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Operational data from IR, 21/03: terrorists used BM-21 “Grad” in the vicinity of the Bakhmut highway

Russian-terrorist troops stopped [just] to “imitate” an observance of the Minsk agreements and openly used cannon artillery and MLRS to strike the positions of Ukrainian troops over the past 24 hours. In particular, terrorists used BM-21 “Grad” in the vicinity of the Bakhmut highway (the work of 2 MLRS has been observed). Also, the enemy fired from 120-mm mortars, tanks, D-30 howitzers and an ACS 2S1 “Carnation.” Most of the attacks were inflicted on Donetsk and the seaside directions (the settlements of AvdiivkaOpytneNovotroitskeOrlivskeChermalyk). Also, over 5 fire assaults from small arms and heavy infantry weapons were recorded in the direction ofArtemivsk, where terrorists were trying to force Ukrainian units out of the advanced positions they have occupied.

Besides the shellings, formations of Russian-terrorist troops made attempts at offensive actions. In particular, after shelling near Opytne, a terrorist group up to a platoon in size, attacked the advanced positions of Ukrainian troops with the support of mortars. An armed confrontation lasted over 6 hours, after which insurgents retreated to the starting line.

The reinforcement of major tactical groups of Russian-terrorist forces continues in the vicinity of Horlivka and in the direction of Luhansk, where the situation has deteriorated considerably over the last 3 days. At least 2 planned supply convoys have been observed, which arrived from the direction of Alchevsk and Lutuhyne (34 vehicles, mostly [transporting] ammunition), as well as the transfer of gangs to Frunze – Smile[Ed. Note: reads as /smee´leh/] stretch (up to 300 people, 12 tanks and 8 AFVs, in addition to those groups that have been pulled here earlier through Stakhanov).

Part of the Horlivka formation of Russian-terrorist troops has concentrated along theDruzhba – Zaitseve stretch, some – in the southwestern part of the Horlivkaprojection, taking a “hovering” position over Avdiivka. The Horlivka – YenakijeveYasynuvata area is densely covered by anti-aircraft insurgent units (including up to 6 units of the newest Russian-made Pantsir-S1 SAM).

At the moment, it is quite obvious that the Russian-terrorist command intends to completely push Ukrainian troops away from the Luhansk direction behind theSiverskyi Donets River and to capture a series of bridgeheads. In addition, the enemy is trying to divert the attention and efforts of the Ukrainian command to several areas at the same time (the seaside direction, areas south of Donetsk).

The transfer of material and technical resources was observed along the “southern route” (Ilovaisk and Starobesheve), as well as manpower and combat equipment for Russian-terrorist forces units congregated in Donetsk and south of it. The transfer of a separate armored group of insurgents (11 armored vehicles, including 5 tanks) has taken place to the area south of Donetsk in the last 3 days.

In the vicinity of Dokuchajevsk, another battalion tactical group is formed following ​​the previously recorded Russin-terrorist troop tactical group. Part of its manpower and resources (16 tanks and 10 AFVs) have been already deployed in the second echelon. The transfer of mortar and anti-tank units, air defense systems (up to 6 units of Strela-10M SAM, which mainly cover the base area) for this battalion tactical group has been observed. Armored vehicles are dispersed and carefully camouflaged. Also, the presence of units of electronic intelligence, drones and exploration units (special forces) has been observed in the area.

In the seaside direction, terrorists are working out an interaction between their artillery and mortar units, at the same time trying to inflict fire strikes on Ukrainian units which are defending thPavlopil – Shyrokyne frontier. In the area north of Novoazovsk andBezimenne, insurgents have accumulated a large number of vehicles (43 units); the enemy is preparing for a maneuver to be carried out by the manpower and equipment gathered on this and a neighboring area.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center of Military-Political Studies, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group, Member of Parliament (People’s Front) 

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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