction the units of “1st AK DNR” are using  radio-electronic intelligence facilities at the advanced positions, including the “direction-finders” to scan the radio stations, which using by ATO forces in that direction.

The Command of Russian-terrorist units in the seaside direction (Telmanovo district) is awaiting the arrival of 2 new “motorized infantry companies”, which were formed on the territory of the Russian Federation. Among the occupiers there are rumors about the arrival of units manned by conscripts trained in “Rostov camps”. At this point we don’t have confirmed information about trained local fighters in the Russian Federation or Russian mercenaries.

In Gorlovka had place firefight between “law enforcement officers” and looters, which were robbing private houses. These looters were from the units of “1st AK DNR.” After the shooting, one of the looters was detained, but the second looter has escaped and now he is seeking for as a deserter.

In LNR was organized the regular wave of the elimination of the illegally safe arms and ammunition and arrests of violators, leading by “law enforcement officers”. Over the last weekend were eliminated 1HE, 6 grenades RGD-5, 3 grenades F-1, couple of automatic rifles (AKM and AKS-74), 4 pistols PM, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, fuses. All detainees (6 pers.) are former “militia”, which kept weapons and ammunition at the place of residence and repeatedly threatened before others use weapons.



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