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Daily Highlights: 25/11/2014

Securiyt Service of Ukraine has published assessment report on the invading Russian forces. Slovakia will increase reverse of the gas supply.

In Ukraine

●      14 cultural figures from Russian Federation are banned from entry into the Ukraine, criminal case initiated against Russian actor – Porechenkov.
●      Ukrzaliznica stops usage of trains in the war zone and in the occupied territory of Donbass.
●      Inheritance Act update came into effect to simplify formalities in regards to rights, rural inheritance registration procedure is simplified, property assessment affecting direct heirs is not necessary.
●      Public is granted full access to state governed real-estate registry archive.
●      The Ukrainian State Radio Frequency Centre will be responsible for the centralized administration of the telephone number registry in cases when subscriber changes mobile operator.
●      National Bank continues to gradually raise the official rate of hryvnia: 15.01 USD / $ (-5 kopeks.), 18.62 USD / € (-9 cop.), UAH 3.35 / 10 rubles. (6 cop.), But the volume of trading on the foreign exchange market remains small due to lack of supply from exporters.
●      NBU has provided more than 1.4 billion hryvnia refinancing support to 8 major banks so liquidity continues to maintain.
●      EBRD will help Ukraine to reform the Deposit Guarantee Fund.


●      The Ministry of Education revoked operational license from “Kiev Institute of Culture”, private university – Institute founded and directed by a member of the Party of Regions Poplawski.

War in Ukraine

●      SSU has published a list of Russian armed forces fighting against Ukraine.
●      Militants continue attacks on residential neighborhoods and infrastructure – minibus with people is hit by shell in Donetsk, volunteer center is destroyed in Debaltseve, power generation station sustained serious damage in Schastie.
●      Concentration of Russian military groups continues in the area of  Telmanovo near Donetsk airport, five army columns have entered into Ukraine through the border from Russia.
●      Another Russian “humanitarian” invasion convoy plans to enter Ukraine on November 30th, 100 trucks carrying 1,000 tons of cargo.
●      Kherson Regional Administration Authorities officially applied to the OSCE mission to organize and enforce joint patrols on the administrative border with the Crimea to prevent provocations and threats of invasion by Russian troops.
●      DPR “Authorities” in the absence of monetary funds decided to use food as payment for labor in the “republic”.
●      As part of a criminal investigation into the crush of UAF transport aircraft in Luhansk, arrested Deputy Chief of Staff Nazarov.

Ukraine and world

●      Pentagon spokesman Kirby said the United States had not changed its position to a possibility of supplying arms to Ukraine. The offer of supplying arms is considered, but at this time Ukraine receives military equipment only.
●      Russian Foreign Minister threatens Ukraine consequences in the case of selecting a course to join NATO.
●      NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly called on Russia to return the Crimea to Ukraine, decided to increase sanctions against Russia and at the same time to increase aid to Kiev.
●      UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a telephone conversation with President Poroshenko said that the whole world – on the side of Ukraine and stressed that the organization will make every effort to enforce the Minsk agreements.
●      German Chancellor Merkel believes that sanctions against Russia should be continued for as long as Russia continues aggression.
●      Slovak gas transit operator Eustream, is ready to increase natural gas Reverse supplied to Ukraine to 1.5 times from original.
●      Gazprom will be exempt from tax on mining for 15 years and 20 years on the property tax, if the construction project of a pipeline to China is complete.
●      OPEC countries have not agreed to reduce the volume of oil production. The fall in oil prices on international markets continues.
●      France has put a temporary stop on the transfer of the Mistral warships to Russia due continued Russian aggression in Ukraine.
●      In response to the threat of country-members of the NATO alliance, forming Rapid Reaction Force in Eastern Europe.


●      Faulty laws as well as lack of reforms in the judicial system, allow for corrupt officials to reinstate themselves under “Clean Government Act”.


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