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Operational data from Information Resistance, 03/03: Russian terrorists continue concentrating forces

Russian-terrorist troops in the conflict zone in Donbas continue concentrating forces and supplies in individual areas and sectors, considerably strengthening their main tactical strike groups. They continue firing on the advanced positions of Ukrainian troops, and carry out tactical-level offensives in some areas.

Over the last 24 hours, we observed three more supply convoys moving to Donbas from the Russian territory – along both the “southern” and “northern” supply routes.

The enemy is working particularly hard to increase the combat capacity of their tactical group in the Novoazovsk sector, by transferring reinforcements from the north (fromTelmanove) as well as from the Russian territory (across the Ukrainian-Russian border). At this time, the enemy accumulated 17 tanks (most of them positioned in the northern outskirts of Novoazovsk and further north of the town) and over 30 armored combat vehicles (ACV) in this sector. Small and mobile squads of the ‘Army of the DNR’ [Donetsk People’s Republic] are operating on the ‘front line’ in this area, attempting to push back the Shyrokyne – Pavlopil line occupied by Ukrainian troops.

Current conditions are ideal for the terrorists and Russian mercenaries to carry out operations of this sort – seeing as a lack of strong response on the part of Ukrainian troops (that observe the truce terms under the Minsk Agreements) makes it easier for the enemy to increase the combat capacity of their units. Any action by Ukrainian troops is purely defensive, and they only open fire in retaliation.

In the Alchevsk – Pervomaisk sector, the enemy is actively accumulating resources and supplies, not even trying to fake “withdrawal of heavy armaments and artillery” as in some other areas. Several Russian-terrorist artillery groups are concentrated in the Stakhanov – Bile [pr. Bee-leh] – Alchevsk area (up to 36 cannon artillery units, 12 multiple rocket launcher systems, and 18 self-propelled artillery guns); they are receiving large supplies of ammunition (a temporary transfer and loading station has been created in Stakhanov for this purpose).

The earlier withdrawal of combat equipment by the ‘Army of the LNR’ [Luhansk People’s Republic] north and east of Luhansk proved to be a feint. The insurgents only withdrew malfunctioning and nonoperational equipment deeper inside the territories under their control (specifically: to repair bases). The rest of the equipment and armaments were moved a short distance away, then carefully scattered and camouflaged.

Two composite Russian-terrorist units (a company tactical group and a reinforced tank battalion) are being withdrawn from the Debaltseve area to the south of the Luhanskoblast, for resupplying. These units sustained heavy losses in the Debaltseve springboard battles (the tank battalion lost at least 8 tanks). The units are being withdrawn in parts, predominantly under cover of dark. The enemy is presenting the withdrawal of these units as their “adherence to the Minsk Agreements.”

At the same time, the terrorists are exerting considerable effort to fully restore operation of the Debaltseve railway junction, to speed up the transfer of supplies through this junction station. The first troop train (6 cars) carrying ammunition from the territory of Russia already arrived in the Debaltseve area.

In Donetsk, the terrorists continue concentrating new units in three city districts (KuibyshivskyiKyivskyiPetrovskyi districts), and heavily shelling the positions of Ukrainian troops using mortars and heavy infantry weapons, and, on occasion, artillery and tank guns. We also observe significant Russian-terrorist activity on theKrasnohorivka – Shumy stretch; specifically, the enemy made several attempts to attack the advance positions of Ukrainian troops using a tactical insurgent group (up to a reinforced platoon in strength), supported by mortars and artillery.

In the Dokuchajevsk – Novolaspa area, the enemy is regrouping their units, concentrating the main troops and forces on the sector northwest of Volnovakha (village of Stepne), and on the stretch between Hranitne and an area south of Telmanove. We observed movement of 13 tanks, 8 ACVs, and 25 tented army trucks.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center of Military-Political Studies, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group, Member of Parliament (People’s Front) 

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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