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Daily Highlights: 18/11/2014

Energy security. Reform of law enforcement agencies. Investigation of crimes against Maidan activists. Preparations to expel Russian invasion in Donbass.


●      Naftogaz Head Kobolev declared that Ukraine could stop buying Russian natural gas if weather conditions are be favorable. Maximum needed volume will be 5 bln. cubic meters. As he mentioned, natural gas purchased from Europe is less expensive than Russian but the volume is insufficient to cover all the needs, and Ukraine is ready to prepay for 1.5 cubic meters of Russian natural gas. As mentioned by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, Ukraine has already replaced more than 60% of Russian natural gas supply and is aiming to be less dependent on this source of supply.
●      As mentioned by Internal Affairs Ministry advisor Geraschenko, some of the crimes against Maidan activists have been already investigated, but the process is still ongoing for murders of the Ministry officials.
●      Ukrainian Prime Minister offered to his Norwegian counterpart to participate in modernization of Ukrainian natural gas transportation system. Norway is the largest natural gas supplier in Europe.
●      SSU Head Nalyvaychenko declared, that more than 2.5 thousands of officials have been already fired in the process of lustration. Among them are more than 100 officials from the higher ranks, but lustration will go on. Materials of investigation on 82 cases of higher ranked officials, including former president, have been already transferred to the General Prosecutiors’ Office.
●      As stated by Internal Affairs Minister Avakov, evolution of the traffic police (DAI) to a patrol service will start in 2015. Control of the service will be performed electronically. Chmelnitsk region has been selected for the pilot. State Aviation Agency, led by former top manager of Ukrainian International Airlines, which belongs to oligarch Kolomoysky, registered a process of air routes approval, which is blocking access to the market for new carriers.
As mentioned by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, Ukrainian economy is forecasted to decline by 7% instead of the earlier forecast of 10%, and the only growing sector is agrarian.
●      National Bank slightly strengthened the exchange rate of Ukrainian hryvnya vs. major currencies: 15.26 UAH/USD (-8cop), 19.07 UAH/EUR, 3.22 UAH/10 RUB (-2cop).


●      Kyivans destroyed a fence around a development project in Osokorky district, which was illegal in their opinion. Internal Affairs Minister Avakov thinks that these actions are provoked by a criminal group, engaged in developers racket and linked with current deputies and officials of law enforcement agencies.
●      Experimental electrobus was presented in Kyiv, which could replace existing “marshrutkas” and will allow to save up to 50 USD/day if used on city routes.

War in Ukraine

●      As mentioned by NSDC speaker Lysenko, Ukraine is ready to expel new advances by terrorist forces in Donbass on all possible fronts. Russia has transferred extra 100 units of armored vehicles to Ukrainian territory and is replacing militants with mercenaries – contracted Russian troops. Attacks and shellfire by militants on Ukrainian troops positions are ongoing across the frontline. Seven Ukrainian military personnel were killed during the day. Ukrainian army positions have been attacked by militants more than 3 000 times since the beginning of the “ceasefire”. Situation in Donetsk remains continuously tense. Running water supply is limited due to damage to electrical networks that supply treatment pants.
●      International experts predict a humanitarian catastrophe in Donbass due to absence of funding from Ukrainian budget. Ukrainian Government claimed that Russia is responsible for the situation as long as it doesn’t adhere to Minsk agreements and doesn’t consider doing so.
●      Deputy head of Presidential Administration Chalyy said that attacks on Russian military columns will lead to a full scale war with Russia including the use of aviation.
●      As mentioned by the SSU Head Nalyvaychenko, Russian “humanitarian convoys” brought to Ukraine fuel for tanks and armored vehicles, as well as equipment for terrorist training camps, removing corpses of Russian troops on their way back.


●      During a meeting with President Poroshenko, German Foreign Affairs Minister Steinmayer proposed new format of negotiations to resolve the situation in eastern Ukraine with participation of Germany, Poland and France.
●      Press Secretary of Russian President said that Russia demands absolute guaranties of Ukrainian neutrality status. Absence of such guaranties pushes Kremlin to “use preventive measures”.
●      EU Defense ministers are sure that wars in eastern Ukraine and in the Middle East are the key challenges to EU security. The report on EU global challenges should be prepared by the Euro Commission by 2015.
●      Russian Central Bank Head Nabiullina recognized that ruble became uncontrollable as oil prices went down, which Russian budget is heavily dependent upon.


As Maidan anniversary is approaching, experts conclude that none of the organizers and executors of killings of activists have been punished.


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