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Dmitry Tymchuk: The socio-political situation in Donbas on 10.17 #FreeSavchenko

Operational data from Information Resistance: (the socio-political situation in the regions of Donbas on 10/17/2015)

In the so-called “liberated territories:”

Amongst the patriotic inhabitants of Kramatorsk, there is growing dissatisfaction about the fact that people who actively cooperated with the terrorists are currently running for office. In particular, Andrey Vasfeyev (of the party “Strong Ukraine,” a deputy of the city council), who actively collaborated with “DNR” [“Donetsk Peoples’ Republic”] militants during the occupation of the city, is running for the City Council. Among the candidates running for the post of mayor is Nikolai Kutepov (of the party “Strong Ukraine,” Director of “Krammashproekt,” deputy of the city council), who participated in the so-called “Referendum” in the spring of 2014 as a member of the election commission, located in the premises of the City Council captured by militants, and who also actively helped the rebels to create a “tax system” allowing for the de facto robbery of the businessmen and companies of the city.

Street in Kramatorsk. Source

Street in Kramatorsk. Source

In the occupied territories:

The leadership of the “LNR” [“Luhanks Peoples’ Republic”] has prepared a “decree on denying recognition of S. Kurchenko’s corporate rights to property located on the territory of the republic.” An investigation of the fraudulent actions committed by S. Kurchenko is underway, in particular, concerning his attempt “to monopolize the sales of fuel, lubricants and chemical products” in the militant-controlled territory of the Luhansk region. At the same time, Russian “supervisors” instructed the management of the “Luhansk Information Center” to conduct an information campaign against S. Kurchenko. In addition to the “LNR Media,” relevant material will also be distributed in the Russian mass media (RIA News, LifeNews), including the relevant documents recording the results of the investigation of S. Kurchenko’s fraud by the so-called “law enforcement authorities of the LNR.”

Background information: According to IR Group’s data, after the contract for supply of fuel and lubricants was signed between the companies owned by S. Kurchenko and the “energy authorities of the LNR,” USD 3 million was transferred from the budget of the “LNR” to the business accounts of S. Kurchenko. The companies in question did not fulfill their contractual obligations to supply fuel and lubricants.

* * *

The leaders of the Luhansk episcopate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate, [UOC-MP] have begun to refute claims made by the representatives of the “LNR” management about the impending “zombification” [brainwashing] of students in “LNR” schools [by the church].  In particular, the episcopate leaders officially rebutted the claim by the “Minister of Education and Science of the LNR” V.G. Tkachenko about an agreement signed between the “Ministry of Education” and the Luhansk UOC-MP episcopate on cooperation in the sphere of the spiritual education of young people in secondary schools in the “LNR.” The clergy of the Luhansk episcopate called the relevant statement of “minister” Tkachenko “premature.”

* * *
Russian “supervisors” instructed the “DNR” ringleaders to carry out preparations for the local elections scheduled for February 21, 2016. At the same time, representatives of the “LNR authorities” are forbidden from commenting on the possibility of holding elections in the “DNR” in March 2016. Rumors circulating amongst the members of the “LNR” armed gangs claim that “there will be no elections,” indicating that the “LNR / DNR” will instead become part of the Russian Federation.

* * *

“DNR” militants are dismantling the carriage depot of the Donetsk railway (Donetsk city, Artemivska Street). Some of the depot materials and supplies are being exported to the Russian Federation.

* * *

The “DNR” leaders have reported on the successful “autumn conscription” of citizens from the occupied territories, aged 18 to 26. Some 5,000 people were recruited to the ranks of the armed groups of the “DNR” in this “draft.” According to the information disseminated, “military service” will come in the format of the “protection of the public order and protection of objects;” these “recruits,” allegedly, will not participate in military action.

Source: http://maidantranslations.com/


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