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Operational data from Information Resistance, 23/02: Russian terrorists continue to flagrantly violate the ceasefire agreements

Over the past weekend (February 21-22, 2015), Russian-terrorist forces continued to flagrantly violate the ceasefire agreements in the conflict zone in Donbas by attacking the positions of Ukrainian troops (including with the use of heavy weaponry), attempting to mount an offensive, and regrouping their troops.

The most complicated situation is unfolding in the seaside (Mariupol) sector. The enemy, among other things, continues transferring tactical reserves to the area of Bezimenne. Over the past 24 hours, [the enemy] transferred approximately 350 personnel, 15 cargo vehicles, and some 20 armored vehicles (including 6 tanks). These reserves are deployed on a narrow section in the area between the coast and the T0519 motorway.

Meanwhile, a supporting artillery group of the enemy is [currently] shelling the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area of Shyrokyne. The artillery group consists of four firing units (two employing cannon artillery, one operating MLRS, and one using a self-propelled artillery units). The enemy also attempted several tank attacks on the positions of Ukrainian troops. We also observed enemy aerial reconnaissance activity (using drones).

Ukrainian troops continue to hold a section of the front that includes a springboard in the area of Svitlodarsk and Luhanske [settlement in the Donetsk oblast; not to be confused with the city of Luhansk]. The enemy fires at positions of Ukrainian troops in the area periodically, but the bulk of the formations which took part in the battle for Debaltseve have been pulled back for resupply.

Additionally, [the enemy continues] shelling and attempts to engage [Ukrainian troops] in a close battle on the Krasnohorivka – Avdiivka stretch. Two Russian-terrorist roving mortar batteries were spotted in the western sector near Mariinka.

South of Donetsk, on the Stepne – Hranynte stretch, the enemy continues consolidating their combat formations and bringing in reinforcements to create a strike tactical group. According to our reports, three large supply convoys arrived in this area over the last 48 hours – a total of up to 40 trucks; 24 pieces of combat equipment (including eight self-propelled artillery guns (2S1 Gvordika [“Carnation”] and 2S3 Akatsiya [“Acacia”]) employed by two firing units; as well as 5 tanks, 7 ACVs, and specialized vehicles, including command and staff vehicles (CSVs), and a mobile reconnaissance and command unit for tactical air defense).

As of 06.00 on 02.23.2015, a Russian-terrorist artillery group remained active in the area of Dokuchajevsk. Despite the terrorist command’s claims of being ready to pull the heavy armaments back, the positions of this artillery group are being reinforced, and active supply of ammunition is underway.

The enemy continues accumulating forces and equipment in Donetsk (Petrovskyi and Kuibyshev districts). A number of “DNR” [Donetsk People’s Republic] gangs that took part in battles on the Debaltseve springboard returned to the city. In order to restore the combat ability of these gangs, they gangs are being resupplied with personnel and weapons upon their arrival in Donetsk. To this end, a minimum of two large convoys carrying personnel and armaments is expected to arrive in Donetsk on February 23-24.

A tactical group of Russian-terrorist forces is concentrating in the area of Yasynuvata. This group includes a minimum of 30 armored vehicles (including at least 12 tanks).

Another special train carrying ammunition for “DNR” gangs was reported arriving in Ilovaisk from Russia.

The enemy continues active efforts to restore the combat ability of Russian-terrorist troops on the Alchevsk – Stakhanov stretch. For this purpose, considerable additional reserves are being transferred through Krasnodon and Krasnyi Luch. We have reports of 35 motor vehicles and 22 units of combat equipment; additionally, two D-30 howitzer batteries have been transferred to this area.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center of Military-Political Studies, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group, Member of Parliament (People’s Front) 

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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