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Daily Highlights: 29/12/2014

President Poroshenko summarized the results of 2014 at the final press conference. Russian forces and illegal armed groups continue to escalate the situation in the Donbass.

Key Events In Ukraine

●      At the final press conference, President Poroshenko said that the Ukrainian army has not enough strength to advance in Donbass. Martial law will be announced as soon as active offensive operations by Russian forces will began.
One of his goals he considers achieving visa-free regime with the EU in May 2015.
Negotiations with the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany in Astana, Kazakhstan on January 15, 2015 were announced.
President is disappointed with the investigation of crimes against the Maydan activists by the General Prosecutor’s Office.
●      The laws expanding the powers of the National Security Council and the abolition of non-aligned status took effect. President Poroshenko said a decision on joining NATO will be made within five or six years after country will be reformed according to the NATO and EU standards.
●      The next session of the Parliament will be held on January 13, 2015.
●      General Prosecutor Office handed suspicion of a crime document to the former minister of taxes and fees Klimenko.
●      State Enterprise “Energorynok” borrows 800 million UAH from “Oschadbank” to pay the debts to the power generating companies.
●      NBU continues to demonstrate the stability of the hryvnia FX rate: 15.77 UAH /USD, 19.23 UAH / EUR (-0,04 UAH) 3.03 UAH / 10 RUR (+0.03 UAH).
●      IMF mission postponed beginning of work till January 8, 2015.
●      Snowstorm has covered Ukraine. Snow drifts recorded on many highways in the south and center of the country, cars stuck in snow drifts on the roads of the Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporizhzhya regions. Due to terrible weather condition, seven seaports operate in restricted mode, Odessa International Airport works intermittently.

War in Ukraine

●      At least three Ukrainian soldiers were killed, a few wounded ss a result of a fierce battle for the Donetsk airport and Peski. The positions of the Ukrainian army and residential areas were under militants fire 12 times during the day.
●      Russian troops and militants are increasing and regrouping forces. Three convoys with ammunition came to Donets’k. Cannon and self-propelled artillery, tanks have been moved by militants’ command to Schastya in the Luhansk region.
●      The Cabinet has extended the deadline for registration of temporary displaced people to get social assistance till February 1, 2015.
●      The leader of the terrorist Luhansk “republic” excluded the possibility of returning the occupied territory to Ukraine.
●      Ukraine completely blocked the entrance to the occupied Crimea through the checkpoint “Chongar.” The administrative border may be crossed only through two checkpoints by private cars.
●      The number of victims of war in the Donbass exceeded 4770 people according to the UN,.
●      Ukrainian human rights activists said that terrorists still held from 800 to 900 people as hostages. Information platform will be established to collecting information about the missing people in order to facilitate their search.

Ukraine and the World

●      US President Obama called the annexation of the Crimea as a strategic mistake of President Putin, who did not calculate the impact of sanctions of the West on the Russia’s economy.
●      State Department Spokesman Jeff Rathke said that America has no objection to Ukraine’s joining the NATO. Ukraine should go a long way and fulfill many conditions to reach the aim. The decision to join NATO would be approved by all members of the Alliance.
●      US insists that Russia must completely obey its obligations according to Minsk Protocol and release all prisoners, including forcibly held in Russia pilot Savchenko and film director Sentsov.
●      According to a poll by the Levada Center, 80% of Russian citizens are convinced that the crisis in the country began, more than half – have noted the deterioration of their financial situation.


●      Final press conference of President Poroshenko showed that unwillingness to communicate with journalists as full participants in the political process became a trend. Media experts compare his attitude to journalists with the behavior of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
●      President Poroshenko stated the readiness to buy coal from state-owned enterprises, located on the occupied territory, based on the need to pay salaries to miners.
●      General Prosecutor Office is an autonomous body according to the president Poroshenko. He rejects the allegations that the General Prosecutor is his protege. Expression of dissatisfaction with the prosecutor’s office didn’t resulted in the dismissal of its leader.
●      President Poroshenko still owns the business. This is a direct violation of the Constitution of Ukraine. At the year’s final press conference Mr. Poroshenko said that the sale of his company “Roshen” is delayed, also he doesn’t want to sell his  media asset “Channel 5”.
●      Ukrainian sociological services continue the policy of shaping public opinion by publishing ratings and research results preferable to the authorities.
●      According to public opinion, the Kiev authorities have not fulfilled the promises made during the elections.They perform their work much worse than the previous administration.


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