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Daily Highlights: 04/01/2015

The OSCE monitoring mission reports termination of ceasefire in Donbass. Pro-Russian groups are creating the “Army of New Russia”, unified under Russian control and incorporating various “cossacks” and “militia” groups.

Key Events In Ukraine

●      President Poroshenko held a meeting with representatives of law enforcement agencies and the National Security Council addressing the concept of reforms at the Ministry of Defence. The selection process for official suppliers to the army is to be coordinated with volunteers. The enforcement agencies are instructed to tighten control over border crossings in Donbass to prevent any uncontrolled traffic of illegal deliveries. Security Services of Ukraine are ordered to speed up the process of  POWs exchange.

War in Ukraine

●      The attacks on Ukrainian army became more frequent. Their positions were shelled more than 20 times, with the most intense ones occurring near Donetsk airport, in the village of Krymske of Luhansk region, near Debaltseve, Maryinka, and Popasna.
●      The OSCE monitoring mission reported that the situation in the conflict zone in Donbass has worsened with re-newed insurgents attacks resulting in serious casualties among the Ukrainian servicemen and civilians.
●      There are reported armed clashes between various militant groups in Donbass that make use heavy artillery and armored vehicles. After the killing of militant leader nicknamed “Batman” by pro-Russian forces, the fighting continues between  Luhansk “republic” troops and  “cossacks” in Krasny Luch and Stakhanov in the Luhansk region. There are reports of high number of injured civilians caught in the crossfire between the warring groups in Petrovsky district of Donetsk.
●      The wave of terrorist attacks is growing. There was an explosion near the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) volunteer coordination centre in Odessa, and unknown individuals set a grenade explosion near a shopping center in the village of Apostolovo (Dnepropetrovsk region).

Ukraine and the World

●      The Vice-Chancellor of Germany Gabriel believes that the weakening of Russia as a result of tougher economic sanctions can lead to the deterioration of the European situation, and thus the Russian Federation needs to be returned back to the negotiating table.
●      Greece can be taken off the eurozone by utilizing the stabilization fund created by the EC. Based on sources in the German government, the existing anti-crisis mechanisms would not allow spreading of the crisis into Portugal, Ireland and other countries.


●      Pro-Russian forces are taking control of independent groups of “cossacks” and “militia.” In case of non-subordination to “central authorities”, the militants units are physically eliminated. The current goal of pro-Russian units is to create the “Army of New Russia” under the unified command of Russian military.


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