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Dmitry Tymchuk: Military update 9.29

Russian-terrorist troops in Donbas continue to carry out fire strikes, using small arms and rocket-propelled grenades [launchers] in a number of areas. The enemy has stepped up ground reconnaissance operations at multiple sites. In particular, terrorist subterfuge and reconnaissance groups were recorded in the area of the Butivka mine, and towns of Hnutove, Shchastya, Popasna, as well as between Starohnativka and HranitneSokilnyky and Krimske.

A new armored vehicle group of the Russian-terrorist forces has appeared north of Novoazovsk. This armored group is currently practicing combat interoperability.

[There are] continuing reinforcements of illegal gang personnel stationed between the towns of Obozne and Khrystove. Heavy armour consisting of eight tanks and ten ACVs [armored combat vehicles] is concealed near [civilian] homes.

The commanders of the so-called 1st Army Corp of the “Donetsk Peoples’ Republic” (“1st AC DPR”) of the Russian-terrorist forces are being rotated. A senior Russian military serviceman, major-general of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, alias “Tuman” [or, “Fog”], has taken over the command of this entity. The 100th Brigade of the “1st AC DPR” is commanded by a Russian officer with the call sign “Kupol” [for Cupola, i.e.: “Dome”].

During troop rotation of Russian Federation Armed Forces units in Donbas (and of the “trainers” and “advisors” from among the Russian officer staff), servicemen of the Russian Federation Armed Forces are becoming annoyed because the Russian General Staff has not resolved a number of organizational issues. In particular, when crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border, senior officers (unit commanders) are obliged to independently gain access to authorized FSB employees so as to ensure that Russian border guards do not enter the personal details of these Russian Federation Armed Forces troops into the unified FSB data base (as citizens crossing the border). At the same time, the so-called “DPR border guards ” try to stamp the passports of these Russian “vacationers” as they cross the border, which also causes extreme discontent among them.

There has been a complete replacement of senior management of the urban services and law enforcement in Horlivka. Citizens of the Russian Federation have taken over the positions of town commandant, chief of police, head of education, head of emergency services and others. Information is circulating on the transfer of the city’s large enterprises to the control of the Rostov oblast authorities in the Russian Federation.

A geopolitical mystery.

A geopolitical mystery.




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