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Daily Highlights: 17/11/2014

Coalition talks are getting closer to the end. Ukraine is getting ready for further Russian aggression. Humanitarian catastrophe is emerging in Donbass territories occupied by terrorists. The EU failed to reinforce sanctions against Russia.


●      Abolition of parliamentary immunity once again appeared in the coalition agreement.
●      Political council of “Barkivshyna” party made a decision to join the majority coalition within the new composition of the parliament.
●      NSDC leadership considers any new agreement with terrorists as useless as the former ones are not adhered to.
●      In an interview to the “Bild” newspaper, President Poroshenko said that it’s too early for Ukraine to consider joining NATO.
●      Ukraine and the EU signed an agreement on an advisory mission to reform the security sector.
●      Deputy Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Korban has declared systemic violations in the election in one district area and accused in them judges and officials from the Presidential Administration.
●      Ukrainian authorities are preparing a decision on compensation of losses caused by military operations in the Donbass.
●      The Presidium of the Supreme Court filed with the Constitutional Court of Ukraine an application to verify the constitutionality of the law “On the purification of power.”
●      In October, Ukraine reduced consumption of natural gas by one forth and coal consumption by one third in comparison with the same period last year.
●      Ministry of Health is planing to introduce military conscription for medical professionals.
●      The State debt of Ukraine increased to 233 bln. UAH in 2014 and its service expenses are above 83 mln. UAH.
●      Official exchange rate slightly  improved: 15.34 UAH/USD (-7cop), 19.07 UAH/EUR (-13cop), 3.24 UAH/10 RUB (-10cop).


●      Kiev authorities want to increase the fare on the subway, which has remained unchanged for six years, by at least two folds.

War in Ukraine

●      Ukrainian security agencies are convinced that Russian troops concentrated in Ukraine, are ready to continue the invasion. Russian troops are being concentrated within the possible offensive areas and are disguised as “rebels” and “cossacks”. As stated by NSDC, the army is getting ready for a full scale war.
●      At least 5 Ukrainian military were killed during shellfire and attacks on Ukrainian positions. Militants were most active near Stanitsa Luhanskaya, on the “Bakhmutka” highway, in Debaltseve, Avdyivka and in Shakhtarsk district.
●      17 Ukrainian soldiers were freed from captivity.
●      Inhabitants of the territories controlled by terrorists are going rallying, being unhappy with severe social situation. A rally in Sverdlovsk was dispersed by “cossacks”. In Gorlivka, pensioners fought over coupons for possible pensions from DPR. Yenakieve residents staged a rebellion, demanding social payments from the “republic authorities”. Terrorists recognize that “humanitarian aid” from Russia does not reach the people, and is sold in the town food markets.
●      Authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk “republic” decided to introduce Russian ruble currency as a response to Ukrainian authorities decision to halt operations of banks and public institutions in the occupied territories.


●      EU Foreign Affairs Ministers decided to introduce sanctions against DPR and LPR leaders, but new sanctions against Russian leaders haven’t been introduced. Europe still hopes to resolve Ukrainian conflict in a peaceful way within the framework of negotiations in the “Minsk” format and supports extension of OSCE mission on the border crossings on Ukrainian-Russian border. European Commissioner for International Affairs Mogerini canceled her visit to Moscow, but plans to visit Kiev immediately after the formation of the new Ukrainian government. Prime Minister Cameron said that, despite the serious consequences for the economy, the UK is ready to strengthen sanctions against Russia in the case of its non-compliance with the Minsk Agreements.
●      According to the European Commissioner Hahn, Ukrainian question is among the priorities of the EU, which will continue to support Ukraine in European integration issues and in countering Russian aggression.
●      At a meeting dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the overthrow of the Communist regime, Czech President was booed and was thrown eggs at for his pro-Russian politics and anti-Ukrainian statements.
●      Russian President Putin believes that Ukraine should become a federative state.
●      NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg welcomes Georgian efforts to create a joint training center in the framework of actions to join the Alliance.
●      A bill on military support for Ukraine was submitted to the US Congress.


●      The winning parties in early the elections to the Verkhovna Rada have recognized that there is no alternative to a coalition. Europe continues to pressure Ukrainian authorities to introduce reforms.


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