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Daily Highlights: 22/11/2014

A mourning ceremony was held in memory of the victims of the Holodomor in all major Ukrainian cities. The concentration of divisions of the Russian army in Donbass increases, attacks from Russia have been renewed.

In Ukraine

●      At November, 22 in Ukraine a mourning ceremony took place in memory of the victims of the Holodomor – the genocide of the Ukrainian people, done by the Bolsheviks in the early 30’s. During the ceremony President Poroshenko said that the bloody Communist Party in Ukraine eventually ended up in the garbage of history.
●      Minister of Defence, Poltorak, at a meeting with military diplomats suggested  that Ukraine is planning  to  expand the size and technical equipment of the Armed Forces soon.
●      State Committee for Television and Radio developed the concept of information security Ukraine aimed at preventing monopolization of the media. The concept also provides educational outreach on NATO and the EU, countering informative threats from the Russian side.
●      An earthquake with epicenter in Romania has caused damage in the territory of Ukraine.

War in Ukraine

●      The attacks on positions of Ukrainian troops from the territory of the village near Stanuzia Luganska have been continued, more than 20 cases of the Russian army and artillery`s attacks   against Ukrainian army and civilians were recorded. Last night four Ukrainian soldiers were killed.
●      Russian military equipment openly invaded the territory of Ukraine through checkpoints controlled by terrorists and Russia. The Russian army holds and throws rearrangement technique for basic directions of possible attack.
●      The National Guard received new Ukrainian armored vehicles based on KrAZ.
●      Russia is preparing an invasion of the eighth “humanitarian convoy”.
●      According to UNICEF, in the course of the military attacks  more than 125 thousand children became homeless.


●      Serbia has signed the agreement in October on military cooperation with Russia and is not going to impose sanctions against it even under pressure from the EU – Serbian Prime-Minister Vuchych said.
●      Russia led the ranking of police states, second place got – Turkey, the third – Italy. Police forces of Belarus, North Korea and Uzbekistan have not been assessed.
●      Vice President Biden at the Atlantic Council summit in Istanbul suggested the EU countries to immediately get rid of dependence on Russian energy supplies that Putin used as an effective weapon.


●      Activity of subversive and terrorist groups is growing steadily, the risk of terrorist attacks at civilians increases. Security Service and the Interior Ministry will take measures to neutralize them, but an integrated system to counter until set.
●      Experts believe that Ukraine’s dependence on Russian coal increased dramatically. There is a possibility of coal supply in Ukraine from the occupied Donbass territories under the guise of Russian one.
●      According to the former deputy of Minister of Defense Polyakov, Ukraine in July refused the supply  of 20 F-18 fighters from Canada because of high maintenance costs and the need for retraining flight crews.


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