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Dmitry Tymchuk: Military update 06.09 #LetMyPeopleGo

Operational data from Information Resistance:

Another escalation of the conflict is observed in the ATO zone in Donbas. In addition to small arms, grenade launchers, and 82 mm mortars, Russian-terrorist troops are using 122 mm artillery, 120 mm mortars, and armored vehicles to fire on Ukrainian troop positions and civilian objects.

Terrorists opened fire from 120 mm mortars on the ATO forces’ positions in the industrial zone of Avdiivka from positions north of Yasynuvata and beyond the Yasynuvata junction; [the enemy] also fired at the ventilation shaft of the Butivka Mine (from positions in Spartak and beyond the high-rise apartment blocks south of the [Yasynuvata] junction).

[The enemy] fired on Avdiivka from the direction of Yakovlivka, over 10 rounds of 122 mm artillery shells from self-propelled artillery units.

Avdiivka graffiti: "May God protect Avdiivka!!!"

Avdiivka graffiti: “May God protect Avdiivka!!!”

Militants opened fire on the ATO forces’ positions in Mar’inka from the direction ofOleksandrivka, using the on-board weapons of a BMP-1 (another camouflaged BMP-1, was detected in the area).

In the Dokuchajevsk area, terrorists opened fire from 120 mortars at the “gray waste bank” from the direction of the Tsentralnyy Karyer [Central Quarry] dumps.

Panic is spreading through the ranks of the “law enforcement” (officers of the DNR Ministry of Internal Affairs) in the militants’ “Horlivka Garrison.” Under orders of the “DNR Ministry of Internal Affairs” command, local “law enforcement officers” are used to urgently staff mobile counter-sabotage groups, in light of an alleged threat of a mass breakthrough by Ukrainian DRG’s in the area. [Terrorists] are taking measures to reinforce the security of critical facilities and establish patrols. For the most part, local “law enforcement officers” have no desire to resist “Ukrainian saboteurs.” In fact, there has been a sharp increase in medical leaves and resignation letters at the “DNR Ministry of Internal Affairs.” At the same time, a number of units of the First Army Corps of the DNR are being transferred from Donetsk to Horlivka.

In Donetsk, the command of the “DNR Ministry of State Security” has instructed to bring “security forces and means” to full readiness in connection with the “threat of terrorist attacks against the first persons of the state.”

Four militant mine-sweeping groups arrived in the area of Yasynuvata. According to the “DNR” command, Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups are laying minefields heavily in this area. Dissemination of this information is met with extremely negative response among the locals. At the same time, the recent few weeks saw two civilian casualties caused by tripwires previously installed by terrorists themselves. Meanwhile, large amounts of unexploded ordnances on the YasynuvataAvdiivka stretch remain a problem; due to hostilities in the area, locating and neutralizing them is currently impossible.

In the Mariupol direction of ATO operations, over a thousand explosive devices (shells, mines, etc.) have been destroyed only in the past month. Source: UaForces

South of Debaltseve (between Ridkodub and Fashchivka), there is an accumulation of terrorist military equipment: about the size of a “motorized infantry company” with BMP-2’s and MT-LB’s (including at least two  “Strela-10M” short-range air defense missile systems ) and four “Gvozdika” 122-mm 2S1 self-propelled guns.

Among militant units of the “1st Army Corps of the DNR” that hold positions in the areasouth of Donetsk, rumors continue circulating about an imminent arrival of a “strike brigade” from occupied Crimea, staffed by professionally-trained Russian mercenaries and traitors from among former Ukrainian servicemen who remained in Crimea. This information is currently being verified.

In the settlement of Sorokyne of Luhansk Oblast (formerly Krasnodon), the so-called “People’s Police of the LNR” is looking for two locals who robbed a Russian mercenary that came to Donbas from Volgograd (Russian Federation). [The attackers] took an AKS-74U machine gun, 14,000 Rubles [USD 219], two mobile phones, and a gold necklace with a crucifix. The mercenary suffered moderate injuries.



AC – Army Corps
ACV – armored combat vehicle
AGS-17 – automatic grenade launcher
ATO – Anti-Terrorist Operation
BMP – infantry fighting vehicle
BTG – battalion tactical group
BTR, APC – armored personnel carrier
BRDM – armored reconnaissance and surveillance vehicle
BRM – armored reconnaissance vehicle
DAP – Donetsk International Airport
DNR – “Donetsk People’s Republic”
DRG – sabotage and reconnaissance group
ELINT – Electronic Intelligence
GRU – Russian Defense Intelligence, the main military foreign-intelligence service of the Russian Federation
KSM – command and staff vehicle
LNR – “Luhansk People’s Republic”
MGB – Ministry of State Security
MOD – Ministry of Defense
MT-LB – light multipurpose tracked vehicle
MLRS – multiple-launch rocket systems
OMSBR – Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade
SBU – Ukrainian Secret Service
SPG-9 – stand-mounted grenade launcher
TZM, TLV – transporter-loading vehicle
UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drones or other)
ZU-23-2 – anti-aircraft artillery system


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