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Daily Highlights: 30/11/2014

Former interior minister Lutsenko was elected the parliamentary coalition coordinator. Heavy fighting continues for Donetsk airport. Patriarch Constantinoplsky and the Pope have called for conflict sides to achieve peace in Ukraine. Russia considers occupied Crimea as a free economic zone.

In Ukraine

●      Since the beginning the year, National Bank printed more than 23 billion hryvnia, an increase of more than 7% of the available currently in circulation for more than 330 billion hryvnia already there.
●      3G-Internet from three leading mobile operators in Ukraine may come to life in the second quarter of 2015, providing that Prime Minister signs the tender conditions on the frequency, and the tender takes place before the end of this year.
●      Current plans of the parliamentary coalition in the first session: adoption of the military doctrine, increase of spending on defense, rejection of the non-aligned status, abandoning elections by the majority system, tax cuts, and creation of anti-corruption special service. Former interior minister, MP from the “Block Poroshenko” Yuri Lutsenko, was elected as the coordinator of the parliamentary coalition.
●      Kharkov Maidan activists demanded from the leadership of the region to start real work on actual defense of the region. Nobody from the administration came out to discuss ti with the protesters.
●      Civil activists on Kiev’s Maidan demanded to dismiss and prosecute the Prosecutor General Yarema, who is personally responsible for the failure of the fight with corruption and investigation of prominent infamous crimes.
●      Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate Filaret called for the unification of the Orthodox churches of the country into one and warned of the outflow of parishioners from churches of the Moscow Patriarchate, which are taking the pro-Russian stance.

War in Ukraine

●      Heavy fighting for Donetsk airport continues. Ukrainian troops were shelled over 30 times. At least three soldiers were killed.
●      One person was killed when Zasyadko mine in Donetsk got shelled. There are also civilian casualties in Popasna.
●      In Donetsk, Russian movie star Ohlobystin was posing for photographers holding a weapon, after illegally crossing the border. He declared he is ready to fight for the DPR.
●      Rolling blackouts are becoming daily in Crimea as DTEK Krymenergo can’t satisfy the demand for electricity supply. North Crimean Canal is not working and it is the main source of water supply both for irrigation and for cities.
●      Russian “humanitarian” convoy once again invaded the territory of Ukraine with an unknown load. Part of the trucks has already left the country after offloading their cargo.


●      Russian President Putin signed a law, which will come into force as of January 1, 2015, to establish a free economic zone in the occupied Crimea for 25 years with the possibility of extension. Companies investing in the free economic zone “Crimea” will be exempt from a number of taxes for 10 years.
●      European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Khan during his visit to Kiev said that sanctions against Russia are quite effective, and that his visit, aimed at accelerating reforms in Ukraine, was a success.
●      Moldova held scheduled Parliamentary elections.
●      Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis in a joint statement called on warring parties in Ukraine come to a peaceful settlement based on international law, as well as to a constructive dialogue with Islam.


●      US and EU are putting pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to launch reforms as they see them getting stalled.


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