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Dmitry Tymchuk: Military update 10.01 #FreeSavchenko

Operational data from Information Resistance:

The situation in the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] zone is relatively stable. During the past 24 hours, isolated attacks by Russian-terrorist forces were recorded. North of the town of Starohnativka [Donetsk oblast], an armed clash between the ATO forces and terrorists was recorded: two enemy groups fired at a [Ukrainian] stronghold from heavy machine guns and AGS-17.

South of Pisky, integrated units took up the terrorist frontline of defense; they navigated the area poorly and opened fire at the slightest provocation. Standard IFV [infantry fighting vehicle] weapons were fired at the positions of the ATO forces.

In the area of ​ Zaitseve, militants unreservedly provoked the ATO forces to open fire – small groups step out at a distance of 300 meters and indiscriminately open unsighted fire towards our positions.

North of Luhansk, a reinforced company of terrorists took up positions in the neutral zone and opened fire from small arms in the direction of a Ukrainian Armed Forces stronghold.

Southwest of Mayorsk, terrorists used 82 mm mortars twice.

A rotation of all battalion commanders of the so-called “2nd separate mechanized brigade 2 AK LNR [Luhansk Peoples’ Republic]” from among the Russian servicemen is planned for October; they will be moved [back] to the Russian territory. The arrival of regular Russian Armed Forces officers was observed in Luhansk, they register at the Zhovtnevyi regional military commissariat; the “contractors” from Russia register at the former Luhansk regional military enlistment office.

In the direction of Artemivsk, armored vehicles were recorded moving toward the town of Kurdyumivka. 7 tanks and 18 armored combat vehicles [ACVs] of various types are located at identified positions.

In the area of Zholobok, the positions of an enemy division of BMP-2 AFVs were detected.

Members of the “Somalia” gang transferred to Makiivka in army trucks, MT-LB  (with a ZU-23-2), and APCs [BTR].

Two fuel tankers for fighters arrived from Russia at the Krasnodon railway station.

Azov Battalion drills. Source

Azov Battalion drills. Source



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