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Daily Highlights: 21/12/2014

Another Russian “humanitarian” convoy invaded Ukraine. President Poroshenko ready to mediate between Europe and Belarus.

Important Events In Ukraine

●      Ukrainian president met president of Belarus in Kiev. President Poroshenko promised to assist in the development of relations between Belarus and the Eastern Partnership countries. It was decided to create a joint Ukrainian TV channel to broadcast news on the territory of Belarus.
●      Both President  Poroshenko and the Cabinet of Ministers presented 3 nominations to the  Commission for election of the head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau. There are prominent human rights activists and journalists among them. Three other members of the Bureau must be approved by Verkhovna Rada.
●      President Poroshenko discussed situation in the Donbass and the measures necessary to obtain financial aid package from the IMF with US Vice President Biden.

War in Ukraine

●      Militants continue to bombard the position of the Ukrainian army, the defenders of the Donetsk airport fought off another attack. 4 people were injured today.
●      Terrorists still retain more than 600 hostages, whom the Ukrainian side is ready to exchange at any time on the principle of “all for all”.
●      Tenth Russian “humanitarian” convoy delivered unknown goods in Ukrainian Donbass without customs inspection.
●      Eight trucks of humanitarian aid from the International Red Cross arrived in Ukraine through the standard customs procedure.
●      Representatives of the “Akhmetov Fund ” said that they can not find a common language with international organizations regarding delivery of goods in the Donbass. Power Dnepropetrovsk region authorities held a meeting with representatives of the OSCE and international humanitarian organizations. Ban on the movement of humanitarian aid without international controls and a full report on their distribution was introduced.
●      The Cabinet introduced the rolling blackouts in the occupied territories of Donbass.
●      Russia strengthens its military presence in Sevastopol.

Ukraine and the World

●      Russian Prime Minister Medvedev ordered a special commission to assist “affected areas of Donbas”.
●      Kazakhstan’s president Nazarbayev is ready to become a mediator in the talks between Ukraine and Russia. He believes that the main task now is to stop the war and the strengthen independence of Ukraine while maintaining its territorial integrity.
●      Chairman of the Council of Europe Tusk believes that the financial and humanitarian assistance for Ukrain is needed urgently and it is necessary to provide Kiev with 2 billion euros before the new year.
●      Gulf countries are not going to cut oil production.


●      According to the number of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, President Poroshenko and General Staff command exceeded their authority by inviting Russian military for joint patrols of line fighting in the Donbass without approvement of the Parliamen.
●      President Poroshenko insists on continuing peace talks on the ceasefire in the Donbass in “Minsk” format, with participation of Russia, OSCE and representatives of terrorist “republics”. According to the Ukrainian military experts, this can lead to freezing of the conflict.


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