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Dmitry Tymchuk: Military update 8.31 #FreeSavchenko

Operational data from Information Resistance:

A sharp decline in the activity of Russian-terrorist forces has been observed in Donbas. During the past 24 hours, gangs opened fire on the ATO forces’ positions several times,  but solely from infantry weapons. In a number of areas, terrorist fire was recorded deep in their battle formations, in the directions of “the flank” and “towards the rear” [of their own ranks].

In particular, militants actively exchanged fire from small arms  in the area of the Svitlodarsk bridgehead (between Lohvynove and Kalynivka). The terrorists fired from one of their positions, in the direction of their stronghold, using a large-caliber machine gun, RPG, and 82 mm mortar.

In the vicinity of Nyzhnje Lozove, terrorists have repeatedly opened erratic fire from automatic infantry weapons towards the positions of Ukrainian troops.

Several shellings from infantry weapons by militants were recorded in the western and northwestern sectors of the Donetsk area: terrorists carried out fire from large-caliber machine guns south of Nevelske; while north of Avdiivka and in the vicinity of Pisky-Opytne, they have repeatedly opened fire from automatic weapons (in the latter instance, firing not only in the direction of the ATO forces’ positions, but also at their own flanks).

At night on the front, Azov Commander

At night on the front, Azov Commander “Grizlo” reads one of the bibles donated to the soldiers. Photo: Noah Brooks. Source

In the neutral zone north of Hranitne, approximately five detonations of 82 mm mortars were observed. It is [currently] unclear why the enemy opened mortar fire here.

In the vicinity of Shchastya, terrorists opened fire from small arms twice (including one attack on their own flank); militants also used an AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.

In the area of ​​Popasna, a militant sabotage and reconnaissance group was observed, which quickly left in the direction of Katerynivka. The enemy did not open fire.

Transfer of militant personnel continues through Shakhtarsk towards Donetsk. During the last 24 hours, vehicles transferred about 100 people, and two 82 mm mortars on a trailer (2B9 “Vasilek”).

In the area north of Telmanove, militants continue assembling their new tactical group. Over the last 24 hours, about 10 ACVs and six tanks, as well as artillery, were transferred into the area from Novokaterynivka.

South of Kuteynikove, the arrival of a new division of terrorist BM-21 “Grad” MLRS (four systems) was observed. The positions of the MLRS are camouflaged.

Militants transferred a mechanized infantry unit (up to one company in strength) to the area north of Yasynuvata junction. The unit includes eight BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles and BTR-70/80 armored personnel carriers, as well as four tanks. The equipment positions are camouflaged.

Source: http://maidantranslations.com/


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