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Military updates, 12/01

In the past 24 hours, Russian-terrorist forces have committed some 40 attacks. In particular, in the areas of:
• Luhansk – 17 attacks;
• Donetsk – 15;
• Debaltseve – 5;
• Mariupol – 3;
• Hranitne – 1.

In the area of Avdiivka and Opytne, Ukrainian artillery inflicted a series of pre-emptive strikes on the Russian-terrorist troops’ lines of concentration – who were preparing to attack. The blows landed on terrorist groups of the “DNR” and Russian military units newly arrived as “replenishments.” Corpses and wounded were evacuated by the enemy to the center of Donetsk, through the Kuibyshev District of the city.

Some 60 Russian “Cossacks” arrived in Donetsk from the south of Luhansk Oblast [region]. The “Cossacks” declared that they are ready to “maintain order” in the city, but are refusing to go to the “front lines.” This sparked a conflict between the “Cossacks” and the “DNR” leadership.

The tactical group of Russian-terrorist troops that had arrived in Horlivka a few days ago engaged in combat with Ukrainian troops near Vuhlehirsk. After the enemy opened mortar fire, Ukrainian artillery retaliated. The enemy’s tactical group ceased firing and retreated further into their positions.

From the positions to the northeast of Makiivka, the enemy made an artillery rocket strike on the eastern outskirts of Horlivka, which is currently controlled by Russian-terrorist troops. According to our data, this was not an armed provocation, but an error on the part of insurgent artillerists, whose training level is very low.

In Makiivka, a “DNR” insurgent supply vehicle was detonated. According to preliminary data, the explosion was a result of the vehicle encountering a makeshift explosive device. There are casualties among the insurgents.

“Vympel” special unit of the Russian FSB [Federal Security Service], which previously operated in the southern Luhansk region, has arrived near Stakhanov. The unit is divided into several combat squads, each of which is able to act independently. During the events in Antratsyt and Krasnyi Luch (skirmishes with “Cossacks”), several Vympel fighters were wounded, but not evacuated to Russia, but rather, transported to Stakhanov.

S.M. Petrovsky, head of the “DNR’s” “chief intelligence directorate” is displaying prominent interest in the property of Tochmash OJSC mechanical engineering plant in Donetsk. The company management has been warned of the impending “shutdown” of the plant, and told to prepare for the removal of the plant’s equipment.


Dmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center for Military and Political Research, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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